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Poker Pest Shawn Sheikhan In Multiple Fights At Aria Poker Room

March 14th, 2011 Author:

Poker Pest Shawn Sheikhan In Multiple Fights At Aria Poker Room Last week controversial poker pro Shawn Sheikhan made the headlines once again for all the wrong reasons, after being involved in multiple fights while playing at the Aria poker room in Las Vegas.

The Iranian born 41 year-old is no stranger to controversy and in the past has been involved in a number of high profile bust-ups involving fellow pros.

For instance, who could forget the heated exchange between Sheikhan and Mike Matusow at the 2005 WSOP where both players received a ten minute penalty for their table argument. Or the Poker After Dark episode where Sheikhan upset Phil Hellmuth to such an extent that the WSOP pro had to walk off the set a while to cool off.

Now it seems last Tuesday Shawn Sheikhan’s powers of antagonism reached new heights, after annoying every player at his poker table and being involved in multiple fights before eventually being removed from the Aria poker room altogether.

One of the players involved in the game was none other than Todd Brunson, who gave an amusing account of the incidences via his Twitter account.

Todd started off by writing: “Sean ‘sheepy’ shikan in the game. He brags he doesn’t owe a single person on the planet.. asks me to verify..turns out he owe 2 of the 4 here.”

Before too long, it seems, Shawn Sheikhan had managed to rile his opponent’s to such an extent that a fight broke out between himself, Davif “viffer” Peat and also John Monnette. One poster on Todd Brunson’s Twitter account even provided a humorous artist’s impression of what the scrap might have looked like. As Brunson explains:

“Wow. Another fight at the aria.. Sheepy and viffer. Security came and the threats were flying,” wrote Brunson.

Later, Sheikhan then managed to out-do even himself by succeeding in setting the whole table on tilt before  being eventually removed from the Aria, altogether.

“And yet another fight.. This time Sheepy and every player at the table. I finally had him thrown out like the little bitch he is…He didn’t make it 20 minutes,” continued Brunson.

All’s well that ends well, then!

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