Online Poker Sensation Mickey "mement_mori" Petersen Joins CardRunners

Top instructional poker training site CardRunners has just announced that the Danish online poker prodigy Mickey Petersen will be adding his considerable experience to their site.
Petersen enjoys playing in live tournaments and has amassed $170,710 in winnings since his first cash in Jun 2009.
However, it is online where Petersen under the name of “mement_mori” has really made a name for himself and he is currently ranked in top spot as Bluff Magazine’s online poker player of the year.
With $2,636,769 in online earnings since Sep 2007, including $1,206,215 at Full Tilt Poker and $1,122,929 at PokerStars, there is no doubting the poker talent of this precocious young talent.
Petersen also has the honour of being only a handful of players to ever win two FTOPS events. His first came in the $216 six-max event last spring for $86,700 and the second only last week at the $216 Rush Limit Hold’em event for $37,344. Commenting on his remarkable feat, Mickey Petersen said:
“It’s pretty cool because by now FTOPS has run so many times that a lot of the good players have won one. Two, however, is a way smaller and more exclusive club. Hopefully I can add another one to the collection next time it runs.”
CardRunners reputation suffered recently after main trainers Brian Townsend and Cole South left earlier this year. However, the talent has continued to flow into the popular poker training site and Mickey “mement_mori” Petersen will now join a talented team which includes “JungleMan12,” Andreas “Skjervøy” Torbergsen, and John “Jimmy Legs” Wray.
CardRunners members are now sure to benefit greatly from the addition of Petersen, who has already released a video covering one of the most demanding tournaments online, the $100 Rebuy. As it is billed on CardRunners:
“It’s not every day that one of the world’s top tournament players decides to drop in and upload a video. So it must be the dawn of a new era at CR.”

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