7 Deuce Tables at Absolute Poker

Absolute Poker is rewarding players that are brave and savvy enough to bluff their way to the pot with Seven Deuce at the new 7 Deuce tables.  The 7 Deuce tables operate just the same as No Limit Hold’em tables but with one big difference.
Players that join the 7 Deuce tables have to pay an additional amount, their prop bet.  The prop bet is then added into a side pot and when a player wins a hand holding 7 -2 as their hole cards they will win the side pot.
There are two ways to win the side pot at 7 Deuce tables:
1. A player can win by holding a 7-2 and having the best overall hand at the table (pair, two pair, straight, etc.).
2. A player can win by bluffing. If a player takes down a pot at any street (pre-flop, flop, turn, or river) while holding a 7-2, the player will win the prop pot after showing their hand.
After the pot is won all players will have to pay a new prop bet.  Players that leave the 7 Deuce tables will have the prop bet returned to them so long as it hasn’t already been won.
For all of the details and tips on how to make your 7 – 2 hole cards win check out Absolute Poker’s 7 Deuce promotion page.
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