Chris Moorman Joins DoylesRoom

Englishman Chris “Moorman1” Moorman is the latest poker star to be recruited to DoylesRoom by poker legend Doyle Brunson. The 24 year old from Brighton, England already has career winnings of more than $1.8 million and is placed second best Online Player of the Year by
Doyle Brunson explained: “Moorman reminds me a lot of me, except for the British accent. He’s a poker natural, a legend in the making, and that’s why I’ve handpicked him to be the next member of The Brunson 10, my new team of elite poker players who truly are young legends of the game.”
Moorman’s career earnings are predominately from online play and include nine tournament wins as well as 124 cashes. The Triple Crowns awards are  for players who ‘win three different tournaments on three different sites over the course of one week’ with a prize pool of at least $10K, and Moorman has clocked up an amazing 8 of these awards.
Jessica Welman from PocketFives gave an insight into the young prodigies success:
“Chris has an unpredictable style of play that always keeps his opponents guessing and serves him well at the tables.During the Main Event of the WSOP, I watched a pivotal hand in which Chris was able to lay down bottom set in a huge hand. As I watched him play back the hand in his head, I was really impressed that he was not only able to make a really good lay down, but he also managed to control his emotions in a situation that many others would find frustrating and potentially tilt-inducing.”
Moorman first started playing poker while at Essex University where he played online freerolls every Monday night and after winning $70 started playing micro-stakes cash tables where he played ABC poker and profited from the mistakes of other players. The next evolution in his game came when he moved up to $1/$2nl to $3/$6nl short-handed and was able to identify when players were weak in a hand and so could be exploited. He explains:
“I like to make someone work hard for a pot – I really like to put them to the test if I think they’re weak.”
He also acknowledged the positive role reading books such as the Harrington series, signing up to Cardrunners and talking to friends and pros have had on improving his play.
Chris Moorman now joins Amit “amak316” Makhija, Zachary “CrazyZachary” Clark and Alec Torelli as the original members of the Brunson 10, all under 25 year old rising stars of the game.

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