Wai Kin Yong wins Triton Poker Main Event

Aymon Hata and Ivan Leow Win Triton Poker Events at LIVE MILLIONS Russia

The Triton Poker London Super High Roller main event concluded earlier this week with Wai Kin Yong topping a record field.

The £100,000 tournament drew a 130-player field which was a new record high for a Triton Poker main event. Yong outlasted them all to pocket $3,161,868. That seven figure cash increased his overall live-poker earnings to just over $7.4 million. It was also Yong’s third win on the Triton Poker circuit.

To add the hefty cash to his bankroll Yong had to get through poker legend and Triton Poker co-founder Paul Phua heads up. When heads up play began Phua had a small chip lead and it looked like he was going run away with the title after taking a 6-to-1 chip lead on Yong.

However, it was not to be for Yong as the tables quickly turned and chips started flowing Yong’s way

When Yong had taken over the chip lead the two opponents struck a deal that would see Phua walk away with $3,121,132 no matter the outcome of the cards. Yong received his $3,161,868 under the deal.

On the final hand of the tournament Phua was all-in pre-flop with only 10 big blinds in front of him. Yong called and Phua showed Qc-6c. Yong was ahead after tabling Ks-Jc. The flop showed 9c-7c-7h, opening up a flush draw for Phua.

The turn was the 6d, which put Phua in the lead with a pair of sixes. Yong needed a King or Jack while dodging any clubs to win and got what he needed when the Js landed on the river to give him the win.

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Aymon Hata and Ivan Leow Win Triton Poker Events at LIVE MILLIONS Russia
03 Feb 2020
Triton Poker has postponed this month’s upcoming event in Jeju, South Korea due to the coronavirus outbreak in neighboring China. The Triton Poker Super High Roller Series was scheduled to begin their 2020 season later this month at Jeju Shinhwa World from February 10-22. The event was to include 12 tournaments, including the 1,000,000 HKD