Tom Extends His "durrrr" Challenge Lead To $779,248 After Latest Session

Almost three weeks after their last encounter, Patrik Antonius and Tom Dwan decided to take up their challenge once more, this time playing heads-up on four $200/$400 pot-limit Omaha tables between 4 p.m. EDT on Tuesday until 1 a.m. Wednesday.
Their latest encounter, played over four sessions, saw Tom Dwan dominating over the 2,040 hands and finishing this round $81,716 up and $779,248 for the challenge so far.
Antonius went into play feeling buoyed by his recent $800,000 win at the 7-Game mix, but ten minutes later had already lost a $116,000 pot to Dwan’s straight. After the Finn took a meal break the online poker pros picked up the action again, this time with Antonius picking up a $180,000 pot after his two pair triumphed over Tom’s gut shot straight draw.
The third session was the longest at almost four hours and 945 hands played with Tom holding a $128,000 advantage over Patrik after an hours play. Soon after Dwan took down the biggest pot of the night of $293,000 when his full house beat Antonius’s nut straight. By this stage Antonius was in no mood to quit and even asked Tom to cancel his booked massage so they could continue with play.
Antonius could have done with a massage himself when soon after all the money went in pre-flop holding A A 9 2 to Tom’s A A 10 7. Antonius hit trip nines only for Tom, with only a 4%  chance of winning, hitting runner runner on the turn and river for a ten high straight and a $189,048 pot.
After a 50 minute break the players came out for the fourth and final round of the session with Antonius badly behind. However, he managed to take down two big pots of $106,797 and $141,000 to narrow his deficit to $81,716 and was rearing to go on when Dwan typed ‘gg too tired.’ Unlike his cancelled massage Dwan was in no condition to cancel his date with sleep so when Antonius typed  ‘i have to go in 15min..lets play 15min more’, Dwan simply replied ‘too tired, dozed off,’ and toddled off to bed.
The challenge so far has seen $217,037,659 wagered over 27,185 with Tom Dwan out in front $779,248 thus far.

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