Full Tilt Poker Traffic Falls 40% Since Launch

Full Tilt Poker Traffic Falls 40% Since LaunchAfter re-opening its doors on November 6th, Full Tilt Poker experienced a surge in activity as former customers returned to the site to reclaim their funds and stuck around to play at the poker room’s virtual tables.
On its opening day, around 23,000 people were seen on Full Tilt Poker at any one time, while cash game traffic peaked the following day at 15,326 players. A few weeks on, however, and now the poker room has seen a dramatic 40% decline in its traffic with today’s figures showing just 8,617 cash players on the site.
After the initial excitement of seeing Full Tilt Poker up and running, there will obviously come a period when traffic evens out, but nevertheless, its current average decline in traffic of 20% will surely raise alarm bells for its management team.
One of the reasons behind its ongoing decline could be the harm it suffered to its reputation after players were cut off fromĀ  their frozen funds for over a year and half. However, another key factor could be that now that many of the promotions and free-rolls have run their course, winning players may have moved on to other sites, while losing players have chosen not to redeposit. Furthermore, Full Tilt was a pioneer in the fast poker format known as Rush Poker, but during its online absence other poker rooms moved to fill the gap it left, including PokerStars and Microgaming skins.
However, perhaps one of the major factors contributing to its downward spiral is the lack of an affiliate program for Full Tilt. In the past, such program garnered huge support for the site in terms of reviews, advertising and traffic, but now the site has fostered resentment amongst affiliates as it has kept their referrals but no longer pays out their fees.
Currently, PokerStars is showing 28,844 cash game players, Full Tilt Poker 8,617 followed by the iPoker Network in third place with 2,956. Full Tilt will now be keen to halt any further declines in its traffic if it is to maintain its 2nd place position next month.

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