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Poker Tweets Of The Week

September 21st, 2012 Author:

Poker Tweets Of The WeekHere is a selection of some of the top tweets coming from the poker community this week:

Scott Clements

Online poker is funny. I am stuck 1/3rd of my biggest summer buyin for WCOOP, and feel like quitting poker.

Adam Kornuth

@BigRiskky Yup, I’m going to go with stars’ algorithm needs work…

Greg Raymer

@Adam116a Nature of the game, tournament poker is mostly running bad, and occasionally running great. 😉

Todd Brunson

Damn it. Not happy with my play tonight. Got up like $1700 right away and won less than $300. Played sloppy. Kept getting stubborn with #2s

Phil Hellmuth

Happy Birthday Dad!! You’ve been an amazing father!! Ty for support you’ve given me over decades & coming to WSOP every year since 1989!

Ben Lamb

Back In Vegas time for rehab from tulsa. Not sure if all my Tulsa friends are alcoholics or I’m a bad influence…

Terrence Chan

Why Is American Chinese Food So Weird?

Josh Brikis

RT @LuckBoxJuanda: I owe FTP $256K, was offered to settle for 80% but declined when I found out Ray, w/boards’ approval, was still taking..RT @LuckBoxJuanda: Instead I offered to pay 100% as soon as I could be certain it’d go toward paying players NOT management salary&l …

Jason Mercier

I busted. Ugh. AQ<AK for the rest of it. 29th for nothing. I WILL final table a Wpt before I die

Brent Roberts

My girl just crushed @Frank1The1Tank at a habanero eating contest. That’s right franky

Tony Dunst

In ‘The Lederer Files’, Howard Lederer chronicles his transformation from pretentious know-it-all to highly convenient know-nothing.

John Juanda

Howard didn’t mention in his interview that FTP management also stole 5.4M from my best friend@Erik_Seidel #LedererFiles

Daniel Negreanu

As expected Howard is using this interview to throw Ray, the shareholders, and Ivey under the bus while claiming he was the good guy. HA!

Michele Lewis

Majority of people I follow who tweet support gay marriage are…. single.

Antonio Esfandiari

If u r ever in Iceland uMUST visit the Blue Lagoon Hot Springs.Truly magnificent.Just went for a swim now back to plane

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