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Phil Galfond Now In Canada And Playing At PokerStars

July 28th, 2011 Author:

Phil Galfond Now In Canada And Playing At PokerStarsPhil Galfond is well known for being one of the most successful online cash players in the game, with $7,865,837 in winnings at Full Tilt since January 2007.

However, along with many other US pros, the 26 year-old talent saw his livelihood come to an abrupt end after the US Department Of Justice shut down Full Tilt Poker in April, 2011.

Although surprised, Phil Galfond seemed optimistic the online poker giant would be back up on its feet in no time and tweeted at the time:

“Everyone is panicking too much (tho I understand). We are extremely likely to be paid our $. I’ll guarantee $1M in payouts from FTP/Stars. If they somehow don’t pay, I’ll figure out a fair way to disperse it, and send out all the gelt over Hanukah 2012.”

A few months down the line and with $1 million of his own money still stuck on Full Tilt, Phil Galfond has now been spotted playing at PokerSars, after moving to Vancouver, Canada, of course.

“Hey twitter I’m in Canada…staying here for 3-6 months and then re-evaluating,” announced Galfond.

Phil Galfond was used to playing high stakes NL and PLO cash games of $200/$400 stakes and above at Full Tilt, where he was known as ‘OMGClayAiken.’ However, PokerStars cash games have always been second to Full Tilt’s and so Phil Galfond, known as MrSweets28 at PokerStars, made his surprise entrance at PokerStars’s virtual tables at the $25-$50 and $50-$100 level.

Phil ‘MrSweets28’ Galfond was soon spotted by his fellow pros with Isildur1 humorously exclaiming; “Oh no, he’s back.”

However, before long things had settled down and after around 2,500 hands, Galfond had lost approximately $18k before signing off for the session. It may not have been the start he had hoped for, but Galfond seemed pleased to be at least involved in the game once more and looking forward to plying his trade at his new home at PokerStars.

As Phil Galfond later tweeted; “After 3 months off of online poker, I’d forgotten about downswings. Oh well. Still happy to be playing. I love the game.”

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