Durrrr Challenge: Dwan Extends Lead To $1.4 Million

Durrrr Challenge: Dwan Extends Lead To $1.4 MillionTom “durrrr” Dwan and Patrik Antonius resumed their “durrrr” Challenge on Full Tilt Poker yesterday, playing 883 hands over three hours with the advantage going Tom Dwan’s way to the tune of $314,828.
Tom Dwan has now got the better of his Finnish opponent eight out of the last nine times they have met, and with 32,795 hands now played Dwan’s lead has now reached $1,392,760.
The Full Tilt Poker pros hit their preferred $200/$400 Pot-Limit Omaha tables, and unusually for them, only six of the largest pots were above $100,000 with both players winning three each.
Despite losing the session, Antonius scooped the biggest pot on the night of $150,777. Dwan holding Qs Qh 5h 3h raised to the standard $1,200 while Antonius, with 7h 6s 4h 3s three-bet to $3,600, which Dwan called. A flop of Qc 7s 4c gave  Dwan the top set and Antonius two pair, who checked called Dwan’s $4,800 bet. A Jh did nothing to improve Antonius’ hand so he checked to Dwan, who then raised the pot to $16,800. Antonius, unaware that he was as far behind as 9 to 1 in the hand, re-raised Dwan to $67,200 who called only to lose to 5s on the river and a seven-high straight.
With 32,795 of the required 50,000 hands played and 66% of the ‘durrrr Challenge,’ completed,Patrik Antonius has a difficult task ahead of him if he is to narrow the huge $1.4 million gap, and owing Dwan a further $500,000 on top of his challenge losses.
Patrik Antonius was at the top of the Full Tilt money list for 2009, having banked close to $9 million for the year, helped not least from a number of high profile encounters with the Swedish mystery player “Isildur1”. However, the start of 2010 hasn’t gone nearly so well for the young Finnish pro who finds himself stuck over $1.7 million so far.

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