Negreanu Gives His Poker Reads on Trump and Clinton

The 2016 Presidential campaign has been one of the most controversial elections in American history, with both the Republican and Democrat parties’ frontrunners, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, polarizing the electorate with their negative campaigns.
Even in the world of poker, some of the game’s more vocal celebrities have lined up behind their respective candidates, leading to some nasty and heated exchanges between Clinton supporters such as Daniel Negreanu, Vanessa Selbst, and Liv Boeree on the one side, and Donald Trump supporters such as Mike Matusow, Matt Glantz, and Doyle Brunson, on the other.
Interestingly, Canadian-born Daniel Negreanu became an American citizen at the beginning of the year, and is now looking forward to casting his vote for Hilary Clinton to become the next President of the United States come November 8th. In the meantime, Negreanu gave an intriguing interview with Esquire magazine recently in which he used his poker skills to analyse what type of poker player each of the candidates would make. Commenting on the Republican candidate, the world’s most successful live tournament player had this to say:
“Trump is clearly very loose and very aggressive. He’s a loose, aggressive wild man. He’s hard to prepare for because he’s a lunatic. When you’re playing poker with a guy like that you never know what he’s going to do next because he’s all over the place.”
In a way, Negreanu’s comments were perhaps the nicest things he has said about Trump all year-long as he implies that Trump would be a dangerous and difficult opponent to overcome on the green beize. Clinton, on the other hand, would make an “extremely tight and extremely conservative” player, according to Negreanu, although he did say that she may be harder to read than Trump on account of being the more polished and experienced politician of the two. Nevertheless, it seems Negreanu would still be able to tell when she may be bluffing, and as he explains:
“When [I believe] she’s lying, she looks up and her eyes are up to the left like she’s searching for the right words and trying to make sure that she doesn’t step into it.”
Election Day is now just one week away, and continuing the poker analogy, following a long drawn out campaign there will certainly be many people thankful that one of the most gruelling and ugly games of political heads-up poker ever witnessed in the US will soon finally draw to an end.

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