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PokerStars Responds To Shut Down By The FBI

April 18th, 2011 Author:

PokerStars Responds To Shut Down By The FBISince last Friday, the biggest poker room in the world, PokerStars has been reeling after having to pull out of the US market.

Along with Full Tilt and Absolute/UB Poker, PokerStars now stands accused of charges relating to bank fraud, illegal gambling and money laundering.

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Focussing on the situation at PokerStars, the FBI seized the company’s domain name and have issued arrest warrants for PokerStars founder Isai Scheinberg and director Paul Tate.

With its exit from the US market, PokerStars has lost around 35% of its customer base and has now switched its online operation to Keen to reassure its customers of its position, PokerStars then released a statement saying:

“As you may have heard, we have had to suspend real money poker services to people based in the U.S. due to legal developments there.”

“The developments are confined to the U.S. and do not have any impact on your ability to continue using our services. Please be assured player balances are safe. There is no cause for concern. For all customers outside the U.S. it is business as usual.”

However, understandably it was players within the US who were most concerned over the situation, many of whom have accounts at the poker room ranging from a few hundred dollars up to tens of thousands for the professional players.

At present some PokerStars players have been  reporting difficulties withdrawing money from the site at this time, prompting online prodigy Tom “durrrr” Dwan to post a tweet backing up both Full Tilt and PokerStars, and saying:

“I’d guess ftp/stars is worth more than 93c on the $ (almost 100% u get paid but could take 2-3 mnths n worst case more).”

The monetary situation is bound to become a little tangled as the FBI have so far frozen a combined 76 accounts between the three sites and are currently seeking over $3 billion in fines and penalties. In the meantime, PokerStars has issued a statement reassuring customers who have thus far unable to get a response to their concerns from the poker room and stated:

“Please be aware that we are currently experiencing a very high volume of emails, so our response times are delayed. We will answer player emails as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.”

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18th April 2011

sad that a child molestor in our country can get away with it….having the boy scouts stand behind these monsters, and only do less than 6 months in jail. But be able to come up with a site where u make money….go to jail..go straight to jail do not pass go…do not collect ur money. The FBI needs to get its ducks in a row n figure out where the real crimes are n solve them n leave poker players to play in their own homes the game of their choice!!!!

18th April 2011

No no no, these people are clearly operating illegally. Every business in the u.s. Pays it’s dues. Now it’s time for these companies to pay their dues. Poker stars, full tilt have spit at the government and the American people by avoided our legalities. Mark my word these companies will receive the harch fines and decades in prison. As they should. Plus this 3-billion goes back into the u.s. As it should.

18th April 2011

nice if they would tell u why they have closed down the site

18th April 2011

Child molesters don’t pull in over $1 million USD into an offshore account and skip on paying taxes. Don’t act like this dude is some sort of hero, the only victim here are the players who assets got frozen. Best believe, they are about to get taxed really hard as well. I’m pretty sure they weren’t claiming their winnings as well. If I have to pay taxes – so do these assholes.

18th April 2011

This is either a sign of one of two things. Either this case was so easy that the Feds and US gov. couldn’t ignore it, freezing assets and taking several billion dollars; or this is a bad sign that the economy is about to collapse and the US needs to pillage as much possible to try to stem the tide of inflation.

18th April 2011

spoken like a true degenerate

18th April 2011

Face the facts.. This was going to happen sooner than later. A multi-billion industry is happening right under the noses of the govt. I hope what eventually comes out of this is a legal version that is fairly audited to avoid any cheating. I personally have played online I’m not sure it’s wasn’t a scam.

18th April 2011

US Govt won’t defined “online gambling” and refuse to regulate poker but allow betting on horseracing and lotteries… typical double standards. By the way US population 308 million. Rest of world 6.3 billion. If the US wants to control how americans spend their money, It’s fine by the rest of us we can play still play poker.

18th April 2011

these sites should not be puttin bots on there to to scam people of there money they deserve jail time for it,. its called theft

18th April 2011


18th April 2011

They don’t pay taxes because the government makes it “illegal”, therefor there are no taxes. These companies wouldn’t mind paying taxes and moving some operations to the US.

What a dumb comment to focus on taxes.

18th April 2011

Sure “Tommy” the “scammers” are the ones saying to the customers “don’t worry, we’ll find a way to get your money back to you” while the US government tries to block them. The industry grows on it’s reputation and that thousands of players can play at 50 cent tables. Huge money in volume with a tiny rake, no scams.

18th April 2011

I miss playng poker….

18th April 2011

“No no no, these people are clearly operating illegally. Every business in the u.s. Pays it’s dues.”

