Full Tilt Poker Fiasco: Comments From The Pros

There has been a lot of conflicting and confusing information coming in about Full Tilt Poker lately, which has done nothing but highlight the serious problems facing the former online poker giant.
Currently, Full Tilt’s operation has been suspended with the business owing millions of dollars worldwide, as well as being pursued for $1 billion by the US DOJ on money laundering and fraud charges.
Now, members of Team Full Tilt are facing  a class action lawsuit from angry US players with top names such as Howard Lederer, Phil Ivey and Chris Ferguson named in the $150 million law suit.
With this in mind, poker pros from around the world have been weighing in with their take on the situation and what the future may hold for the beleaguered online poker room. Here are a few of their choice comments which range from hope and humour to anger and despair.
Tony G:
“The deal on the table is to sell what they can and let the rest go busto [sic]. Somebody will pick this up and Howard [Lederer] will be a new part owner.”
“Facts within has it that FTP is about to roll over this week, Irish lawyers now involved demanding Pocket Kings pay up or declare bankruptcy.”
“The authorities and poker community should not allow the gang powered by Ray and Howard to get away with this fraud.”
Tom Dwan
“Some pretty objective ppl who’s opinions I respect are worried now that FT can’t payout or find a buyer. Me too more I think about it.”
Scott Matusow
“Some people have been saying that this new group buying FTP wants to break it up. That is possible, BUT UNLIKELY.. why? IT IS CONTROLLING INTEREST, NOT THE WHOLE COMPANY! Part of this deal is ironclad, that they MUST PAY BACK USA PLAYERS.”
Doyle Brunson
“I’m not going to comment on Full Tilt. Just that it’s a crying shame this happened. Don’t worry democrats, you can do it again next year.”
Amit Makhija
“Dear FullTilt Poker: I am THIS close to telling Liam Neeson that you kidnapped his daughter. Pay up.”
Adam Junglen
“I played on FTP and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.”
Jonathan Wein
“Maybe its time we donate 1% of our winnings to FTP players at the @WSOP? Lets help people in our backyard, first.”
Daniel Negreanu
“It’s interesting that Tiltware released a statement about Ivey being selfish but they had a month to release a statement about funds. The Tiltware statement was shocking to me how low class it was. It wasn’t surprising but it is really low class the way they handled it. [I wouldn’t ] walk these [WSOP] halls with a patch on for a company that is keeping people on the rail.”
James Guill
“UB’s new slogan: At least we’re not Full Tilt.”
David Bach
“I have a sense of humor like everyone, BUT the FTP jokes are in poor taste. This is ruining many many lives.”

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