Endrit Geci wins partypoker MILLIONS Online Main Event

partypoker millions online

England’s Endrit Geci added a six-figure payday to his bankroll earlier this week after winning the partypoker MILLIONS Online Main Event.

The $5,300 Main Event ended up with 1,084-player field which surpassed the tournament’s $5 million guarantee with a $5,420,000 prize pool, which was paid out to the Top 160 finishers. For the win Geci cashed $774,838 after a deal was made at the final table.

That is now the largest cash of Geci’s poker career, topping the $223,978 he pocketed for finishing second in the 2020 World Series of Poker Online $1,000 tournament.

Geci entered the final table holding the chip lead with 72 big blinds. The first to go from the final table was Jonathan Proudfoot. His Ah-Qh did not improve against Hermogenes Gelonezi’s pocket tens which sent him to the rail in ninth place with $72,260.

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The next out was Martin Brinkmann. His tournament run was stopped when his Qd-Jd went up against Geci’s pocket Aces. The board did not help Brinkmann who cashed $91,542 for eighth place.

Richard Mullen, who started the final table with the shortest stack, was out next in seventh place. He went all-in with Qc-Jc but fell to Christian Rudolph’s As-9s. Mullen ended up with $115,425.

Rudolph’s elimination of Mullen didn’t help him much as he was the next to exit in sixth place. Rudolph had Ah-Kc against Geci’s pocket tens. After Geci made a set on the river it was all over for Rudolph who pocketed $146,300 for sixth place.

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Gelonezi was sent packing in fifth place after Daniel Dvoress got lucky on the flop. Gelonezi was all-in with pocket eights and looked to be in good shapre against Dvoress’ pocket sevens until another seven hit on the flop. For fifth place Gelonezi cashed $189,320.

Dvoress took over the chip lead after busting out Dzmitry Urbanovich in fourth place Urbanovich was all-in with Ad-Qs but trailed Dvoress’ pocket Queens. After failing to receive any help from the board Urbanovich received $276,128 for fourth place.

Dvoress held the chip lead when three-handed play began but a huge hand turned the tables on him. Geci pushed all-in with pockets eights and Dvoress called with Ah-Kd. Nearly 60 percent of the chips on the table were in the pot. The board rolled out Qc-4c-2c-2h-4h giving Geci the pot and the chip lead. Dvoress could not recover from the massive blow and was out in third place a few hands later after his pocket tens lost to Francisco Correia’s Queen-high straight. For third place Dvoress cashed $422,422.

When heads up play began between Geci and Correia, Geci had the chip lead with 616 million chips to Correia’s 467 million. After a strong run Correia took over the chip lead and the two players struck a deal. Correia would receive $731,960 and Geci $724,838. They would play out the tournament with the winner receiving an extra $50,000 and the tournament title.

After the deal was agreed to Geci went on the offensive and took back the chip lead. When they reached what ended up being the final hand Correia’s chip stack had dwindled to 12 big blinds. On the final hand Geci limped in from the button and Correia checked. The flop showed Ad-6s-3s. Both players checked and the turn showed the 10c. After a check from Correia, Geci bet $10 million and Correia called. The river was the Kd. After another check from Correia, Geci pushed all-in. Correia called and showed 10s-2s for a pair of tens. Geci had As-Ks for two-pair to win the tournament and the extra $50,000.

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