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Online Poker Is Rigged According To WSOP Winner

July 26th, 2010 Author:

Online Poker Is Rigged According To WSOP WinnerWe’ve all got steamed up after losing to one outers or been on the wrong side of a coin flip so many times on the trot that its made your toes curl.

It doesn’t take long scouring the net to come upon reams of posts belonging to disgruntled poker players decrying their bad luck and the pitfalls of internet poker.

Many of the more extreme explainations dealing with an extended losing streak often question the fairness of internet poker and whether the programming is fundementally flawed in some way.

Mostly, however, the online threads venting their angst usually come from players who lack poker pedigree and so usually act as a collective ‘bad beat’ sympathy club.

That’s why it was interesting to read a 2008 WSOP winner’s blog recently, who’d just had a terrible run online and starting suggesting a whole lot of unwholesome reasons for his losses.

Jason “JBY” Young is a 28 year-old bricks and mortar pro with $690,744 in live tournament cashes, including a WSOP Bracelet in the $ 1,500 No Limit Hold’em – Shootout, to his name.

However, after losing $35k online in 2 days Young confesses to feeling like Tim Robbins entering Shawshank and goes on to question the integrity of online poker, stating:

“They are trying to jam it in me around every corner. The biggest joke ever….I’m deleting the word (F**K) as often as I can, but I’m literally steaming while I right this…Broken computer and all…I’ve been playing 500-1k heads up holdem, o8 and Omaha Hi the past 2 days I have lost to 2 outters no less than 50 times. Im not kidding.”

Jason “JBY” Young then goes on to talk about online players he says are nothing special but run like gods all of the time, while many good live poker pros he knows can’t even buy a break online.

“There is a theme here that cannot be questioned…getting it in with AK or AQ vs Ax and they hit x…every time…getting it in with top 2 against bottom 2, and they hit there bottom pair again?!?! it happened 9 times in the past 2 days…i just checked…Pair over pair forget it…now I have chalked up losing sessions and all that to variance in the past, but someone needs to explain to me how this is even possible.”

One explanination he suggests for his bad beats involve “hot” IP addresses, which act as a lottery and favour particular players. He also mentions falling victim to the infamous ‘cash-out curse’ at various times in the past.

For those of you interested in a top poker pro tilting and talking about the perceived injustices of online poker should check out his blog here.

In the meantime its quite refreshing to hear a pro lose his rag and let off steam once in a while, like the rest of us.

Online Poker News Monthly Archive
22nd December 2010

yes its rigged

22nd December 2010

its rigged 110% agree

7th January 2011

online poker is a complete joke its really nothing more than bingo the way the deal is rigged

10th January 2011

at least we know were not alone and that a skilled player such as jason sees the fundamental flaws in online poker its quite obvious something aint right. And to all you people who are so quick to defend these site how the hell do you know that they aint rigged its a dam computer programme designed by humans. and lets face it if history teaches us anything the world was built on greed and corruption so why are these sites any different.

26th January 2011

Yeah, I agree, i play on PokerStars and its unbelievable the outers hit. Running cards on the turn and river to win. It’s shocking stuff when you really see how much you lose. It seems its always the bigstacks on PokerStars that seem to win more, like the shortstack are pushed out of the game. Rng, yeah ok. No more online for me I tell ya. I agree with James, ppl defend these sites, Y? cuz they tell you its fair. Ever heard of the word gullable… Idiots

12th March 2011

1000% rigged, I can send my hand history to anyone interested. AK almost never wins, bottom pairs win over top pairs, shit hands hit straights most of the time. A day or two after a deposit I always win no matter how bad I play. After that I always loose no matter how good I play. If I deposit, I start winning again. Online poker is a complete joke.

18th March 2011

Send this article everywhere. Get the message out, and maybe they will legalize it here in the states so they can open a US based online room. I feel this guy’s pain tonight as many of the same things have happened to me online. This is after I won 2000 earlier playing live. It’s always been rigged, and until more pros like this come out against will never go away. DO NOT DEPOSIT ANY MORE MONEY ON ANY ONLINE SITE US PLAYERS!! Unless you are sponsored by the company…you will lose it.

1st April 2011

Online poker is absolutely rigged without a doubt in my mind. I practiced and studied poker for 8 years and did well for a good while, but after these last 2 months I simply cannot play anymore. I get utterly fvcked with dominating odds far too often, time for me to get a real job. Online poker is a joke ( I’ve played on both Pokerstars and the Merge Gaming Network, I’m leaving the game with an overall small profit but not nearly enough for all the time I’ve wasted )

And I know there are thousands of other intelligent good poker players who simply get fvcked over online and this is probably why you rarely see the famous poker pro’s EVER sitting in an online poker room.

22nd April 2011

were do i start, the better your play, the worse the beat, the best 1 with online sites, they say,,,is,, you cant handle varience! ,

Withdraw and your waving the white flag, I am a trader and see varience all the time, very rare do i ever get a swing like i see every 5 mins on the online poker.

I’m finished with it, and thousands of others are doing the same, soon sites will have no alternative other than merge with each other to keep the money flowing.

Please give it up, play live, play good, and you will see more profit.


12th May 2011

I played on bwin last night and having KK I raised about 3X BB. Another guy ( big blind) pushed all-in so I checked. He had KK (clubs and diamonds). The flop had came with 3x clubs. Turn – another one.
Of course it isn’t rigged. It happens all the time. 🙂 It is just another bad beat – 🙂

14th May 2011

are you kidding,,online poker is so fookin rigged its untrue..check this 1….i raise on the button with ace 4 suited,i know ace 4 but wat the heck…flop comes 10 4 4…nice,i raise half the pot opponent calls.turn is a 6….i check to him…the lunatic throws all his stack in (cash table) i call obviously..he shows jack ten off..what happens on the river a fuking 10….previous hand my bullets get cracked by 8 10….(8 fookin 10 i kid u not) 2 hands previous to that i flop trip 9’s,great sum other idiot throws his stack in,,im thinking great he shows 89…then he goes and hits runner runner for a fookin straight…online poker is a total load of rigged bollox…(the site is lucky ace stay away if you value your hard earned cash)

24th May 2011

Same dam thing here.
Just had 18 bad beats at Cake Poker.
Last one, JJ vs 10J and two hearts flop.
he had 2 hearts.

this was no where as bad as the other beats.
Where only a 10 saves them, bam 10. Imagine that.

30th May 2011

jokestars and full tilt…my only wish is to find the programmers of both sites and tear their fuckin heads off…and the fuckin parasite anonymous owners…better yet ..i will take any of them on heads up…take my cash fuckers ..but heads up in a fist fight…ill take your lives…and thats after 10 years of online playing…..totally fuckin rigged !!!!

22nd June 2011

MERGE GAMING alah Carbon, Blackchips, Lock Poker, etc….they are RIGGED AND UNSECURE. think about this much, why dont you have to submit ID and verification process before depositing and playing real money games on Merge? How can they possibly avoid collusion if they arent even verifiying accounts?

The problems are so widespread on merge, I encourage anyone doubting my words to go hop on a HU cash table….it will become apparent right away how rigged the site is when some idiot snap calls ur first shove with absolute crap…only to hit amazing running cards PERFECTLY EVERYTIME.

there is no way people can play this optimal, its clearly been hacked; for example the guy above talking about the hand where he had A4s on a 44T flop….guy trapped him and played him like a fiddle the entire way…clearly has information we dont. his TJo shove….the SHOVE IS FOR VALUE he knows whats coming but he knows he wont get an all in call once it hits the river so he shoves on the turn instead and gets an instant call.
tell me how anyone can play that hand the way they did

2nd July 2011

I have to agree it is rigged ,I always get my money in and I’m ahead and I’m called by some donk trying to hit a 2 outer .everybody says no it’s not rigged it’s illegal or some sh*t but look and all these sites been shut down it’s not good

27th July 2011

It isn’t rigged. Just as much as I don’t have proof whether it is or isn’t, neither do you. You guys are just falling victim to the fact that emotion and memory respond harder to loss than victory and therefor it seems like you are on a downswing way harder then when you’re on an upswing. People saying onlinepoker is rigged are, in my opinion, losers.

29th July 2011

Loooll. Give the rigtards something to push up their spirits. Keep it people and you will be eternal loosers. Some donk said he will put his hand history. Pls tell me there are at least 150-200k hands or else i will tell you you are a joke.

1st August 2011
Online Poker Watchdog

For those that are interested in real evidence to back up their arguments we have run tests on some major online poker sites to look for evidence of rigging. These tests check to see if good players get more bad beats than they should and whether bad players get more lucky than expected. For full results and details of tests check out:

2nd August 2011

I just finished a session HU loosing $1000. Its a fkin joke (titan ipoker). I get JJ on button raise get reraised I reraise he callsFLOP 378 rainbow i bet 2/3 of pot, fish goes all in i call and he has 33. Titan poker maybe thinks he played so well so he deserves to hit one of his TWO outers. NEXT HAND, no paus from this sh-it I get KK on BB, he raises I choose to only call flop 7S QC 5S, i bet he goes all in I call and he has 68 Spades and he hits the flush on the river. Another hand on 6 table, im on big, button raises 4BB I call FLOP TS 7H 4H he bets I go all in he shows QQ, AND A FKIN Q on river, i got so fkin upset I almost broke my finger after hitting the table. NEVER ONLINE POKER AGAIN, I withdrawed 900$ I prefer to go to a casino than playing online. It will never happend again and I hope every1 stops so these disgusting sites get closed and wiped off the earth.

