Sam Trickett Wins Biggest Pot Ever At Macau Big Game

Macau’s Big Game has been in full swing this week, with two pros faring considerably better than their last trip out to the Chinese gambling enclave.
Earlier this year, Gus Hansen won around US$3.8 million and Sam Trickett $2.3 million playing at the StarWorld Macau’s Poker King Club only to suffer huge downswings the next time they were in town.
This time around, setting the scene at the US$1.3k/$2.6k plus $5k straddle game, Gus told Pokernyhederne: “I have just sat at the table for my first session and apart from a local talent, we have a lot of well known high-stakes names, among others, Sam Trickett and Tom ‘Durrrr’ Dwan.”
Gus Hansen then says he won a HK $4 million (US$515,138) pot before giving some of his profits back on a HK $1.7 million river-bluff against Tom Dwan, who promptly made the call sending the chips his way.
While Gus was right in the thick of things and driving the action once more, it appears Sam Trickett is pushing the boat out too, and tweeted an update as to his fortunes with the following messages:
“Been playing for 12 hours now, just won my biggest pot ever…1st time I have been on the right end of a massive pot all year.”
Although, the 25 year-old Nottingham man refrained from disclosing the size of the pot, we do know Trickett won a huge US$2.5 million hand at his previous vist and the biggest pot played recently totalled HK$30 million (US$3,863,537) so this may give us a ball park figure as to Sam’s win.
Unfortunately, we will now have to wait for Sam Trickett’s blog post before learning any more details but meanwhile we will try to keep you up to date with the latest news coming from Macau as it is released. I will now leave you with the words of Andrew Robl, who described the Macau Big Game as:
“..the biggest cash game at casinos at the moment. The average pot size is about four to five times larger than Las Vegas.”

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14 Mar 2014
Over the past few years, Macau’s Big Game has piqued the attention of poker buffs everywhere, who have been treated to tantalizing glimpses into the world of super high-stakes poker cash games where super-rich Asian businessmen battle it out against super-talented poker players with millions of dollars at stake. The intricate details which have been
11 Apr 2012
Earlier this year, Sam Trickett won around $2.3 million playing in Macau’s Big Game only to suffer a huge downswing the next time he was in town. The details of the 25 year-old’s most recent visit to the Poker King Club, however,  is a bit sketchy but we do know that the UK pro won