New Online Sensation Isildur1 Up Over $4.12 Million This Week On Full Tilt

The name Isildur1 wouldn’t have meant anything to anybody a few months ago, but one day from out of nowhere, this unknown player appeared on the high stakes scene at Full Tilt Poker and has proceeded to crush the game ever since.
Very little is known about this online poker sensation, apart from the fact he is Swedish, enjoys playing long sessions with short breaks and likes to play a minimum of six $500/1000 tables at once.
In fact, so successful has been “Isildur1” entrance on the high stakes scene that he has been able to relieve some of the top online players of their hard earned cash, but with special attention reserved for Tom “durrrr” Dwan.
Despite getting off to a $1 million loss start, Isildur1 soon turned things around and this week alone has played almost 19,000 hands against Dwan, whose loss of over $2.6 million was mostly Isildur1’s gain. Whilst Dwan is stuck around $4.4 million in 2009, Isildur1 is enjoying a bankroll boost of more than $3 Million.
From Sunday afternoon to Monday morning, the duo played a combination of NLHE and PLO, over 7,500 hands from which Isildur1 won  $1.22 million from Dwan. Monday night, Dwan dropped a further $616,000 to his Swedish nemesis, over 12,000 hands and $858,000 on the Tuesday. Wednesday continued the trend as Dwan hemorrhaged $705,000 to Isildur1.
Last night, it seemed everyone was lining up to square off against this anonymous poker pro with Antonius getting most of the action but booking a $686k loss to Isildur1 overall. At the end of the night Isildur1 was in the black once more and enjoyed a further increase of $567,000 to his bankroll.
Such is the mystery surrounding this new menace on the high stakes scene that speculation is rife about his origins, with one of the most outlandish suggestions appearing on a Finish news source called There, it is claimed, Isildur1  could even be a conglomerate of some of the best players in the country who have methodically studied Dwan’s game and are implementing a game plan whereby they lure Dwan into long sessions where he is more likely to make mistakes while the team can rotate, remain fresh and pile the pressure on their victim
No doubt all sorts of stories will emerge until the unknown player finally reveals himself, but in the meantime with $4.12 million in winnings this week, and $3.13 million for 2009 so far, the rest of the online pros will continue regarding the enigmatic Isildur1 with a combination of trepidation and whole lot of professional curiosity.

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