Mike Noori Accepts McDonald's Munching Prop Bet

Mike Noori Accepts McDonald Munching Prop Bet The poker world is full of bizarre prop bets made in the name of competition, public interest and just plain good fun. Who can forget Antonio Esfandiari‘s 48 hour lunge prop bet, for instance, or Ted Forrest and Mike Matusow’s weight loss challenge. Rather than a wager with the potential to improve one’s health, however, the latest prop bet agreed between tournament director Matt Savage and poker professional Mike Noori is more likely to result in a bust gut, instead.
According to the terms of their wager, Noori is tasked with consuming $1,000 worth of McDonald’s over a 36-hour period, subject to a whole load of provisos including at least $300 being spent on hot food, not more than $200 on salads, the price of drinks not being counted, and no more than a single vomit allowed over the course of the bet.
While the actual amount gambled between Savage and Noori is not known, side action interest has already attracted more than $200,000 in bets. In the meantime, Noori seems quietly confident of his chances, and has said he intends to start the challenge by consuming $500 worth of apple slices, but many parties believe Noori may have bitten off more than he can chew, with poker pro and food critic Jimmy Fricke tweeting the following message:
“This is impossible. If he eats the lowest calorie/dollar food available (southwest grilled chicken salad) this is still 66,000 calories.”
Going on Fricke’s calculations, Noori would have to eat around 1,833 calories or more every hour of his challenge to succeed. By comparison, Morgan Spurlock’s from SuperSize Me fame ate around 150,000 calories over his 30 day challenge, or 5,000 calories per day, after which he gained 1.7 stone (11 kgs), which then took him 14-months to lose.
Mike Noori, 27, is 5’10” tall and currently weighs 210 pounds, so it will be interesting to see just how much his weight increases following his much-a-thon. Unlike other pundits, Matt Savage seems less assured of his chances of winning the bet, and as he tweeted recently:
“$500 in apple slices, $200 in salads, bacon, cheese, guacamole add-ons, and smooth move tea believe me @MikeNoori definitely has an angle.”

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