UBOC 4 Starts January 20th at Ultimate Bet

The UBOC 4 is going to be starting soon at Ultimate Bet and $4 million dollars is going to be awarded to some of the best players.  There are going to be 2 $1 million dollar guaranteed events included in this year’s lineup.
In all there are going to be 18 events at Ultimate Bet including Texas Hold’em, Omaha, H.O.R.S.E., Heads Up, Pot Limit, No Limit and more.
If you can’t afford the higher buyins or just want to play more you can also play in the Mini UBOC events for about one tenth of the buyin of the Championship events.
If you take first place in any of 18 Championship events not only will get you the largest part of the prize pool but you will also get a Championship watch.  The January Leaderboard winner and the Mini UBOC Leaderboard winner will also receive a Championship watch.
New members at Ultimate Bet that make a deposit can get a bonus up to $1,100 dollars.

UBOC Championship Events Schedule
Date           Time                        Event                                                                             Buyin                        Prize             Host

01/20/10 20:05 UBOC 1- Sniper NLH $300+20 $250K Joe Sebok
01/20/10 20:05 UBOC 2- 8 Game Mix (HORSE+PLO, NLH, PLO8) $150+12 $50K Michael Binger
01/21/10 20:05 UBOC 3- NLH 4 MAX $300+20 $100K Debo34
01/22/10 20:05 UBOC 4- Sniper NLH $120+10 $30K L. Jones & T. Cannatella
01/23/10 13:00 UBOC 5- HEADS UP (capped at 128 players) (2 day event) $1K+50 $128K No Host
01/23/10 14:00 UBOC 6 -NLH triple chance (3 rebuy max) $150+12 $100K Brandon Cantu
01/24/10 14:00 UBOC 7- NLH $200+15 $300K Scott Ian
01/24/10 16:00 UBOC 8- Deepstack NLH 6 MAX $2500 +100 $1 million Annie Duke
01/25/10 20:05 UBOC 9- Limit Hold’em 6 max $100+9 $30K Tiffany Michelle
01/25/10 20:05 UBOC 10- PLH/PLO/PLO8 (Pot Limit Championship) $300+20 $150K Bryan Devonshire
01/26/10 20:05 UBOC 11- PLO 1 rebuy+1 add on $200+15 $100K Matt Graham
01/26/10 20:05 UBOC 12- HORSE $200+15 $50K Hollywood Dave
01/27/10 20:05 UBOC 13- Omaha 8/b and Stud 8/b mix $150+12 $30K Poker Jo
01/27/10 20:05 UBOC 14- Deepstack NLH $1K+50 $300K Adam “Roothlus” Levy
01/28/10 20:05 UBOC 15- PLO8 $300+20 $100K Billy Kopp
01/29/10 20:05 UBOC 16- Deepstack PLH 6 MAX $500+30 $100K Liv Boeree
01/30/10 14:00 UBOC 17- NLH Turbo unlimited Rebuys $100+9 $100K P0kerH0
01/31/10 16:00 UBOC 18- UBOC Championship (10K starting chips) $1K+50 $1 Million Phil Hellmuth
Other news:   XL Winter Series coming to 888poker

Mini UBOC Schedule:

1/20/10 Sniper NLH $30+3 $20K SPIN31
1/20/10 8 Game Mix (HORSE+PLO, NLH, PLO8) $15+$1.50 $6K TRAMBOPOLINE
1/21/10 NLH 4 MAX $30+3 $10K GUIGUI_88
1/22/10 Sniper NLH $12+1.20 $3K AIRKID3
1/23/10 HEADS UP (2-day event) $10+1 $5,120 FLOATACHECK
1/23/10 NLH triple chance (3 rebuy max) $15+1.50 $15K Z06FANATIC
1/24/10 NLH $20+2 $20K NUTINSIDER
1/25/10 Limit Hold’em 6 MAX $10+1 $3K IWON2
1/25/10 PLH/PLO/PLO8 (Pot Limit Championship) $10+1 $3K PATIZZIE
1/26/10 PLO 1 rebuy+1 add on $20+2 $12K FOOLISHGOLF
1/26/10 HORSE $20+2 $8K BIGDOGPCKT5S
1/27/10 Omaha 8/b and Stud 8/b mix $15+1.50 $3K JDAWG217
1/27/10 Deepstack NLH 10+1 $10K CRUDEBAR25
1/28/10 PLO8 $30+3 $10K MAKE_IT_RAIN
1/29/10 Deepstack PLH 6 MAX $5+.50 $2K YELLOWDAWG
1/30/10 NLH Turbo Unlimited Rebuys $10+1 $15K 7TEMPEHEAT7
TBD Main Event Super Sattellite (turbo) TBD TBD TWOLIP69

Poker News
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07 Dec 2009
Absolute Poker is getting ready to start their 4th annual UBOC Online Championship where players are going to win over $4 million dollars in cash prizes. The UBOC is made up of 18 different events held over 12 days.  Included in the tournament series is two $1 million dollar guaranteed Championship events.  The first has
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