5th August 2011

Though full-tilt has been a favorite site, I have consistently noticed irregularities in probability outcome, which reminded me of the comments above (re, the site increasing
the luck element).
I have seen so many suck-outs on that site, ie miracle cards
on the river, that it is statistically just about impossible. Granted it is part of the game, to a point. But seeing so many was beyond a normal, statistical occurrence—it started to border on absurdity!!!. Many times the thought came to mind that it was rigged, in order that more people play:
(ie, what can be more exciting than a miracle suck-out on the end). Whatever. I have had mathematics through grad-
school level, and what I have seen I don’t think is statistically
possible. Yes, I could very easily be wrong, and I freely admit that. All I know is that I will never play for money on that site again, and I am curious about the experiences
others have had regarding the “luck element”….. I am
not making any accusations, just simply relaying my own
very subjective experiences….
As far as the comments above abt. the government,,,
well, thank the Republicans. They are the ones who want
to shut down online poker….

14th August 2011

I also have a graduate school education and what I see is not statistically possible. The problem is that the people who are chipped in for more money at the table eliminate the ones who do not in all in situations every time. The person with the bigger stack can be behind in cards and always comes from behind. I had jj today flop j77 turn 8 river 7 guy calls me all in on turn and had more money than me. I told my girlfriend before the card came up here comes the 7. Is it a gift that I had a premonition the 7 would hit. Maybe if I didn’t call the winner 10X in a row. I am going to video tape a session of me calling the winners when they are way behind post it on youtube and prove to the world once and for all this shit is rigged.

14th August 2011

To add what I mean by the person with more chips wins. The person with less chips has to have at least a decent hand when they are all in and the person with higher chips will win every race or anytime they have a decent hand. The only way a low stack can beat a high stack all in is either with two live lower cards or have them completely and utterly dominated. I have so much hand history on this but it proves nothing until I video tape me calling the winners of situations before they happen.

14th August 2011

It is rigged in tournaments when people are all in by eliminating low stacks to keep the games moving when they have a good hand vs a person with higher chips and if you are in a cash game and you do not buy at the table maximum you have no prayer. You will lose your amount of chips in any situation you have a very strong hand unless you have the opponent dominated when you are all in so they will get you to re buy with your account. I promise you whoever plays online next look for what I said

14th August 2011
THIS video proves it as one of the few examples but involving a real poker pro. Durr one of the best players in the world lost the chip lead on the 1st hand and since the higher chip guy always beats lower and its heads up he didn’t win another hand. The best is how it ends. Durr qq other guy 10 10 and before i saw the video I knew how that was going to end. It is a fucking joke and how can the players who lost millions upon millions combined not sue these bastards.

21st August 2011

Online poker is total crap. HU cash is worst of all. If you track players by poker edge you see some winning $75K in 2000-4000 hands – no losses or variance, every draw hits, no bad-beats – not one. Then they suddenly disappear. These are house players who have special access accounts.The servers can also be hacked, and the software you download is often full of trojans so they can see your cards. If not – then you’re up against rings of colluding bots.
Deposit now.

23rd August 2011

Im a winning player in online poker because I know its rigged. I look for the patterns and hit miracles.

The Random Number Generator is exactly what it sounds like. It will make it look like its COMPLETLY random. So lets say if u have AsKs, just look the previous hands on that table, if ur 2 cards has been dealt previously, u will have more odds to win. Because the random generator usually dont put same cards on the board so that it looks random.

Its rigged, but they programmed it so that it looks 100% random.

When i dont look for patterns and only play good poker, i loose. When i look for rigged patterns and play bad poker, i win. Just be aggressive with bettings and u hit miracles. Because they make rake from peoples bets. The more u bet, the more luck u will get.

23rd August 2011

And the most funny part is, all these people deffending these big companys. Take for example online casinos. Like roulette or slot machines. I played roulette couple of times in online casino and there is no argue about it beeing rigged, when red hits 78 times in row and make me loose 1 000 dollar. Its impossible that a coinflip will end on one side 78 times in row. Yet there is all these people claiming online casinos are fair. And those who say” well poker sites make their money on rake, so they dont need to fix it”, I say to them well so does the online casinos and live slot machines. BUT its 101% that live slot machines and online casinos are fixed. So why would online poker be any different? Yes they make x amount of money on rake, but they can make x2 amount of money when they fix it.

4th September 2011
sukc my dikc

ok, got a lot to say, but lets keep it short. first of all you will find a lot of online watchdog saying stuff on this topic on the net, but he and his website is FAKE, so f u. 😉
ok. let me remind you they spraying water in your chicken to make it look bigger(rigged) not mentioned the rest of the food industy frauds on their employees, products and customers. the list goes on and on. than there is the medical drug industry wich can not survive if they heal the whole world, so they rig(proven) their products. so yes it makes you better, but in the meanwhile you get some other fucked up thing wich makes you go back to the doctor who can give YOU some more pills. thats big business. they literally make up new diseases to create a new market. infact, almost every big company is guilthy of fraud and we most believe that online poker is something we can trust 100% and is not rigged or beeing part of some sort of fraud? yeh right..
you are a morron if you believe so.
you are a morron if you dont see the patterns or admit they are there.
I get AA twice on a day. both got preflop all in and both there are 2 people involved. one shows a solid hand like KK or QQ and the other guy shows 1 time A7o and A8o. I lose both, cause this wonderguy makes twice a straight with A8 and A7. yes this can happen and it will happen, but the fucked up thing about this is that the next fucking day one friend tells me the same fucking story. 2 days later i go to see my brother and ask how hes poker is going. guess what. he tells me the story of AA losing to A8 A7 hitting straights all the time. also go ask on some random poker forum who loves getting KK online. you will grd see many reactions of people hating on KK online. the list of patterns goes on and on.
I have no job, cause i life on gambling. live gambling. online is rigged 1000000% sure. they make you believe you have a chance, but in the end they want you to be fucked up and pissed, so you go braindead back to work and stfu and work your ass of, cause you just realised there is nothing more in life than just going to your job. atleast thats what they want to make you believe. thats the same reason they invented cola. makes you go to work and die young. trust me. online poker is not as live poker. its fixed. think about. what if everybody becomes a great player and doesnt go to work any more, cause he doesnt need to. this world probelly will colapse, but why prohibit if they can make billions of money.
anyone that try’s to debunk the rig theorys I 100% can debunk them, so bring it on if you dare. I say 100000% rigged

18th September 2011

Online poker is a disgusting criminal business, totally rigged and bent. Everybody should close down their accounts immediately.

20th September 2011

I win at a high rate with friends in live play. I cant win jack online. Just closed my account at Pa.rty poker after the following hands in a matter of 20 minutes.

Heads up. I got 77. Flop 272. I check, Hero bets. I call. Turn is 5. I check hero bets, I reraise all in. Hero INSTACALLS me. He has a pair of 2s. Quads over full on flop. My friend tells me it happens every 4400 hands or so. This was the 6th hand of the heads up tournament.

5 minutes later I am BB and get 47. Hero calls BB. Opens 568. I check and Hero bets a little. I call. Next card opens Q. I check, Hero bets, I reraise, Hero pushes all in. I call and he shows two pairs Q and 8. I start laughing until the rivers opens another 8 for fullhouse! So basically he gets top pair, then two pair, then fullhouse after I flopped a straight!

One week prior to this Im playing an 11$, 5000$ guaranteed. I play 5.5 hours without getting one pair of Aces. I make it to the final table where #10 wins 62$ and winner gets 1200$ I get dealt AA in small blind. Hero two spots in front raises. I give a small reraise to show that Im serious. Hero pushes all in. I call. He has KJsuited Hearts. Im laughing again. Flopped AH82, now Im jizzing in my shorts with Trips. Turn 6H river U GUESSED IT, 10H! So trips aces loses to Flush and instead of getting bigger in the game I receive my 62$ funds for 5.5 hours of work!

Last Friday night at friends house and bbq, I win 240$ only losing one bad beat!


22nd September 2011

Online poker sites are the only multinational, billion dollar businesses that can get away with this kind of blatant fraud. Time and time again I’ve seen it, as the above poster describes. Things which are supposed to happen once in many thousands statistically (as is the case with certain configurations exemplified above) happen once in a few hundred, or within under fifty hands of starting a game online. People are losing huge amounts of money to this bent crap. Crude hand histories don’t show this because they don’t indicate the frequency of what comes up against what and who comes up against who post-flop (how can they when the screen names change so often) – they tend to focus on starting hands, so the sites can claim they dealt out the hands fairly.
When players are screwed by this kind of nonsense they get so down they don’t have the energy or the heart to say anything, or if they do they are shouted down by the usual shills – no doubt one will come on here soon and start gabbling the usual trash, “I’m a winning player and….” The usual BS, spluttered by the usual lying cretin.
I’ve tried complaining but most sites operate outside national jurisdictions so they are not legislated by anyone but themselves. Of course the RNG inspections don’t show anything as the companies are all paid off anyway and it is the way the hands are dealt out via the host provider, not the random numbers, which is key to the rigging. Don’t forget that software programmers are also paid off so that a select bunch of airheaded players with miracle vision and superuser access rights can constantly hit miracle hands, make a quick $100,000 and then disappear completely, soon to re-emerge under a new name – and therefore untrackable.

22nd September 2011
Another Victim


I just want to say; don’t play online cash/ring games if you are not that serious about it. If you want to be serious about playing poker, go to a casino, because online cash games are rigged and there is nothing we can do about it. You will lose everything you have and there is nothing you can do about it. It is fun if you deposit 10 dollars, but don’t think you can win big online with just 10 dollars. Like allready said, it’s a business and there are more people or bots or whatever playing at those tables and you can not lose focus or you will be rigged. Since people only play low limit ringgames you will find a lot of crap. Idiots who basically just don’t give a f*ck if they are being rigged or not, so if you take poker serious don’t confuse it with online poker, because that is not poker, that is bingo! The key-element to poker is that it has a coincidence factor that no-one or thing can controll. A computer on the other hand is controllable by it’s programmers. Since money is the root of all evil, the programmers and owners can not have the best interest for their players/victims and again there is nothing we can do about it, but to just ignore it. I wish I could kill these programmers. Why would you want to f*ck people with common sense over for some kind of idiot who just don’t give a f*ck? Why would you want to let that idiot win, when he wants to lose to your AA or other monsterhand? Why? Who wins in this situation? The company, the owner! That’s right. They allways win, even if everybody loses. I’m done with this BS!

