Pennsylvania Lawmakers OK Table Games Bill For Casinos

The governor’s threat to reduce state jobs seems to have had a positive effect on uniting the Pennsylvania Senate and House into passing a bill to legalize games like poker and blackjack at casinos. 
Pennsylvania found themselves needing to generate $250 million in revenue, so as to balance the state budget, and the table games bill was widely touted at the time as a panacea for the state’s deficit woes. Republican senate majority leader Dominic Pileggi explained clearly the practicalities involved in a decision, when he stated:
“If we were in a surplus situation, this discussion would not be happening. We have an historic crisis in our economy … we need to look to find revenue.”
With the bill now only awaiting Democratic Governor Ed Rendell’s signature, there was a sense of relief and optimism for the future among politicians.”We view this is as a win for Pennsylvania taxpayers,” said Brett Marcy, a spokesman for House Democratic majority leader Todd Eachus. “This was something that needed to be done to balance the budget gap, and it will create thousands of jobs for Pennsylvania.”
Dante Santoni, the House Democratic Gaming Oversight Committee Chairman, echoed his colleague’s jubilant sentiment, and commented: “This is a common sense, bipartisan piece of legislation that makes our gaming facilities more competitive, improves the public confidence in gaming, raises money we desperately need in these tough financial times, and — most importantly –helps put thousands of people to work in a brand-new industry.”
Large casinos will now be permitted up to 250 tables and will have to pay $16.5 million for a licence, while resorts can have up to 50 tables and will pay $7.5 million for a licence. Pennsylvania is now anticipating raising around $640 million in taxes over the next two years and believes the table games bill will also help create up to 2,000 new jobs.

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