Poker Valentines Liv Boeree and Kevin MacPhee

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner on February 14th, It seems appropriate to give a mention to one of poker’s more recent couples; UK pro Liv Boeree and US pro Kevin MacPhee.
Kevin “ImaLuckSac” MacPhee is a highly successful poker pro with $2,038,562 in winnings from live tournaments, and a further $4,315,008 won online, while poker babe Liv is ranked number 7 on the ‘Women’s All Time Money List’ with $2,136,684 in earnings, and a further $359,752 won online.
The couple have been dating for over a year now, and apparently first caught each others eye in November 2010 while playing at the $5k NAPT Bounty Shootout in Los Angeles. Seated next to one another, Boeree with pocket sevens got into a raising war with MacPhee (A-10) in a hand eventually won by him when he made quad aces.
The next week Boeree and MacPhee were in Barcelona separately with a group of friends, who then bumped into each other and started hanging out. A Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant followed by a night on the town was the beginning of their romance and a few weeks later they travelled to Prague together. Then at Christmas, after a month of dating, MacPhee’s flight back to Idaho was cancelled and so he spent the holidays with Liv and her parents in the UK.
Their romance has continued to blossom ever since and Kevin MacPhee says “my Liv” is also his “best friend,” while Liv, talking about Valentine’s Day, says that “as long as I spend it with him, then I’m happy.”
The couple further mentioned that they are happy to have someone else there who understands you and the game, can support you through its emotional swings, and is part of the same friendship group. Boeree also said they mostly play games against each other for fun these days, and on the felts would prefer not to be seated near one another. As Liv explains:
“Whilst it’s nice to have a friendly (and handsome!) face at the table to look at, we prefer not to be seated at the same table, as we don’t want to take each other’s chips!”
Happy Valentine’s Day to Kevin MacPhee and Liv Boeree, and to all the other poker couples, which include Scott Montgomery and Annette Obrestad, Erick Lindgren and Erica Schoenberg, Phil Laak and Jennifer Tilly, Marco Traniello and Jennifer Harman and Chip and Karina Jett.

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