1st October 2011

i love poker. but until there is no institution who controls poker sites you can forget online poker. they can do it and they do it because there is no control.
they tell you they have no intersest in manipulating the game but they have. they want people to deposit and deposit and dont believe the loss and deposit again. you can play tight poker you can play loose poker but you will lose if the poker site dont let you win. some players they let win other players play for the site. they even dont care about statistics. i could prove that online poker is rigged just mathematically. they know they can get away with it so they dont stop to do it. if it comes to calling names its the biggest site and most people play there but pokerstars is one of them. there should be a control instance from the state thats the only way to become online poker clean.

5th October 2011
Dr. xxx

This is very easy to test. One losing player changes places and computers with winnning player (IP addresses stays the same with location). If winning player becomes losing and losing becomes winning there you have it.

5th October 2011

Whining of bad beat in single hand is just futile. I have sucked out with one outer in live games and been also on other side. Obviously those has happened more on online poker as I play 10-30 hands there in same time as one hand in live game.

Btw in preflop allin situation AA lose to 72 12.86% of time. Versus two trashy hand it will lose around 30% of time. How many times you will remember situations where AA won 3way pot and how many times situations where that 5J happen to win?

To make such accusations show solid sample size. Single hand examples are completely useless. Just an example of player who has no idea what variance is.

8th October 2011

Clearly, a fish is rightly called a fish. Previous poster: How many times do you see a flopped set against a flopped set online – I have it as 1 in 10. According to Phil Gordon in Little Green Book, this is supposed to be 1 in a 100. University studies have shown flushes and straights are 10 times more likely online than with a real deck. So you flop a full house and are beaten by 25 offsuit runner runner – what do you call this if it happens 1000 times more often than it should?
You will lose all of your money, fish.

9th October 2011

I tested the filthy waters at jokestars…sacrificing 100us …on micro tables 2-5 cents…out of 100 hands i won 15 …11 of them with totally chit starting hands..i even was telling the table what i had before the flop and during the hand ..everyhand ….and surprise surprise one player kept calling even when i had the nutts….how many fucken times do i go all in with k/8 and get called with a/8,or j/9 with k/9…..every fuckin time…its like those fluckers can see what you have …unfuckinbelievable…hack into their sites ..attack accounts…then kill them all….they take your take their lives..

10th October 2011

Yes, they can see what you have.They are called superuser accounts, and I have seen them in action in mid stakes games, when they call all-in pre-flop and win $2000, beating your AK or QQ with 10 9 or 2 5 offsuit time and time again. Hand sample 75000 across 3 sites. Think about it – how many programmers would say no to a big pay-off? Answer – most of them, but not all. If you can’t see this, go back to Disney poker and you will lose it all.

17th October 2011

Its stupid what elareh comments here. nobody pushes you to play online. if you think its rigged dont play. in a casino you could get cheated too. if you dont trust just dont play. i am surprised that such a comment is even allowed here. should be deleted.
by the way in my opinion online poker seems to be rigged too.

22nd October 2011

atleast with my experience with betonline poker, they rig it to induce people to get in on more frequent action. Thus the feeling of bad beats for prudent and discerning players playing the numbers. It’s kind of like NFC East football. People love to see touchdowns so high scoring games allow people to get more engaged. Thus, people can “chase” straights, flushes and paired rivers more often, because the more people that are in on the pot, the higher the rake the site can justify. Only been playing for 2 hours and already figured it out lol

2nd November 2011

Its rigged and anyone that doesnt know this is a complete moron or works for the industry.

9th November 2011

Articles like these always have me slightly worried about the integrity of online poker… until I see a mention of the “Cash-out curse” LOL

You cashing out money has no effect on them as long as you keep playing and if you stopped playing… then they wouldn’t be able to curse you anyway, unless they are voodoo priests.

13th November 2011

pokerstars is definately rigged. whoever plays at pokerstars must really be crazy. of course pokerstars has a great software but what is a software worth if the game is rigged. they advertise with negreanu randy lew pius heinz and all the others but that doesnt mean anything. its dirty. they let win their own players who are called team pokerstars players. look what hands these guys get dealed and then go and sit five six tables and look what hands you get dealt. even goodlooking hands will not hit will lose you can try it with holdem or omaha its the same. they will crush you and you dont have any chance the only thing you can do is to play breakeven maybe some hours. as long these sitesdont have their companies in states like usa or europe they cant be controlled. and as long they are not controlled you cant do anything. poker could have been a great sport and more mainstream but at the end they made out of it as it was in past often a dirty game full of manipulation. i am not sure if all poker sites are rigged but i would say most and you can forget pokerstars.

15th November 2011

online holdem pro is sooooooooo rigged

17th November 2011

Online poker most of the sites are rigged to a certain extent. That is a Fact. If you think that it is fair, then you are dreaming are living in a fantasy.

Here are the facts:
Poker is a Skill game thats a fact, studied shows 60 percent skill and 40 percent luck. That is a pretty high percentage of winning. More then any other games. Is the best odds of all.

Many people play poker live for a living, couldn’t duplicate the same online, with the same stakes.

Hands that are rarely seen or flops live game are often seen online far too many times.

People been playing Poker for many years live cant denied that it is different online vs live.

Rarely you see people on table winning all the time consistenly.

Online favors beginners then good players, simply because there are more bad players then good. And the bad players are giving more action by calling and betting most of the time, where good players fold to percentage.

Veteran poker players, especially plays for a living is the best proof out there that online poker is not fair and rigged. Because of their profession. If they can make a living play live, and they tell you that it is near impossible to do the same online or have the same result. Why is that? I know this Veteran player plays poker many years for a living before the internet. He plays 5 10 stakes and thats the only stakes that he plays. He have develop a super system in that stake, after many years of trials and errors. He told me he will always come out on top every year, playing the way that he is playing. This guy is consider a wiz in 5 10 no limit stakes and been profiting from this game for over 2 decades. And have a solid bankroll management, always have put aside money when he is running bad and always seem to be one step ahead of everybody and constantly improving his game everyday. He is one serious guy toward this game, simply because this is his job and his passion. So when he tell me something, I listen with great respect.
He told me it is impossible to win consistently online, simply because the computer favors others.
To me, that is the best proof out there, THAT ONLINE POKER IS RIGGED!

18th November 2011

video poker

21st November 2011

Pokerstars is the biggest cheating site on internet.
Dont believe the lies.
Most players they dont let win even when they play good poker. You run under ev more than two or three times. For them it is normal. It is meaningless to bring them to court, no pokersite is controlled. Its a dirty game. So many years gone but at the end poker became what it was odten in past. A game where there is no fairness. Look at the sites. All full of scandals. Look at many pokerstars most have dirt on their hands. There is nothing clean. Online poker is at an end cause these poker sites dont think longterm. They make the money and they know it can end every moment so they want fast money and fast profit. If there is regulation from state maybe poker becomes clean, bad thing would be that you pay more rake but the truth is poker sites even get enough profit with regulation but they will use regulation as reason to let you pay more rake.
Only thing you can do is to boycott sites like pokerstars, protest them and write at poker forums and dont let yourself pushed back from players who play for the site. If someone dont believe post your results with holdem manager, show them your ev line, then not one will open his mouth. After that nobody will say you run bad cause after thousands of hands it cant be that your ev and profit line much different and that is the proof that pokerstars is rigged. I could even prove with other example where something mathematically most unlikely happened. And i even met one person at pokerstars who told me which cards i was dealt and he has been right. He wanted to tell me that i can do what i want and they wont allow me to win. and thats the third proof. So thats it. Either you open your own clean pokersite or you will get cheated thats for sure.

22nd November 2011

Dont allow people to call it whining. Prove it that Pokerstars is definately rigged. Show your Profit line with your Ev line. If your EV Line is under the profit line more than 100 hundred percent or nearly then its definate proof that Pokerstars is rigged. Post it at Two plus Two forum. You should have at least 10000 hands. I am able to show my graphs but everybody should do it. Did you ever think of why your profit is never above the EV line. Of course there are players who happens this and then you have to say they ran good. But all others should post the graphs. Let the people open their eyes. Tell them we want poker but we want clean poker and a fair game. Until Pokerstars gives a statement. Because most time Pokerstars says we had tested our random cards generator and its fully random. Dont make it easy for them to get away with such a standard respond. A forum like Two plus Two has its impact. I really hope that all poker sites who are provenly rigged should close. Dont believe their tests show your own tests and show Pokerstars. If you mail them its worth nothing. You have to go to the big poker forums. There Pokerstars will see that they lose many players and maybe that fact will let change them their policy. You cant run under EV after more than 40000 hands. Thats mathematically nearly impossible. You can run under EV 10 hands or 100 hands but not thousands.

22nd November 2011

I told i will give one more example one more proof. and so i do. believe it or not. I will not tell my player id at pokerstars but i will tell you what happened.
one day i made small heads nl holdem games. an opponent appeared. we started to play. this guy was a maniac or maybe he was not. what happened is this:
this guy did go allin with every hand. yes you did hear right. he did go allin every hand no matter what. now as you can see it is easy to play against such an opponent.
you wait for good cards and call his bs hands. and thats what i did. now comes the surprise. this guy won most of his hands against me agaisnt my hands like AA.KK,AK,AQ,high pairs. i looked the hand history after he disappeared. before he left he told me whatever you do you cant win vs me. in the hand history i have seen that except three hands all hands i have been favorite and still he won more hands than me and i had a loss. i can swear that this happened and i can prove it. i can even call the player ids and everybody could see but then i have to tell my player id and i dont like that.

