Full Tilt Releases New Run it Twice Option

Full Tilt Poker has released a new software upgrade with new features such as a ‘Run it Twice’ feature.  This feature will allow players to pre select a facility that will allow them to see up to five community cards dealt a second time.
This feature is going to be available at tables that are designated Run it Twice at this time.  There are plans to possibly expand the feature to other tables once it has passed a trial run.
For those that aren’t firmiliar with the saying ‘run it twice’ it’s been said on tv poker shows such as High Stakes Poker.  When two players go all in and if they both agree to run it twice then the remaining community cards are dealt again.
So once you agree the turn and river will be dealt and then a second set of turn and river card are dealt.  Each set of cards is worth 50% of the pot so you can still take a chance without losing all your chips.
On Full Tilt Poker there is going to be a slightly different format where half of your buyin will go into prize pool and the other will go into a cashout pool.  Players in the tourney can at any time as long as it’s before the final table can choose to cash out for between 10 and 100% of their stack to get a guaranteed payout.
If you want to Cashout you can click the red button that will be in the upper left hand corner of any Run it twice table window.  A second window will then pop up with info on the remaining players chip count and what your payout would be.
New players are eligible for a new player bonus of 100% up to $600 dollars on their first deposit using the Full Tilt Bonus Code.

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