Ladbrokes Poker Changes Rake Allocation

Ladbrokes Poker recently announced a major change that went into effect on January 5th.  The major change affecting players at Ladbrokes is the change to how‘Rake” is going to be allocated to their players.
If you don’t know what Rake is it’s the fee that is taken by the poker operator in a cash game when a pot is won.  Rake is now going to be proportionate to the amount that the individual players have put it the pot instead of everyone paying an averaged amount based on the overall pot.
The new Rake change isn’t just happening at Labrokes Poker but throughout the entire Microgaming Poker Network.  The change was made so that players have a fairer way to get rewarded.
Kate McLennan is the head of Leadbrokes Poker and she had this to say about the change in Rake calculation:
“Ladbrokes are on a mission to ‘bring poker to the people’, to simplify and make online poker more accessible, to make it easier to learn and to develop one’s skills and to make it fairer for players. Rake is something which is taken by all poker rooms, and here at Ladbrokes it’s important that we use the fairest method, to suit all levels and types of player. It’s also important to emphasise that this is a change to how rake is allocated, and that there will be no increase to the rake taken. This is a positive beginning to the New Year and I look forward to what will to be an exciting 2010 for Ladbrokes Poker and all our players.”

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