22nd November 2011

lets come to third proof that Pokerstrs is rigged. this one is more a sign than a proof but look. second example above with heads up games i must say it was more than 40 heads up games so mathematically its unlikely and very unlikely what happened but guess can happen. so a higher number would be more proof.
now third thing as i said. one day in a heads up match in the middle of the game my opponent talked to me. he said suddenly that i was holding AA in my hand and that was right. he said he can know my hand then he laughed. he won the game. this guy was dfrom israel. now people will say hey this guy has something against israelis or jews. really not. for me jews are same then any other people on this earth i dont care about white black yellow or whatever for me a human is a human no matter what race or what religion thats really my belief. so racism is worst thing on earth for me.
as many know pokerstars is owned by an israeli family. of course everything here can be accidental but i dont believe in accidental but i dont believe in accidents that often. one thing can be accidental two things and more but not everything can be accidental. poker players want to play this game as a challenge or fun but whatever it is for you it should be a fair game. I am definately sure that some players get cheated by the poker sites. i dont say that they cheat everybody. i cant imagine pokerstars would cheat their big names no they even pay them. For me Pokerstars is the most rigged site but even lets say Partypoker dont look good. but i wont make advertising for a site cause then many would say the guy wanna make pokerstars bad. really not. i have no intention like this. but all what i said here really happened. i experienced it, i paid for it and i didnt want to believe it. i told myself pokerstars is so big they wouldnt do it but they do and i was wrong. i came to this truth after i have lost big money in thousands of games. but im not a bad whining loser. i can lose but not like this. i had better odds better ev and lost like that so its not the same. i really hope that pokerstars changes its policy or they if they dont change i hope everybody boycott them and their business go down. because no poker player deserved the way pokerstars treat them.

27th November 2011

just finnished tournament not important for me but anyway strange dealing of cards…..
(partypoker) …4 players limp in(my hand on button 6c7c ), flop 7dQc5h ,all checked to me i rised pot size 750 , guy with most chips called me the rest 2 folded ,turn 6 and river 8 he gor straight (he called me with 94o) after i raised 750 after the flop ,thats how it works at partypoker u got stack u winning n 99%!! WTF

13th December 2011

Its rigged for sure just look at the jurisdictions these sites operate in and the compliance involved Betfair is like many in Gibraltar, says it all!!

2nd January 2012

How about William Hill pker for a cheating site? How about Titan? Interpokr? They are all the same – cheats, liars, a rigged system with house players and bots.
Im thru with online poker.
I’ve seen enough sites and enough scams. I’v seen the endless suckouts and 2-outers and stupid action flops.
I’ve heard the pros saying it’s all bent and u cant win.
To hell with online poker.
Online puker, the profession of scumheads and turdbrains.

7th January 2012
Jarrett Croft

Hi all, Online poker i do not know whether it is rigged but it does not represent true odds. if your a good poker player you know what i mean by true odds. You can calculate them and the hands in no way reflect this. every time someone gets a pocket pair they hit their 2 outer. this just does not happen in real life. all these 5 to 1 and 6to 1 draws all of a sudden become 2to1 and 3to1 online. Their software is flawed and needs to represent real playing better so that real players who know what their doing aren’t getting bent over by a bunch of idiots who see a pocket pair of 3s and auto push every time because it always trips em.

10th January 2012
its all a scam

yup people you heard it right, its all a scam when the system decides you cant win, period! I’m so wary of this bullshyte I always end up folding AKo stuff like that, its rigged beyond doubt.

19th January 2012

my opinion is its rigged i had a pokerstars account and won a little then lost alot,the usual runner runner 1 outers bigger stacks eliminating smaller stacks so that the game can move on. my only proof if you’d call it that is that i used to have a pokerstars account and would consistently loose to all of the above mentioned like most people i have a certain way of play ect and wld loose consistently being a 95% favorite on the flop,anyway my brother also has a pokerstars account which from time to time i have played when round at his house same style of play ect just on a diff acount and suprise suprise i wld win it appears to me certain accounts have a pre programmed win rate,i would loose hands ecton his account mainly to the person having better cards to starts with but also the occaional suckout with runner runner but this was easliy 70% less than it was on my account.i will also add game selection was the same stakes the same alot of the same players i had played on my account.ihave also heard of high stakes online players buying account cos that certain account seems to run hot . my theory if u like is that the account is pre-determined by the software whether its gong to be a dud or stud so to speak.

21st January 2012
solo dave

I’ve been playing online poker for almost ten years more fool me for continuing to play on these crooked poker sites how is mathematiable possible to be out drawn for such high percentage of hands when your 80-90% to win the hand after the flop one explaination is for some reason they love to create excitement the wow factor but why always against the majority of players maybe because l’ve phoned up and asked why it’s not statistially possible to keep losing hand in this fashion normal answer it happened so it’s possible the cards are randomly genarated etc etc lets face it I guarantee that we could on many occasions predict river when your opponent needs to outdraw you how that even possible.

22nd January 2012
solo dave

Today is my last day is my last day on william hill poker the site is so corrupt I think it enjoys rubbing your nose in it AA v Q7 hearts flop 57A one heart you can guess the rest and the idea that bigger stack always win well not in my case lve had every possible bad beat the only way somebody can win is make straight flush after flop I’m 100% to win the hand and still lose the site has something against you simple as that you me and many other we are just the also rans and their is nothing that going change that of now and again they throw you a few crumbs but overall their stealing my money I tried to give online poker the benefit of doubt but enough is enough William hill have decided that I’m just one of the unlucky ones that keep losing from winning positions just not possible so is online poker rigged yes it’s rigged but I don’t know why.

23rd January 2012

It’s sooooooooooooo rigged it’s not even funny. My guess is it’s not just for rake, but to keep business.. good players will leave and go play real casinos instead, but the players who play for fun (those tend to enjoy the excitement of shoving all-in..right) will stay and be ‘loyal customers’.

23rd January 2012

Oh yeah, to those who say “But these bad beats happen in real life too” here’s something to think about..

Yes they do. But just because they happen in real life, doesn’t mean it’s not rigged!! That’s illogical reasoning, and if you were the “poker player” you are you would understand why it’s illogical reasoning. So anyone who uses that argument is just showing me you don’t understand fallacies.. It’s like saying, there is no murder weapon, therefore he is innocent. He could still beguilty! But nobody found the weapon! That is not proof he did not murder. It’s only “not” proof he did. Must keep an open mind, and look at circumstantial evidence. To ‘prove’ online poker is rigged we only have circumstantial evidence. Bad beats alone aren’t enough.. Just good ol’ common sense and actual intelligence.

23rd January 2012

Hey guys, instead of us just posting stories.. can we form a group somewhere? I’m sick of googling and finding crap forums or useless comment sections where I feel I’m just venting and joining an unheard community passed off as sore losers..

Anyone who knows of a place we can congregate and discuss .. post some links!! Maybe set up a facebook page, or a forum. If you want me to set something up, let me know.

23rd January 2012

Playing a qualifier for the Irish Poker open, it was the final, top 3 got a package. I sat there for 3 and a half hours. Had to set up a few bluffs to keep my chip stack up as a result of only having 2 hands in 3 and half bloody hours.

Here’s how they played out. Pre-flop I raise 4x the BB with 1010 and this guy who I’d already notice did not have a clue what he was doing re-raised all-in. It was a risk to call but I was pretty certain I was dominating and I had him covered with a few thousand chips to spare if I lost. So I call. He shows 66.

Flop – 7 4 Q (Rainbow)
Turn – 3 (You know what’s coming now)
River – 5
Board – 7 4 Q 3 5
Me – 1010 Him – 66

This was quite early on so I resisted the urge to chase and go on the tilt. Bluffed my way through next 2 and half hours, getting literally nothing, I swear to you, nothing.

I finally get KK after hours of 7 2, J 6, 10 8 etc. I’ve got about 7,500 chips with the blinds at 100/200 and I’m under the gun, so I take it up to 800, I get a call and then someone with an equally small stack but just a little more than me re-raises all-in. I call. He shows A 10 offsuit.

Flop – 3 5 7
Turn – Q
River – A (Obviously)

This sort of stuff happens too often. I think he’s got about 6% chance of hitting that Ace once the Flop and the turn are down. I just hate it. I’m desperate to get my foot in the door at some of the bigger tournaments but there are no land-based qualifiers anywhere near where I live and I don’t have the disposable income right now to buy-in to a few of them so my only in is satellites online and every time I play, this sort of stuff happens.

Online poker is a disgrace, it actually gets me down because you can’t help be get disheartened by stuff like that when it happens on such a regular basis.

I know people will always accuse me, and others that complain, of moaning and not being able to take a loss on the chin but I can honestly tell you two things about myself in this situation. Firstly, I swear on anything you like that I am not exaggerating one bit about the hands, the timing of them and the amount it happens to me. Secondly, I could happily accept a couple of bad beats, it’s going to happen, but I can’t take the online beats because they are too frequent and the timing is very suspect on many occasions.

One aspect of the timing and the context of the hand of a bad beat that I have noticed is small stack against a big stack, 9 times out 10, it doesn’t matter what the small stack has, the bigger stack is going to hit his outs. The suspect timing in this situation comes in when it’s getting closer to the end of a tournament, when the numbers are depleted, a short stack has absolutely no chance of getting back into it.

Sorry for the long post, but I had to rant or I think my head might have exploded.

24th January 2012

A8 (me) vs J10 both os (A8 is 55% favourite preflop)

flop – A410 (Now 81% favourite)
Turn – J
River 6

Kc10h vs 99 (me) (99 is 55% favourite preflop)

Flop – 5c89c (Now 92% favourite)
turn – q c
river – ac

1010 (Me) vs 82 off (88% favourite preflop)

flop – 8 2 6 (Well would you look at that, 8 2 on the flop)
turn – K
river – 5

KK (Me) vs JJ vs 99 (KK – 67%, JJ – 18%, 99 – 15%)

3 8 10 (KK – 82%, JJ – 8%, 99 – 10%)
7 (KK – 81%, JJ – 5%, 99 – 14%)
9 (JJ hits his 5% out and I’m gone)

Over 40,000 chips in this pot, the hand that knocked me out of the tournament. Would’ve had a great stack to go on and get paid if I hadn’t suffered yet another bad beat.