Hell, we have companies operating “legally” here that pay no federal taxes and receive a REFUND from the feds… (GE anyone?)

I find it funny how FullTilt, which is strictly a POKER room gets clobbered, while Bodog offers an online casino and sports wagering (which the UIGEA was SPECIFICALLY written to prevent), and is still up and running for US players.

The US government has come down with a terminal case of STUPID… Not too much longer and we’ll be a third-world country due to rampant greed and stupidity…

18th April 2011

What the hell Durr??? Do you actually know what you’re talking about or is this just more babbling like we see on TV between you guys with your prop bets??? I’ve already requested my withdrawal from PS and had no problems. At least payment has been promised within 72 hours as usual…I guess we’ll see…

18th April 2011

What I don’t understand is why freeze all the US accounts. Yet again another way the gov’t misses out on tax dollars for the U.S.A. Instead, make it mandatory from now on that all US players be issued a 1040G or whatever its called and bingo, everyone is happy. Oh well, I guess it boils down to the few that ruin it for the mass.

18th April 2011
FBI Lies

Hey FBI guy I GUARANTEE these dudes won’t spend a day in prison. The U.S. is so far behind in regulating online business. Want an example? Amazon and and any online business american citizens dont get a dollar from that in tax revenue..This is just one of many reasons why the U.S. is falling behind the world right before our eyes. In 2006 instead of regulating and keep full tilt in Los Angeles the govt signed a pointless wire transferring law. As we cry about not having jobs and losing revenue we kick a company out who is worth over 15 Billion dollars. The day America will regain its strength is the day we push these old people, closed minded brain washed individuals, and old policy B.S. off the plank. Until then well just keep sailing ourselves into debt until another country owns us. CANT WAIT!!!!

18th April 2011

listen, you assho’les, these companies put their asses out there so you can play and make your bills and now “they get what they deserve and the only victims are the players”? what????? if it wasnt for them bribing then you wouldn’t have played and make money to eat or whatever,,,,so shit up!!!

18th April 2011

Tens of thousands of US citizens pay ALL their bills with online poker profits. These are sad days for those skilled players. All these “internet kids” will fill the casinos with their rookie tells, bad pays, and dump what little bankrolls they have left. Already seeing them come in, it’s been great EV so far! Also, all the sponsored pro’s will just end up moving overseas so they can play in the now weaker Sunday tournies. I’d jump ship to if my bankroll allowed it, things will not be getting better.

18th April 2011

You have to be out of your mind to play for real money on these sites. There is no way of knowing who you’re playing against; whether is a table loaded with bots or players that are in cullusion and communicating their hands to each. And then there’s those feeder hands that appear far too often in order to speed up the action.are dealt. If you like to gamble, visit of of the many Casinos. At least you can see the other players and the dealer.

19th April 2011

okey f bi i let you confiscate my account and keep my balance i guess is about 10 bucks. and then let play my 0.25 cents tournaments so i can give my brains some workout, cheap poker is my only diversion. please please OBAMA be nice and let this senior have his fun.

19th April 2011

Damn i had no idea about all this until tonight i tried to watch “The Big Game” and instead its infomercials……… wtf this sucks lol

19th April 2011
a player

seems funny that politicians always want to control other people. maybe they should realize that they could put rules in place rather than ban selected types of gambling. is horse racing less harmful than a card game. If they want to stop gambling start with shutting down casinos. No the real reason is the politicians are like gangsters they want their cut. they have not figured out how to get their cut so they ban it. reminds me of prohibition – that worked really well donkeys

19th April 2011
yo mumma

how does it feel to be fucked jokerstars loool

19th April 2011

I’m from the UK and I will say only two things.

Firstly, what other country in the developed world taxes its people on gambling winnings??

Secondly, the law that was passed was ill conceived. Surely pass a law that aids in regulating the industry if you must, rather than ban it all together? Like turkeys voting for thanksgiving.

Can’t drink till your 21, but can vote at 18 but can’t gamble if you wan’t and if they let you they tax you. Land of the free my ass!

19th April 2011

Time to dispute……. ahahhaahhahaahh fck u UB

20th April 2011
Bodog Boy

You can still play on Bodog Poker. They also have World Series of Poker Satellites. They do not violate the Internet Gaming Law because they fund players differently than Pokerstars and Fulltilt, so they are in no danger of being shut down…

20th April 2011
Anonymous/Leader of the Underground Movement

Obviously, the real people behind pokerstars, are bush and cheney, and all their buddies who make over 250K a year and don’t think they should pay taxes on it, And now, they have seized your money and are getting fat on it laughing at you all the way. Its just a matter of time before even here the people will rise against authority, just like all the countries in the middle east are now. You will never get your money back, because it is already stashed with relatives, or spent on their wives. Ask the people, in the Enron/Halliberton(Cheney) scam. Or the latest wallstreet fiasco to our economy…We need a complete change of the guard. so remember , Always question authority, God is imaginary, and let the honest good real poker players and the other heathens rise as one to defeat the Infadel. Lol, Kiss the dough bye bye.

