Preacher Shot Dead During Heated Ladies Poker Game

Poker Playing Priest Shot Dead During Heated Ladies Poker GameA small group of women playing a friendly game of poker at a friend’s house turned into a horror scene straight from the ‘Wild West’ after one of the ladies won an $800 pot.
Patricia Clark, a 51 year old preacher in the Chicago area, was apparently quite a skilled card player and had been invited to the house of Rosie Morris (46), of the 9300 block of South Ridgeland, to collect a $300 gambling debt owed to her by an “old friend of 20 years.”
Having received the money, Patricia Clark was persuaded to stick around and give her friends the chance to win some of it back, but four hours later, after winning even more cash from them, Morris accused the preacher of cheating.
Patricia Clark vehemently denied the accusations from Morris and as she went to the refrigerator for get some ice, Morris grabbed her gun from her bedroom and in an insane frenzy, shot Clark in the back and then another three times in the head and chest.
The shooting took place at 8:30pm on Thursday, after which Rosie Morris and another lady fled the house in panic, while concerned neighbours phoned in to report the sound of gunfire to the police.
Since then, Patricia Clark was taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, but tragically died from her wounds two days later. In the meantime, Rosie Morris has been charged with her murder.
Homicides in Chicago have risen 4% in 2010 compared to last year, with 164 murders being reported between January and May. Commenting on the latest tragic incident, Chicago police Superintendent Jody Weis said:
“What a horrible loss of life over a card game. This is why it’s so dangerous to have weapons in the house. People get upset, they get angry. … If that gun wasn’t in the house, there’s probably an excellent chance that woman would be alive today.”
Patricia Clark is survived by husband, James Clark and one son. The grieving husband described the shooting as “cowardly” and said she “didn’t cheat and didn’t need to cheat, she’s just very good at cards.”

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