These hands happened over the space of about 3 hours, I had a couple of decent hands that got me a few chips, nothing huge though and did my usual bluffing when the time was right.

So now that’s 2 tournaments in 2 days with people hitting 5-15% outs on 6 occasions. Thats about one an hour. I’m not a genius when it comes to maths but I’m pretty certain that isn’t right.

The other thing you’ll notice is that I am ALWAYS ahead before the flop. I always have the favourite hand, yet it never ever ever seems to hold up.

Also, like I said in my post above, I am not lying when I say this happens almost every single time I play. I’ve only recently started to keep a record of it because I was starting think I might be getting paranoid and exaggerating it in my head without realising just because I was annoyed at losing but that clearly isn’t what’s happening. These hands are ridiculous.

I think you’ve either got to be very stupid, posess absolutely no powers of observation or be one these lucky f***s that keeps stealing my money with these ridiculous hands to not see that there is something not right about it all.

24th January 2012

something I noticed… When I play sort of fast, it never seems to hit. For example right now I was running so good but I was taking my time on each hand, letting the clock run down.

Whenever I do that… it seems to give me ‘safe’ cards. Let’s say, flush draws. I’ll sit there.. let the clock run down, place a decent size semi-bluff bet, and I can’t say how many times the flush hits.

But when I haphazardly just ‘go all in’ on it, it doesn’t hit. But this is after hours of careful playing.. I know I’m reachin here.. but it’s just an observation.

24th January 2012

OMG. I just did it again. As I’m typing this.. I had a inside straight draw, needing a 6. I let the clock run down halfway.. as though I’m thinking hard, then clicked call. Guess what came out..

I know if I just insta-clicked.. it’ll be the same story.

24th January 2012
solo dave

Another thing I can,t is if the software wants you out why has it got on the river or always against the same player last week I went out three tournaments where my opponent made trip 4’s on the river all three hands I’m ahead after the flop go all in and get called everytime they have pocket 4’s and risked their hole tournament knowing their probably behind once ok, twice wtf third time fix would a decent player risk his tournament on a pair 4’s after the flop occasionally I do make my straights, flushes etc but generally when i’m beyond I stay behind.

26th January 2012
solo dave

Pocket QQs in mid table position I raise 4x the pot only one caller ok let see a flop 66Q I play cages and check he also checks turn A I check again my luck is in he bets half the pot i re-raise he re-raises me all in I think for a few seconds and decide it highly unlikely that he has 66 bearing in mind that it was only me and him the hand before the flop and call with complete confident you quess it I need to make quad Qs on river not going to happen. KK vs AK flop 58K turn A river A of course it can happen but why me all the frigging time.

28th January 2012

Ad – I have seen a lot of stuff like this, and even worse
Solo Dave – W Hill is totally bent and corrupt – it is full of house players, bots, superusers, colluders, house players – as all the other crappy and disgusting sites are.
Online poker is a sick curse, a cancer that rides the earth.
All the cheating bastards that profit from it can and will rot in hell.
Get out NOW. SMASH online poker by IGNORING it and seeing it as the BORING RIGGED CRAP which EVERYBODY KNOWS IT REALLY IS.

3rd February 2012

Right, I really have had it, I don’t know what I can do now. I’ve played more since my last post here and it’s just a joke.

I was playing the Irish poker open qualifier again.

Got AA early on, good stuff right? No, raise 3 times the BB which was only to 180 at the time I think. Everyone folds.

AK comes next about 10 minutes later. Same happens as with AA.

Then JQ, K10, J10 all followed. Didn’t hit a bit of the board with any of them.

I fold K4 os when not in blinds, obviously. Flop comes 344.
Fold K8 os 5 mins later. K8 comes on the flop.
Fold J6 os, flop is 6J6.
Fold Q7, Q7 comes on the flop.

All that happened in the first hour.

Following hour and a half I got a couple of decent pots after hitting some decent hands on the flop and turn and betting them. eg, pair of tens with high cards down so just continuation bet or re-raise someone I believe is bluffing.

Then I get KJ suited (clubs) on BB, someone raise 3x BB, I call.

Flop – Jd 8s 2h (I check, he bets, I re-raise, he calls)
Turn – 10s (I push all-in, he calls)
River – Ah (So the cards get shown on the turn, he is holding A5 of diamonds, WTF?! He has no draws, he’s quite literally calling with nothing on the flop and the turn and yet hits a 7% out. How peculiar is that? Especially the flop call, with the re-raise.

3rd February 2012

@solo dave – “ofcourse it can happen but why me all the frigging time?”

This is what I am always saying. Like I said in some of my posts above, I can take a bad beat, it’s going to happen. I’ve played live and had some pretty bad ones but there’s 2 huge differences to online bad beats and live bad beats. First being the timing of online, sometimes the timing is too perfect with bad beats online.

Second being the amount of times it happens! It’s ridiculous. Now the skeptics arguement to this is always “yes but with online, the dealing is much quicker so more hands get played and so more bad beats will occur”.

Interesting theory but definitely false, these people obviously haven’t played in a live tournament that lasts longer than a couple of hours or a great example I have is that I recently went on a cruise where they play live cash tables in the casino every night.

Now, these tables often had a fair few people on them that are just like some of the idiots you get online. They know the game but not really how to properly play it. over 8 nights of playing for 4 hours a night I suffered 3 bad beats and they still weren’t as bad as the stuff I suffer online on a regular basis.
I walked away with $2,500 from a $1/2 table over the 8 nights, so live it happened as it should, I know how to play, they don’t, I win. Doesn’t happen that way online!

Brings us back to the question, “why us?”. One theory I have on that is that good players will slow the game down because we’ll play far less hands than the idiots and we also won’t go forcing all-ins on ridiculous hands every 5/10 minutes. I think, if there was a way to estimate how much longer a tournament would last if the good players, who will probably mainly be tight-aggressive players, especially online, it would be very interesting.

I would imagine there is more to it but I sometimes get the feeling that it plays a part.

3rd February 2012


It’s funny you guys mention William Hill because this was where I first had my suspicions of something being off with online poker.

I started playing online poker before the huge boom in popularity and the first site I signed up to was William Hill. I played a couple of $1,000 gtd MTTs everyday or so and won most of the time or always got in the pay spots.

I started getting up quite a bankroll so moved onto bigger tournaments and started experimenting with sit ‘n’ gos. Then I exclusively played sit ‘n’ gos because of the time saved in playing. I never played less than £100+9 buy-in and would win about 3 out of 5. I paid for all sorts of amazing stuff for a year or so with the amount of money I was making. Holidays, clothes, nights out, you name it.

Then suddenly it all stopped. It began with me sitting there for hours getting absolutely nothing, then finally getting a hand and it getting done over (sound familiar to something further up the page!?). I brushed it off a few times but then it just kept happening and my wins just completely dried up.

So, from there I moved on to other sites and the same pattern just followed everywhere, I’ve tried so many sites over the years. I can’t even remember which I actually have accounts with.

It seems like as soon as online casinos saw the potential profits that could be made from poker as a result of an unbelievable increase in interest for the game everything then changed. It’s the almighty dollar as always, with every potential million to be made comes a nice big batch of corruption.

4th February 2012

I know I keep coming back here but I just had another ridiculous beat again.

I started playing online again just before my first post here because I hadn’t played for a while. So I had gotten over any previous bad beats and was thinking maybe I was being over the top with my reaction. So I’ve played quite a few games in the last week or so and, as you can see from my above posts, it’s been quite a horrific come back to the online world.

So here’s my latest anyway. This was in a $60,000 gtd rebuy.

I had accumulated about 14,000 chips after my AK held up for a change when I hit my A. The add-on period had been and gone as well. Blinds are at 100/200if I remember correctly.

Person after BB raises to 900, I have AA, nice, so I flat call and there are 3 more to act after me.

The guy next to me has about 8,000 chips and re-raises to 2,500, the original raiser calls the 2,500 and so I re-raise All-in. The guy with only 8,000 left calls and the other folds. So the pot is just under 20k.

Me – AcAd
Opp- AsQc

Flop – 8s7s3d

The guy is 6% preflop, 6% flop, then hits runner runner. Unreal. I was doomed from then. Sat there getting nothing for the following hour or so. Eventually push all-in with 55 and two guys call, both with aces and obviously hit one of only 2 aces in the deck.

The annoying thing is that he was short stack against my big stack and only 6% favourite. That NEVER happens to me when I am short-stacked.

So, I think I am defintely done with online again, for a while at least. I’ve got a couple of live tournaments in April and May as well, so i’ll just try and hold out till then!

4th February 2012

All the sites are the same. I’ve been researching this for years. They let you win at the beginning – like a heroine fix – and then you become hooked and you lose everything.
And some people really do lose everything, waiting for the cards to come round, and the bad beats to end – and they never do, and never will.
Online poker destroys lives. Online software is rigged so everyone will eventually be wrecked, not just the bad or unlucky players.
You cannot protest to anybody as the sites work outside most national boundaries, so governments and authorities don’t want to know and can do nothing.
Online poker sites are criminal organisations – simple as that.
Will Hill is one of the very worst.
Can you imagine what might happen to a programmer or an employee who tells the truth?

2nd March 2012

Now I know why America is going in the crapper..NO BUSINESS SENSE!!! I won’t waste time with bad beat stories…we all have em live and online. The fact is online poker is a BUSINESS. Most polls asking whether or not people think online poker is rigged come up 60%-70% say NO. Gee let’s think about that. When I sit down at a live table and sum up my opponents I find 60% – 70% (sometimes 90%) are CLUELESS…dead money. The reality is, as with any fad, everyone wants to play but not everyone has the skill set. If online poker was programmed fairly 10% to 30% of the players would end up with the money. Eventually the other 70% to 90% would STOP PLAYING! No site could stay in business if it lost 70% to 90% of it’s players.

It’s simple math…to make money these sites MUST rig the deals to support weaker play.

