Online Poker Player ‘XBLINK’ $11 Bankroll Now Reaches $981,507

Online Poker Player ‘XBLINK’ $11 Bankroll Now Up To $981,507Late last year I reported on a story about online poker player ‘XBLINK’ and his meteoric rise up the high stakes game, after turning a mere $11 into a bankroll worth $833,193.
That all happened back in November 2009 and since then it would appear that ‘XBLINK’ has got quite used to the high stakes online action and has now managed to extend his profits further on the Cereus poker network to $981,507.
Originally, ‘XBLINK’ was able to accomplish his incredible feat by winning an $11 tournament and then taking his $750 winnings onto progressively higher PLO and NL cash game tables until by Day 6 his bankroll had hit six figures. XBLINK’s bankroll then peaked at $833,193 before hitting a major downswing which caused his profits to fall by almost $300,000.
Subsequently, the poker forums saw a flurry of activity with well wishers strongly recommending he avoids emulating the antics of players such as Isildur1 or Martonas, and advising that he should instead “take the bulk of the $$ and run/play lower” or simply Cash out half and play with the rest. At least then you’ll have something to show for it when you go bust.”
‘XBLINK’ was obviously not looking at his progress as a flash in the pan and consequently he has continued to notch up a healthy profit over the past few months at the mid and high stakes NLH tables. In fact, with over 150,000 hands logged XBLINK is continuing to show an impressive 3.66BB/100 win rate, as he mixes it up with opponents on the $50/$100 and $200/$400 NLH cash tables.
XBLINK seems to have settled comfortably into his new elevated poker standing and has shown he has the stomach for the big game and its associated nose bleed swings. Well, he would have to in order to endure the poker roller coaster ride which has seen him win $57,000 profit over 741 hands at $50/$100 against WHYDOULOOSE, and then lose $128,431 in just under 2 hours of play at $200/$400 NLH against MACGOWAN1957.
We wish XBLINK luck and will continue to monitor the progress of this remarkable player and his ultimate rags to riches poker adventure.

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