PTR Satisfies PokerStars With New Feature

PTR Satisfies PokerStars With New Feature This month, Poker Table Ratings (PTR) received a “Cease and Desist” letter from PokerStars concerned that the data mining site was contravening their Terms and Conditions.
Although PokerStars allows a whole list of HUDs and tracking software to be used on their website, they do stipulate that any information collected is from the player’s own software and not an ‘External Player Assistance Programs,’ such as PTR. Consequently, PTR was forced to comply with PokerStars’ request, such that PokerStars players are now unable to access information on other PokerStars players unless first agreeing to opt-in to the site. Commenting on the situation, PTR announced:
“As many of you know, PokerStars requested that we change our poker results pages for their players. We have fully agreed to do so and are already making the changes necessary to be entirely within their terms and conditions for 3rd party websites.”
In the meantime, Poker Table Ratings is  currently in the process of testing a new feature called PTR Link, which is enabled for Party Poker, OnGame, iPoker, Merge, and Cake networks. This option will allow player’s to customize and gain control over their profiles at PTR, including the ability to moderate comments. Elaborating on their offering, PTR said:
“Our goal is to be a positive influence on the online poker community for players and brands alike, a place where poker players from all levels, stakes, and backgrounds can come and enjoy the features we offer.”
The overall effect is that privacy concerns are now being more carefully considered by PTR, which will come as welcome news for online sharks using their own tracking software packages such as Hold’em Manager or PokerTracker. They will now feel satisfied that their edge over less advanced players is maintained, while benefits to fish include no one knowing their level of play or how much they may have lost.

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