Here’s a fact…there are thousands of these so called “Internet Pros” but I doubt you could name over 100 legitimate live pros…yet in every live tournament I see there are only a couple of “Internet Pros” seated at the final table. HOW CAN THIS BE??? With thousands more “Internet Pros” how come every live tourney final table isn’t 7, 8 or 9 of them??? Simple math would create this scenario.

The reality is in live poker any 2 suited doesn’t win 80% like on line. All in on a draw isn’t a coin flip live like it is online. The percentages live, for the most part, ring true. So the “Internet Pro” rarely goes deep in live play because they have limited skills.

Usually the players that are pro-internet pokers are some of the worst players I’ve seen. I’ve lightened many internet player’s wallet in live play…they usually leave mad that their 12% draw didn’t hit 80% like online.

5th March 2012

Stick to casinos, pubs and home games men and women.
Don’t say you’re never playing online again and post another bad beat story 2 days later, no sympathy.
There’s so much luck and little skill involved on online poker, you are relying on a random computer to guarantee losing your hard earnt cash.
Yes you will profit when you first sign up to a site, and again if you haven’t played that site for ages.
I don’t know how it works and what they do, but it’s psychological, they hook you….think about it, you know I’m correct.

If you like a thrill, do some research and do some sports betting, and save poker for home games.

5th March 2012

I’m glad I’ve never really lost any big money, I put in like 30, or $50 a few times on three different sites, Carbon, Lock, and Full Tilt I think it was, I don’t even have a chance to get to lose any serious money because I can’t even get that far, and I’m a pretty decent player on play money, played it 2 years before trying real money, can’t win jack shit on real money. It is always the same bullshit. Most of the time, not a hand to amount to shit, and if I do, somebody always has a better one, every once in a bunch of hands, I might win a few cents with a straight or flush or something, but it is all bullshit.

5th March 2012

But I only have two main questions. Why can’t there be a legitimate poker site created, and why can’t these scam ass cheating shitters be cracked down on more? I tried three of them and found out it was all the same bullshit. This is straight up scam bullshit. Why can these bitches get away with this shit?

6th March 2012

They don’t even make it fun. They just fuck you with no lube.

7th March 2012

888 poker is bye far the worse fking site going cant win .like the run i get on 888 poker is so sick i can call it out as i go its a joke never lost to so many fking flush draws in my fking life .6 tabling for fking hours and im board fking folding non stop rags .it doenst end it has to be fking programmed for you to get dault cards caues iv never fold so many rags in my life 10 bucks in 5/10 cent room and in a hour i not even past a buck in any room. all im doing is folding non stop i feel likse i cant win .it shocks me that i have to sit there and see thses fking donks get Dault AK AA KK JJ ever fking 4 hand .i dont get how i can losse this many hands in a row . cant win no matter what u do i cant play my button .caues when i see a donk raies preflop under the gun i know hes fking weak when i try to rep. a hand they always fking call u ..the never fking fold and when the flop comes they always ..always flop a fking draw with there sick fking hand there raisng preflop under the gun and calling a 4 bet with many fking times do i have to sit in 6 tables on 888 poker and watch a donk shove you all in with weak pair with no kicker while i have AA or KK and river you its fking gross .they always flop a hand with you to like if you have AA and they call you .they 99% are floping a hand to always and they always seemt o fking caugh to .they cant fold they have no clue how to use a fold button .you tcant make money on online poker .iv been playing poker for years online and im so sick of it you run good for like a day or 2 give you hope and than boom i can play like a 20 000 hands and losse ever coin flip and losse to donks sitting there shoving me all in with rags and always magiccly fking flop a hand with there fking trash .ind im seeing a lots of donks now calling way behind in the hand there getting runner runner if im all in with AJ vs A10 and i have them killed on the flop .i watch the tun come a flush draw .and i know im done for i knwo that monkey is getting his fking flush on the river .they run me so bad on 888 poker i cant win no matter what i do .i know what thses donk have which is even fking sicker .flops are always the fking same on 888 poker always the A ont he flop with a fking flush draw ..or a staight draw .i dont get how i can sit in a room and fold no stop hands for 30 mins and get dault kk and 12 bet a donk preflop and watch him call with 78 and flop a pair and caught two fking pair on the river ..and he was sitting there folding non stop .and i get dault KK and now i watch this donk just call a 12 bet preflop with 87 and flop a pair and river two pair ..thats way to fking fishy for me that just tell me u cant win .like im going to sit in a room and fold 30 hands non stop and i have this guy fold non stop and when i dault a pair watch him make a call like that and win ..thats bull shit .peoepl need to watch how people play lwatch how thses donks raies preflop on you and you 4 bet watch next time how they always call u and always flop a draw .you play 100 000 hands and losse non stop to thses fking reatred .i ask my self why i play online poker .i play caues i know if i losse 8000 hands in a row 888 will run me good for a day or so .i dont get how i play 6 tables and fold and get non stop run over ..and than play 6 tables the next day and win ever hand that to me sounds set if some one is playing six tables you would think one could make a profit in 2 or 3 rooms out of 6 tables no fold in all 6 and losse ever coin flip for hours ..and when u play the next day in 6 tables im able to fking nail all my flushes staight draws and two pair in all my rooms .that to me is fkng programmed fore you to win and losse ..on 888 poker i have vidoe replay on all my hand and room 500 rooms i have been in i see when i sit there and fold non stop and win no pots i get a hand like AA and losse donst matter what i do ..i f i sit in a room folding non stop and win no pots and i have AA iknow im lossing to a donk..i had AA in one room and i looked back and saw i played 23 hands didnt play one hand or win a pot.i .4 bet preflop and this donk resaied me ..itold him i was moving all in and that i knew he had a pocket pair and for him to call me caues i knew he had a pocket pair .(they always do when you have pocket pair) and call caue knew he would flop a set caues i was folding non stop and i knew my AA was going to losse ..just like my last rooms ..he called my all in with 66 and flops a set .next table im floping non stop draw and im watching thses donk hitting staight draws and two pair .while i have the nut flush draw missin ..and the next table im watching thses donk call all in for flush draws and getting there and its when i flop top pair with top kicker .and they always get the flush .im so fking sure .i have so many fking hands played on 888 poker i dont know how to play on there the sec im running bad on 888 poker and im flop top pair with top kicker i have to fking fold caues i know thses donks are getting there flush draws on me .like there so fking stuiped on 888 poker i can go all in on a 34cent pot for 10 bucks and have a donk call me for a gutshot .that how stuiped thses reatrd are on 888 poker .there always calling with junk and there always rewarded with a great flop on 888 poker no matter what you do on 888 poker i dont think you can come up on top feel like the rng STOPS YOU FROM BEEING A WINNING PLAYEr …there is no other way around it iv been playing 888 fror 2 years now and my run is always the same alwasy ..i put money on i play 6 tables and i run good for a bit i build a bankroll and than boooooooooooom ..i can play 6 tables and losse in them all another 6 tables losse in them all ..till im broke with sick no runs of cards and bad beats ..reload same thing i play 6 tables i run good in all 6 of my tables ..come get up in money and boommmmmmmm i run so bad till im drained angian ..and when this happins i know my hands are going to losse i can fking call it out .i can tell you that the donk rasing preflop has a weak hand when i have Ak and will flop a draw and when i flop top pair im lossing to his fking draw with 78 i have 3 friends that play 888 and the found they where dault non stop sick runs of cards and will not at the point where in running bad i dont raies prelop any more caues its pointles caues thses monkey will call me no matter what and they will flop there fking rewards getting better on 888 poker but to the point make a dime like i have trained my self to fold JJ preflop caues i know no matter what the always have AA KK ..i just let it go and when i find my self on a flush draw and im running bad in all 6 of my rooms i fold my flush draw caues i know im not going to hit ..and i let thses donks do all the heavy betting now caues i find i save money ..but when i do this i cant get any where i just hover around my bankroll and cant get any where i ask people and my self when i flop the nuts on the flop i wanna get paid but i cant bet caues i know the rng is putting a fking full houes n the fking river so i losse never ends online iv tried 3/6 hodlem caues i ask my self maybe its the donks but when i play for 1k in a room and im folding non stop rags why would i want to play in a room like that .if im playing 6 tables of 5/10cent i should be able to make a huge profit playing with donks that cant fold 2 outter agian 888 poker is 100% rigged and i dont think you can win .

7th March 2012

Winning players can read RNG cos they have software knowledge. Nothing about skill in onlike puker – all about having superuser keys, house players and RNG predictors.
Weaker players lose, best players lose.
Some win and win, always 2 outers or they are 40-60 or 80-20 dog. Why? It’s obv.

13th March 2012
solo dave

I now realise online poker is here to push you over edge I love to play but not online any more maybe I’m a poor player I fold 46 board shows full house fold q5 another full house on show the last two weeks I’ve played every waking hour I like to play rebuy mmt’s and freeze outs I played between ten and fifteen tournaments a day for two weeks sometimes up to four games at the same time you all know what it’s like play a tournament for five hours just to get your money back or go to out on the bubble but tourneys I went out early or keep reburying just to stay in over a three day period no AA or KK just a load of junk when you get AJ your eyes light up to be honest whether it’ AA AK KK I’m never confident as these hands get beaten so regularly with me anyway I must have been beaten so many times by two and three outers on the river that I come to expect it anyway nobody puts a gun to your head to play so I have to blame myself for the ill discipline I won’t wish anybody good luck and no more comments from me and I’me pleased in a funny sought of way that its not only me that s**t is happening to.