20th April 2011

you guys are idiots the USA makes around 8 trillion dollars a years. What is 3 billion going to do nothing they just want money nothing more bunch of greedy bastards, and poker players are not the only ones that do not claim all there assests. What about construction people i know that all them do not claim everything they make when they get paid in cash and there is a lot more in construction then online poker. This is just one example of many. US goverement is just greedy and always will be.

20th April 2011

Why don’t they take all liberties away and them we can call it what it is… A dict….ship…

20th April 2011
USA Govt is weird

Whats going on with your country guys, I have visited many times and you seem a nice lot of people, but your governement is making you the laughing stock of the world. Land of the Free, sounds like an illusion to me (unless you have loads of dollars in the bank ask OJ or MJ) Its about time you had a revolution, you got rid of the greedy British when they taxed you to death, but you sit around while your elite rips you off and gives your hard earned tax money to their banking buddies
Its seems a bit strange that pretty well anyone who wants can get hold of a gun, but you can’t play cards online for a few dollars. I know what sounds more dangerous to me.

21st April 2011

Unlike construction online poker is a tracked by paper trails and money transfers. How is this not the easiest thing to coordinate and make sure winners are claiming their winnings. Just like marijuana debate, prohibition of alcohol, etc.

21st April 2011

hang em

23rd April 2011

jokerstars is all 1 big con, it is clear to be seen
they should be made to pay back every single penny that they
have stole off innocent people
pokerstars are an absolute joke

23rd April 2011

pure scam and always has been

23rd April 2011

this site is responsible for wrecking peoples lives
did they not make enough from rake alone without having
to rob people of their hard earned money
and the players never even stood a chance

25th April 2011

Ok, I have playing on Pokerstars many many times, and I had fun doing so. There is NO reason why MY OWN FUCKING GOVERNMENT should take away the things that I like doing!!! BUT!!! BUT!!! There were times were I KNEW I had been scammed by Pokerstars!!! Come on, I got beat by the computer they set up to act as a player!!! I am sure I am not the only one that agrees with that… So… let me play and lose fairly, but KILL OFF ALL THE SITES THAT LIE, CHEAT, AND STEAL OUR MONEY!!! If Pokerstars was cheating, I am MORE THAN SURE My beautiful government can prove more than you think!! And I know they were stealing by having computerized player winning all of our money!!!
So I THANK and PRAISE my AMERICAN GOVERNMENT for getting rid of another thief!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

25th April 2011

Its a good thing someone put a stop to the criminal activity. These poker sites are all a scam. Not only are they unregulated and free to rip you off, like some have done and will continue to do, but they operate the biggest matrix scheme going. Ever wonder what would happen if you all would cash out at once? Your money is spent the money you deposit it. These poker professionals have ingeniuosly brainwashed people into thinking anyone can win it big, like winning the lottery. They rake in millions of $20 deposits 1 at a time. 99% of players loose, while the majotiy of the funds go into paying sponsorships. No Phil Ivey isn’t worth 100 million because he won it all, he has a nice percent ownership in FT..and you guys have all made it possible. It’s an ingeniuos scheme really…

27th April 2011
Friend from swedwn

You all talk like the world is going under, but did you know there is other rooms then Pstars, FullT?!?

24th May 2011

What a load of Ballucks

15th June 2011

what about the people who wereb playing free poker? how come we cant play for free?

16th June 2011

you can on

24th June 2011
doctor smoke

lmao scott going to jail

9th July 2011
Canadian Kid

Sorry, I’ve been playing poker online the last few months… what did i miss?

17th January 2012

This suck’s we are playing in poker star’s with our permission what the problem with the FBI when we the people wants to put the money there it’s not fbi’s money it’s our money and we can spend them where we want so wtf i don’t understand where is the problem… when we made an account we did it with our permission no one put us a knife and told us to make an account and deposit we did it because we wanted tooo!!!!

3rd April 2013

these poker outfits can say what they want they promote FAKE predetermined poker hands then if you bring it to there attention they try to say I am just complaining because I am having a bad run of luck no!!!!! can you say fake rigged joker poker

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