Daniel Negreanu Banned For Spamming On TwoPlusTwo

Poker pro Daniel Negreanu has been banned from the TwoPlusTwo forum for a day after running foul of the site’s  advertising rules.
The 37 year-old has been a regular commenter and contributor on the forum for years. Negreanu also host a weekly video blog but this time around tried to help promote his latest blog rant by posting a link on TwoPlusTwo, which met with a swift response from the world’s biggest poker forum which labelled the action as “spamming.”
Apparently, at the heart of the Canadian’s ban was his promotion of the upcoming, inaugural iSeriesLIVE next month, which is a 10 person winner takes all £10,000 ‘Sit and Go’ tournament. It then didn’t take long for some TwoPlusTwo forum members to react leading to the suspension, with a moderator later explaining:
“Daniel started a thread about iSeriesLive 2 days ago, for which he was infracted, as anyone would have been. 2 days later, he spams links to his vblog in two different threads, and the first 6:20 of the linked video is about iSeriesLive. For this he gets a one day tempban – such an easy call, no matter who it is.”
As you would expect, Negreanu then tried to explain his side of the controversy by saying that someone had started a thread about “Live Betting on Poker” and were discussing the iSeries, when he assumed they would welcome posts from knowledgeable people.
Negreanu sunsequently highlighted the fact that in the past people had discussed other leagues, tournaments, and tours on the forum without problems, with the only difference being that you can place bets on the Iseries.
Accusing the TwoPlusTwo forum of a “North Korean like approach,” Negreanu further speculated:
“Their decision to ban me and pull the threads is simply a shakedown. They are hoping that they can squeeze a few bucks out of the Iseries to put up banners, and completely overestimating their importance in the poker world, which isn’t new for them.”
For all the excitement, Daniel Negreanu is still welcome to post on the forum after the short ban providing, of course, he refrains from any advertising or promotion activities.

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