Liv Boeree Calls Time On Kevin Macphee Relationship

Liv Boeree Calls Time On Kevin Macphee RelationshipPoker couple Liv Boeree and Kevin MacPhee had been dating since the beginning of 2011, but now it would seem their relationship has run its course. Unfortunately, their split would seem to be anything but friendly after Kevin Macphee decided to pour his heart out in public, while airing his grievances about the way he believes he had been treated by the UK pro.
Apparently, Liv and Kevin’s relationship first hit rocky ground last summer, with a recent tweet by Macphee explaining that the couple had split so that Liv could be with US poker pro Galen Hall. As Macphee aired on Twitter:
“The summer I had at the WSOP was the worst of my life because @Liv_Boeree broke up w/ me to make a reality tv show & hook up with Galen.”
“She tore my heart out then & for some reason I got back together w/ this manipulator only to have her do it again. #heartless.”
The second instance Macphee is referring to involves Liv Boeree’s recent trip to Ireland, at the end of which she tells Macphee its all over once again.
“So…@Liv_Boeree leaves for the Ireland for St. Paddy’s for the weekend & comes back & breaks up with me.”
Apparently, this time around Kevin Macphee suspects Boeree may have become involved with Wozz Lozowski, the frontman for Poland’s hit band Afromental. During her time in Ireland, Lozowski and Boeree hung out and appeared in several photos together, including the one above. As Kevin Macphee then ungraciously tweets:
“People that lie just never stop lying. People that cheat never stop cheating. People don’t change.”
So far, the 28 year old Liv Boeree hasn’t stooped to her ex-boyfriend’s level by airing their private affairs in public. Meanwhile, others in the poker community have been offering their thoughts on the break-up, including the following fervent responses:
Cole Feldman
@KevinMacPhee you sound like a whiny little bitch. Time for an unfollow. The best news I’ve heard this week is that @Liv_Boeree is single
Phil Bennett
@KevinMacPhee with tweets like that, maybe @liv_boeree left you because she realised she was going out with another woman?

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