16th March 2012

today i quite online poker forever. live casino games only from now on. i’d been playing for a while slowly moving up the stakes until i foolishly decided to risk it all. buying in for 20k on a cash table 200/400 blinds.i win a few small pots and am up to 28k, can’t believe it and consider cashing out but decide on playing another 30mins i’m in the small blind with ace 10 spades. player in position 6 raises to 3 times big blind = 1.2k, i call, big blind re raises to 2.4k. we both call. flop comes jack , nine eight – all spades! i have a flush to ace and an open ended straight flush draw! i check as don’t want to scare other 2 players off, big blind checks other player bets 4k. i call, big blind calls. next card ace diamonds. i check again. big blind raise 4k big blind raises to 8. player 6 calls. i’m getting slightly nervous as it’s a big pot and might be against trips or 2 pair so i’m all in – make them make a hero call but both do. it’s a huge pot and i must be ahead. cards turned over big blind has a flush with seven six of spades, player 6 has ace of hearts king of spades. i’m an unbelievable favourite and decide to cash out as soon as the winnings come to me until the river comes…5 of spades. we both have 1 card for a straight flush but he has one card in the pack to win and i have every other f%£king card! stunned. i lose some more with a straight on the flop to someone getting runner runner for a flush and i’m out. i will never play online again. if i see the cards live in a casino i can shrug my shoulders and take a bad beat but online is horrible. I once lost with pocket kings 4 times in a day. every time the flop hit an ace..but as i said at the start i’ve deleted the software and wont play online again and have never felt calmer. good luck to you all but take my advice if you want to enjoy poker play in home games or at the casino. online will just frustrate you and ruin your love for the game

18th March 2012

William Hill Poker is rigged. After a hiatus I returned to online play again. I gave up after my 3rd game. US$10 NL, 10ppl tourney. One guy had AA and the other QQ, the flop Q56,7,9. Aces cracked. This was all in hand.
I had AA and raised 100 blinds 30/60. 3rd guy raised another 100..I then raised ALL IN with 1900 chips. He called wit A 10. Who calls all in with A10. I go heads up with him, flop Q85, then he gets runner runner 10 on turn and 10 on river to get trip 10’s. WTF!!!!! Avoid William Hill Poker

31st March 2012

i’ve been telling people for years its fake. Flops are buffed up like a juice shooting weight lifter. FLOPS ARE 94% RIGGED TO BRING IN BETS. FLOP LIKE 10d 8d Qs,— Jc QS 9C—7d Jd 5S—–Ac 2c Jd—–Ks 8s 10C—-9C 4C 9S—-Kc Qc KD—5s 7d Qs—Js Ks Qd—more then not players will’nt see this rigged flops and never know that common flops are 3c 8d Ks—2s 7d Jc—3c 8s Qd—-2d 8s Kc—6d As 9c–4s 8d kc

31st March 2012

Another hint learn flop odds..such as how many times does a flop have a pair in it 6s 2c 6d.or full suited flop 8d 9d 3d, or 2 same suit in flop with str8 support 9d 10d 7c, or pair in flop with 2 same suited cards 9d 9c Jd, or a str8 with full suited 4d 5d 6d, learn, learn…., the fact is when u play in warrehouses, strip clubs, garages, hotels,and with people you dont know, you must know flop odds, or they will stack or remove cards, I’ve caught people cheating 4 times because of knowing the flop odds…..i’ve played online and been able to call the next card dealt , and be correct in 68-78 percent of the time, just knowing what card would make players bet the most……..u seee a str8 in board, but i see a flush7D 8D 9S turn 10S RIVER is AS. also they love to show players that a crap hand will win. So players get brainwashed into betting on As 6d cards… they reverse the odds to give the underhand the win, i dont know how many times pocket 6d 7d with a flop 8d 9s Jd in a great turn Ks river Qs to lose to a 2d QcIt’s in the flops u fool. I get sick of being online table, and see 10 to 20 blown up flops in a row. 9 players at online table, and not one will notice this. And I’ve been in hundreds if not a thousand online table, and 30 blown up flops in a row and never out of the 1,000 players every mention it, or say anything.
This players are winning but the can’t see the manipulation in front of there face. All you get is a player saying NH after a player wins with a underhand that gets a j,4,5,6,7 board going aginst a KK, and he has a As 8d..NH says a player at table. What a NH????? didnt before online poker wasn’t a NH only if that player won using only his pocket, and flop cards? Not using 4 board cards, and 1 pocket card. their use to be a difference between NH, and just a lucky hand, or a hand that wins.
flops of 8D 4D JD, —10S 9S 5D —7D 5D 7S—AC 4C JS—9S 10S JD—Kd Qs 8d—-Js Jc KS—7s 8d 9s—-As 2D Ks—-3s 9d 5s—-I can deal these 10 flops in 1,000 of tables with 9 players full, and not one online so called good player would catch these manipulated flops..not one player.
This is a terrible thing to happen to poker. 100,000 of players thinking each other is a player, and if cheating was happening it would be something simple to see like 5 kings dealt in one hand, or a player dealt nothing but pocket aces. I shouldn’t give online players that much credit in seeing fake deals, there to busy saying NH NH NH NH NH. Which I’m sure the online poker sites filled the tables with a player that wins a lot, and says nh nh nh to brainwash new players in to thinking this guy wins most hands he must be good i’ll do what he’s doing nh nh nh nh dont question the 100 flop in a row like 7s 6d 10s.
The 2 same suited cards with cards that support a str8 in the flops is the oldest stacked deck trick thats been used for 100s of years. Deal these flops 8D 4D JD, —10S 9S 5D —7D 5D 7S—AC 4C JS—9S 10S JD—Kd Qs 8d—-Js Jc KS—7s 8d 9s—-As 2D Ks—-3s 9d 5s on a 9 player table, and 4 to 7 players will think they have a good chance in winning the hand and will bet all the way to the river, and will say nh. Okay I love doing this. Show me a flop of 2S 7D KC ON A ONLINE POKER TABLE, AND I’LL PAY YOU $100.00. How easy is that with 100,000 flops dealt daily there has to be one 2S 7D QC FLOP..If you can find a 3s 8d Kh flop I’LL PAY ANOTHER $100.00…I’VE MADE THIS CLAIM SINCE 07. I guess with over 50 million flops dealt never a 2 7 q or 3 8 k flop has every been picked randomly by the programer. THINK …It will happen soon some programer will be oh sht someone thinking! oh hell need to program it to deal 2 8 k four times each hour now, and stop the blown up flops 30 times in a row, needs to only do 20 in a row.

1st April 2012

Kudo’s to youtube’s magic612 who has been in this fight drop in and watch his uploads on pokerstars!! love you magic wink!

4th April 2012
g m

do ur self a favour and delete all poker sites from ur computer. u will see a pattern of small initial wins and then a turn in luck which defies all odds. u will re high pocket pairs and get no action or ak aq and lose to a insider with random nothing cards

5th April 2012

The best way to become Millionaire is to start online poker with 1 billion $…
Dont play online poker, all room are rigged…

5th April 2012

All of you A-Holes who defend these sites by telling people that they should have done this or that…or variance this or that….or bad beats happen,dont be a crybaby…F U! If you played on these sites and saw what REAL players go through everyday on this Rigged A** Site…you would understand! But obviously you either work for PokerStars or are one of the neverfold idiots who run like Gods playing retarted Poker! It should be called PokerBingo! If they at least told us the truth and stated that playing on Pokerstars is different from playing REAL poker then it would be different! I guess there stealing as much as they can while they still can! Online Poker has even turned Live Poker into a Joke! These online idiots play like blind dumb idiots and then turn “Pro”…once one idiot wins a tourny playing like a dumbazz…BOOM,the idiots come out of the woodworks! Now,you have a million idiots who say there “Pro”! Online Poker has taken real poker backwards…not forward like they want people to think! Yeah,isildur is brilliant right? LoL Ive seen him donk off his chips so many times…hes a joke! But,people like to say hes brilliant! Give me a break! Now,you have people imitating him! Chase every draw,4 and 5 bet with junk…Good poker is still about getting your chips in with the best hand…You cant tell me that chasing hands with bad pot odds and reraising a tight player with crap is good poker! For Gods sake these idiots who idolize donks like isildur like to say Hellmuth is an idiot! LoL He only has millions in winnings!…12 bracelets! etc.etc. No they idolize the donk who goes bankrupt and without backers helping him out would be homeless! ONLINE POKER has RUINED POKER!

15th April 2012

I use to think it was fair, bad beats happen, variance and all that stuff, but when I play live tournaments most of the time I win, but when I play online, it is almost impossible to win, I thought maybe I just played bad, but the fact that I win most of the time live versus online is unbelievable, don’t play online, go to a casino or play with friends, online poker is crazy, I don’t expect to win all the time, but to lose majority of the time with bad beats is a joke, colluding happens online, the whole table would come at me, either they are all friends or company bots, either way it isn’t fair…rigged

22nd April 2012

Online poker isnt rigged 100% fact

24th April 2012

Previous poster doesn’t have a brain 100% fact
Online poker is rigged 100% fact
Previous poster paid off by poker affiliate site 100% fact
Previous poster internet troll 100% fact
Previous poster GTH FO 100% fact

17th May 2012


17th May 2012

Wow! So glad I found this thread cuz I thought I was going crazy. Anyone with a basic understanding of percentages should be highly sus! I’m 26 losses out of 77 AA PF all in(PS) KK, might as well fold it IF the other guys has me covered deep in, Cuz I know they want me out. You see it’s like I don’t just have to beat an opponent, I have to try and outsmart the bloody so called RNG too! I can very rarely call cards live, I do it quite well online. Like I could make more profit in side prop bets! THIS IS ONCE ITS ALL IN AND YOUR AHEAD 85% – 15% and if you win this your coasting to the final table! HARDLY. runner runner or 4 to a flush.
I know if I were making so much online I wouldn’t be on here defending the site calling the others idiots and fish! What would be the point in that? I think those people are paid to or retarded!~ WE WILL SEE!
When THE USA brings poker online attached to a bricks and mortar casino and it’s completely transparent we’ll see how many rigged complaints surface then…my guess is not many!
Anyway I too have quit online til something honest surfaces!
We can’t all be wrong you BASTARDS~!

