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Phil Ivey Storms Out Of Las Vegas Wynn After Craps Fiasco

October 19th, 2010 Author:

Phil Ivey Storms Out Of Las Vegas Wynn After Craps FiascoAccording to the latest report emanating from the Two Plus Two Poker Forum, poker legend Phil Ivey threw a major tantrum while playing craps at the Las Vegas Wynn and then threatened never to return back to the top gambling destination.

Although unsubstantiated at this time, according to poster ‘Check Check Lay’ he and a few friends had just left the Le Reve show at the Wynn when they spotted Phil Ivey at a craps table. After just a few seconds Phil Ivey allegedly got into a heated argument with the floor supervisor and another supervisor over a craps ruling he did not accept.

As ‘Check Check Lay’ explains: “Apparently, the dice rested on the back wall and was called against Ivey. He proceded to yell that hes been playing dice for a long time and has never seen anything that ridiculous. He drops a few F Bombs and strengthens his argument by saying he will never play there ever again. He closes by looking at the supervisor and says “If you see me playing dice here again I’ll Suck your D$@K” then points to another supervisor and says “Your’s too”.

Although not everyone on the forum believes the story, there appears to have been several witnesses to the event at the time including ‘josecuervos’ who claims “it was around 11:00, he was wearing dark sweatpants, black jacket and black designer sneakers.”

Taking up the story, ‘Adam W’ also claims to have witnesses the incident and says: 

“I got to play with him for about an hour and we had a huge roll netting him over 3 mill plus!! He was drunk and cool and having a blast high fiving me and others.” After the argument erupted, ‘Adam W’ then states:

“He insta leaves the dice table leaving 645k on the felt to pay off his 500k marker and put the rest in his account…his bro and friend stay back to make sure it was settled.”

“Also at the B earlier he would throw the dice literally into the ceiling and they would land in the middle of the table obv not hitting the back wall like they are supposed to and they kept calling it a roll never giving him a hard time at all.”

The details which appear on the Two Plus Two Poker Forum are quite compelling and if proved to be true will come as a blow to the Las Vegas Wynn, who will not be too pleased to lose one of their biggest celebrities. They might even consider issuing an apology in order to pacify their high-rolling customer.

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28th October 2010
Helen Of Tahoe

Having been in the gaming industry for over 30 years, Phil Ivey is not the only high-roller to ever have a call go against him. On a craps table, if the die is cocked or leaning against the wall or chips, the correct call is the natural fall of the dice. In other words, if you move the object it is leaning on and the die comes to rest that is the call. My understanding is the natural fall of this die ahppened to be 7 out and he says he has been playing for a long time and has never seen this? Pay attention Phil! You are a great poker player, but craps is just a roll of the dice and you can’t control how they land. He doesn’t deserve an apolgy from the Wynn, he owes them one and especially the two supervisors who were just doing their jobs and not pampering this prima donna!

23rd October 2011

whinging little bitch haha. Hope he goes busto on craps. Dumb fuck.

9th January 2012
Aaron Hightower

I’ve had a call against me where the die landed with one edge on the felt, one edge on the mirror and one edge on the stack of stick-man’s chips. The stick should have moved the chips and let the die fall to rest on the felt, but he made the call against me. I’m not saying that Phil knows what he’s talking about, I’m just saying I have had a stick-man make a call against me that I know more than he does about how it should be called, and if it’s big money, the issue should be resolved according to the rules of the game not according to what the stick decides is the right thing to do without backup.

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