Jason Mercier OFC Cheating Accusation Spreads to Twitter

On February 23rd, Mexican player Fernando “relaxursoul” Rosas aired his grievance on the 2+2 Forums concerning accusations made by Jason Mercier that he had been cheating while gambling using an Open Face Chinese poker app.
Rosas has become somewhat of an unstoppable force on the OFC Pineapple game, but when he played Jason Mercier’s wife, Natasha, on the sidelines of the 2016 PCA, he struggled to gain any traction against his opponent, and came across somewhat of a novice. According to Rosas, it was because certain actions were difficult to perform without the app, such as remembering discarded cards, but nevertheless Jason Mercier seems unconvinced. Responding to criticisms levelled by the Team PokerStars Pro, Rosas stated on twitter:
“..one OFC player has confirmed to me that Jason told him directly that I was using a bot. Another player who I’m playing has complained to me about the rumors and finds the situation a tough spot now that I am up a significant number of points.”
In other word, Mercier’s accusations have now resulted in Rosas losing his action playing the game, a situation that has also impacted his friend, Dr Jaclynn Moskow, who has since found herself in the same boat as Rosas of being accused of cheating and thus losing any potential takers. In the meantime, Jason Mercier looks unlikely to change his tune, and has expressed his intention to play no further part in the controversy. As the 5-times WSOP bracelet winner subsequently tweeted:
“I don’t think you have a bot, I personally think you are just cheating somehow.. A bot would actually lose to a lot of ppl.. no-one beats you on the app.. U can’t win live.. Natasha has told me massive mistakes you have made live.. you are begging everyone for app action.”
While Mercier may have bowed out of the controvery, it wasn’t long before Moskow added her voice to the argument, and has said that she was happy to take side betting action on Fernand if Mercier was willing to accept a live challenge from the player.

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