Gus Hansen and Sam Trickett Sink In Macau's Big Game

Prior to the Aussie Millions in Melbourne, Sam Trickett and Gus Hansen had tried their luck at the celebrated HKD $10k/$20k (US$1,300/$2,600) cash game at StarWorld Macau’s Poker King Club.
Subsequently, both pros were rumoured to have walked away big winners in the game, with Sam Trickett up around US$2.3 million for his efforts, and ‘The Great Dane’ in profit by a massive US$3.86 million.
Now that the Aussie Millions is complete, the two pros have returned to Macau hoping to continue where they left off. Unfortunately, things don’t seem to be progressing quite as well as before, with Sam Trickett tweeting about running bad in Macau, losing the biggest pot of his life and feeling physically sick.
The 25 year-old then wrote: “Going back to play another marathon session! taking a big spade with me to dig my way out the this hole!”
Despite Trickett having a “good session,” it seems it was then countered by a poor session in which he complained about “losing all ins in all forms of poker,” before finishing by tweeting “Going for a nap before i play another 10/20k session.”
Gus Hansen, too, seems to have enjoyed better days, and blogged about expensive swings and doing better in his second session, before then losing a huge HK$12 million (US$1.55m) pot.
Gus Hansen’s third session also seems to have gone the same way, and he describes losing a HK$14.7 million (US$1.9 million) pot in which he was seated one after the straddle holding 9d-7d. With over 1 million in the pot pre-flop, the flop then fell 9h-6d-2d to which the small blind checked, the 40K straddler bet 550K and Hansen went all in for HK$5.3 million (US$$680,000).
As Hansen continues on his blog: “..when the small blind cold calls 3.7Mill and the bettor is counting his outs and figuring out his pot-odds, I have a BAD feeling of what’s in store for me – A set and the Nut-flush draw! And indeed it was, I am down to runner-runner straight or runner-runner full house – not a great spot to be in. Whoever won the 14.7Mill pot is not my business to discuss, but what I will say is that my 4.3% didn’t hit and I was out another 5.3 Million.”
However, its early days for the dynamic duo and we’ll try to bring you updates to their latest endeavours in Macau, as more news is released.

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