Spitting Poker Player Arrested At Bicycle Casino

There are a few major rules when it comes to ‘Poker Etiquette’ that when adhered to help to keep the game from degenerating into the gutter.
These rules include such manners as not criticizing your opponent’s play, slow rolling, splashing the pot, and of course, not blaming the dealer for your bad luck.
However, that last particular point was hopelessly lost on 52 year old Mesbah Khaffaji who was arrested at the Bicycle Casino in Bell Gardens on Sunday night for spitting in the dealer’s face after losing a poker hand.
Apparently, Mesbah Khaffaji had been losing badly while playing poker at the casino’s no-limit cash tables and after one particular hand revealed a truly contemptuous side to his nature by spitting his food in the face of the table’s dealer.
However, it wasn’t long before the ignorant player got his just desserts and he was soon taken away by the casino’s security staff until the police showed up. He was then arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor battery before later being released from the police station on a $20,000 bail.
Spitting is considered a social taboo and as well as transmitting infectious diseases is generally considered an indication of hatred, anger, or contempt.
Commenting on the frequency of such incidences occurring at the casino, Sergeant Brendan Kirkpatrick said:
“Is it often? No. Does it happen? Yes. People get heated. Large sums of money lost, people can’t control their emotions.”
Although a disgusting incident, it was unfortunately not the only example of its kind and there have been a number of other recent spitters in the news of late. The most recent occurred at a side event at the 2010 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, when Jeff “ActionJeff” Garza spat in the face of Bryn Kenney. He later confessed to having unresolved personal issues with  Kenney.

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