Phil Bellante Hoping Poker Theme Song 'All-in' To Become Industry Favourite

Phil Bellante Hoping Poker Theme Song 'All-in' To Become Industry FavouriteCleveland musician and songwriter Phil Bellante has high hopes for his poker theme song ‘All-in’ which was released on his 2009 album. Bellante’s song is already gaining popularity among the poker media and was well received on a recent airing on Phil Gordon’s ESPN Poker radio.
Phil Bellante has been a poker fan for over 10 years and says, “I would not go as far as saying I am a junkie but I do enjoy getting together with friends once in a while and playing some tournaments…I think the game is great to sharpen your mind as it involves a lot of thinking, math, and psychology.”
Bellante’s song “All In” can be heard at http://philbellante.comand does seems to capture the feelings and emotions experienced during a poker game. Bellante also mentioned that “some of the top people in Nashville” consider it a “hit song” and poker pro and close friend Phil Gordon commented during the ESPN interview, that he would not be surprised to see the song replacing the WSOP TV show jingle currently used.
Describing the moment he created the song, Bellante explains: “I was sitting around watching a tournament one afternoon and just put myself in the mind of one of the players who went all-in with his hand and then managed to write the song in less than 10 minutes. I then produced the song with a Grammy Award winning engineer a few months later.”
So far the undisputed rulers of the poker theme song are Kenny Rogers with his 30 year old hit song, “The Gambler,” and more recently Lady Gaga with her 2008 song “Poker Face” which reached number one in nearly twenty countries, including almost all major music markets in the world. Whether Bellante’s release will reach those dizzying heights remains to be seen, but in the meantime Bellante is optimistic of his chances and said:
“I think I am holding a good hand with this song and so do a lot of the higher ups in the music world so time will tell.”

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