Bodog Releases Poker Open IV Schedule

The Bodog Poker Open IV is going to start soon and poker players are gearing up to play in one of many events.  The Bodog Poker Open is going to start on November 1st and run for a week ending on November 8th.
The series is going to have No Limit and Pot Limit Texas Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha poker tournaments.  The series is going to be split into two so that those with both a small and large bankroll can compete for cash prizes.
The tournaments with larger buy ins are called the Bodog Championship Series with tournaments ranging from $50 to the $500 dollar Championship Main Event.  The tourneys with lower buyins are called the Bodog Contender Series.
The Bodog Contender Series is going to have eight events that will cost 10 percent of the buy ins of the Championship Series.  There is also going to be added money into the prize pools.
Players that take part in the preliminary events on the Championship schedule will be entered into the Main Event.  Winning players will also get publicity as the winners of both the Championship and Contender series will be featured in Bodog Beat and CardPlayer Magazine.
Bodog Championship Series Schedule:
Sunday, Nov 1st 4:00 ET $100 + $9 NLHE $15,000 Added
Monday, Nov 2nd 8:30 ET $250 + $20 NLHE $5,000 Added
Tuesday, Nov 3rd 8:30 ET $300 + $25 NHLE $5,000 Added
Wednesday, Nov 4th 8:30 ET $50 + $5 NHLE Rebuy $5,000 Added
Thursday Nov 5th 8:30 ET $150 + $12 Pot Limit $5,000 Added
Friday, Nov 6th 8:30 ET $150 + $12 Limit $2,500 Added
Saturday, Nov 7th 4:30 ET $470 + $30 NHLE $25,000 Added
Bodog Contender Series Schedule:
Sunday, Nov 1st 4:30 ET $10 + $1 NLHE $7,500 Guar
Monday, Nov 2nd 9:15 ET $25 + $2.50 NLHE
Tuesday, Nov 3rd 9:15 ET $15 + $1.50 NHLE 6 Max
Wednesday, Nov 4th 9:15 ET $5 + $1 NHLE Rebuy
Thursday Nov 5th 9:15 ET $20 + $2 Pot Limit
Friday, Nov 6th 9:15 ET $15 + $1.50 Limit
Saturday, Nov 7th 5:00 ET $25 + $2.50
Sunday, Nov 8th 5:00 ET Finale $46 + $4 NLHE $2,500 Added
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