GTECH G2'S IPN Network Pays €507,144 Bad Beat

A player recently found themselves a lot richer on GTECH G2’s International Poker Network (IPN) after he hit the Bad Beat Jackpot.  He won the pot when his quad King’s lost to a Royal Flush.
The player known online as ‘72osROCKS!’ was the loser with quad Kings but since the loss was enough to win the Bad Beat Jackpot he came out the winner with €177,5000.  The winner of the hand was ‘Nogis2’ who won €88,750 plus whatever was it the pot.
The other three players at the table also got a €29,583 payday.  The winner of the Bad Beat Jackpot said,  “I was pretty EXCITED when I found myself holding four Kings“.
“My heart sank when I saw my opponent’s Royal Flush – but that changed quickly when I realized I was playing at a Bad Beat table!”
To qualify to win the Bad Beat Jackpot at an IPN poker room you have to first be at a table that is designated as a Bad Beat Table.  The IPN  includes such popular poker sites as, and the poker room.
Then you have to use both hole cards in your hand and that hand must be a four of a kind sixes or berrer to win plus there have to be at least four other players dealt into the hand.

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