17th May 2012

Anyone else notice Islidur1 (blom) saying on TV ya I put 15 sousand svedish krona on stars zen i had 2 million 3 weeks later zen 11 million. Now he’s won 2 consecutive SCOOPS! Wow nice pick you guys really now how to pick em. Let us all run in droves to deposit so we too can be like victor blom!!!!!! I suggest all young men deposit 15000. maybe he can show us how to get our same hands AA KK QQ to hold up in the same or better situations then he finds himself in. I never win 3 hands in a row.

19th May 2012

That says it all. Some players’ AA KK QQ hold up – others don’t – in exactly the same situations. Why? Most players make a small profit, then lose all to two or three-outers, others don’t, and their QQ trips up on river, and so they are “winning players”. Why?
It’s 100% obv that not all players are treated in the same way by the software.
If you look at the data on poker edge, there are players that make $75000 in 1000 hands at 5/10 then disappear for ever, no suckouts, just a red line of profit that goes straight up.
There is nothing random in online poker, and there is no skill in winning.

21st May 2012
Solo Dave

The site let’s me go so far then bad beats start in over ten years with on will hill poker I’ve won maybe 10/15 small mtts it doesn’t make sense I play tight I lose i loose I lose this were my last four hands that I went out on I was all in before the flop on all of these hands AK suited vs K3 three on turn AQ vs JQ K 9 10 on flop then to blanks JJ vs A10 ace on river and finally 44 vs KJ jack on river my low pockets never seam to hold up against over cards and my over cards nearly always get beat by low pockets especially deep into the tournament engine is a frigging joke we can all predict the suck out card we all know whats coming no matter how good you play if the site wants you out your out and that’s that I never thought that a game I love I would grow to hate I’m feed up when I do get AA or KK they turned over so easily and don’t tell about four to flush it’s all a joke and on me and thousands of also rans I’ve watched poker shows heard how this and that player won online how? I know previously I said I give online poker but I mean it these sites are stealing our money and giving it to who think should have it

23rd May 2012

Wiil Hill is absurd – vast majority of winning hands are suckouts. So each player sucks out to another, leaving all with zilch…EXCEPT…and here’s the key…if you think about it, they HAVE TO select one or two winners, otherwise everyone would tell everyone, and everyone would realise that nobody can win, and nobody would play at all. They will choose one or two wiiners for each country, to promote the “game” (scam) in that country (=to maximise profits).
Or they just use house players(superusers) , or named pros, probably both.
It is impossible to win as a legitimate player on sites such as W Hill – you have to be chosen by them. It’s obv.

5th June 2012
solo dave

I couldn’t agree more with anon about the chances of winning on will hill It’s impossible, suckout after suckout after suckout it’s statistically impossible for this to get happening the last time I play AQ vs A5 all in before the flop he makes trips and I,m crippled out a few hands later the next mtt KK vs 88 all in 8 on the flop I’m out of the tourament the next game is a 15

27th August 2012
handy andy

well from wot ive looked at. all your comments.i agree with all of you 110% is there anything we can do about-it NO lol. if there was. i wud be owed shit-loads of cash com-on some one make a stand ? get me and all you lot our money’s back

28th August 2012

ok so heres the deal, i won a 200 person tourney today, but i only played monsters really the entire time. You still have to know how to play poker… ive been playing poker for years, online and offline. I took 61st in a 3589 tourney yesterday on carbon as well. Why? because i only played monster… I won the 200 person tourney on lock. Your telling me all the poker websites use the same software for generating hands? LoL, btw… when i play cash games online i do terrible, i also do terrible in person with these though, lol. I play tourneys and do well in person & online… i will admit, i did win on the river to save my life once in the lock poker tournament, but it happened against me too, its happened in real life too! seriously guys… just learn how to actually play poker.

21st September 2012
tom thum

anonymous bull sh it rigged

26th September 2012
Just me

okay…i have played online for 8 years. Correction..i have lost money online for 8 years. Patterns are obvious. I play solid..i lose money. I play very loose and poor…i win. and I win really quick. Last week opponent had trip Q’s on flop and I called his all in with bottom pair. I was playing like a moron obviously…then guess what. I hit runner runner to make a str8! yeah for me..i play bad i win. In fact the only times my bankroll has been large was when I was playing like a moron and dishing out bad beats left and right. Online poker is seriously a joke. Oh yeah..i also noticed that right after I deposit I get very nice hands. EVERYTIME. i JUST don’t understand how these online poker pros make a living doing this. Am i missing something here? How is that possible when the shuffle is obviously retarded? Just don’t get how people do it.

17th October 2012

hi. guys i lost 3 years of my life to online poker .pls dont do it its not worth it life is to short .. 07 to 2010. online is rigged for sure .now i play live mtts only …

27th February 2013
Dicky Mint

I’ve played 100’s of 1000’s of sit n go’s online over the years and I’ve played over 10 years in live tournaments.
There is defiantly a discrepancy of form between the two and if the online game was used in a court of law to defend the legitimacy of poker being a game of skill against outlawing the game in the USA then you’d be laughed out of court. Playing a slot machine is more skilful than poker online.

Keep poker live

5th June 2013

i know im not alone. RNG’s are programs, and people write computer programs, and programs can be tweaked to do whatever you want them to.

for a laugh, a few more examples (and by the way, these sites are all the same)

A’s up with a pair of 2’s on the flop, along with a K. get in all in with two dingos, figuring one has AK and the other KQ or KJ. They turn over their cards, and it’s KQ and KJ. Only 1 card beats me and that’s the last K in a 52 card deck. Nice juicy pot and when the turn falls with the f’in K in the deck, I nearly broke my hand on the desk.

One more

pocket 9’s, 3 to the flop and flop comes KK9….96%+ hand on the flop i think (flopping full boat by the way is a .74% probability). by the betting, i know one guy has a K, and i’m licking my chops. odds of him having K9 are not high.

so what do you think (you’ll love this one) long story short – 4th K hits on the turn, and a Q comes on the river. one guy has quads, and the other guys turns over AQ, so he ended up with K’s over Q’s. my nut hand went to 3rd best.

i stick with micros to pass the time online, expecting this shyte, and will continue to make a decent return playing live when i get the chance.

maybe one day, authorities somehow will be able to put an end to this shyte, so i don’t have to drive 90 minutes when i want to play for real money.

save you dough folks.

29th June 2013

You’re all a bunch of whiny bitches, who think they’re better at poker than they are.

19th July 2013

well it is the big question is it rigged well i sure as my mother knows i am hers but i did work out a few things on the way and i am getting better at it all the time it just takes time to dicipline your self and learn the algorithem they use and you will see y all this mircale card dealing goes on but if you want to know more then please ask all the best and keep grindinng

24th July 2013

of course the guy calling everyone”whiny bitches” is Anonymous. He is the typical loud mouth you see in ever poker room acting tough. I bet he’s one of the all-in with crap cards bingo players that these sites just love. Its very simple why sites favor donkey’s. The bigger donkey the bigger the pots wich means bigger rakes for the site. Its pretty simple math, 90% of the players are total fools with no idea how to play poker and if they lose they will quit. If the 90% fools quit then there is no site and no profit. 888 poker is by far the worst culprit I have ever seen for this, 888 poker even makes jokerstars look honest. It is true what others have said, take everything you know about poker and forget it. Always play your 2 worst cards and bet like a complete idiot and re-raise one any bets and you will end up a winner. As far as online poker sites are concerned, the dumber the player the better.

29th July 2013


I know you are angry. Posting singled-out bad beat stories and cursing the system on blogs and forums, however, will never solve anything. It will only stir your anger and feed the system with more examples of how “emotional” and “uneducated” its critique is.

I know you want justice to be done. I will not get it. Gambling has never been fair and its legal status has always been blurred. Online poker rooms operate outside of jurisdictions. Unless you yourself pull the ace out of their sleeve, and how would you do that if there is no sleeve, you will never put them down.

Not this way, at least. What can you do then? The answer is ridiculously simple. Stop. Stop playing. How many times have I seen this: “I know… I know it is rigged but I played one more time. I have heard it was corrupt but I deposited one more thousand.” Stop. Save yourself.

29th July 2013

But I also know it will not be enough for you. You want to see them go down. You want to save others as well. YOU CAN DO THAT but not by means of whatthefucking the system on forums nobody really pays attention to.

HOW? Since there is no possible way you can prove their guilt then what can you do? The answer is VOLUME.

Nobody will ever pay mind to your “AA vs. 72 last Friday.” It is simply not BIG enough. Somebody said earlier that if your EV line is down below your profit line THOROUGHOUT 10,000 hands then something is wrong. What if you had 100,000 hands to work with? AND WHAT IF YOU HAD A BILLION?

Save your hand histories in your tracking software. Save the histories of ghost accounts which disappear from the poker world after swallowing a chunk of your bankroll. Gather them and share.

I have been consecutively loosing in EV+ situations. And I know you have been, too. Flipping tails 10 times in a row is unlikely but possible. However, having a hundred people flip tails 10 times in a row is close to impossible.

Do you feel me? GATHER, SAVE AND SHARE. This is the answer.

25th September 2013

Played live poker for a number of years, 50c-1 dollar.. solid grinder live… played online live for 3 years… took me 2 full years to realize it is not possible for so many people to get so many good hands. I used to play 1/2 CENTS and 2/4 cents… over 2 years lost $1200.. incredible… doesnt matter what you have , some idiot with 10-2 off will beat you… forget online poker.

29th September 2013

I am a winning 1/2 nl live player who plays regularly at the casino.

Decided to try Online poker as I have played before but over the years always lost. Contributed it to being a bad play which I admit at the time I was.

After improving my game bankroll management and making the decision to play purely for profit I spent the last few years killing it at live poker. I eventually decided that online poker would be far more profitable to play due to hand volume. The added benefit of playing from home on my own hours further encouraged me to look back into online play.

I deposited $100 online with the intentions of running up my bankroll. At the end of the first week I was already doubled my buy in. Then my first cash out happened.

I cashed out a little over my buy in after winning a GT tournament worth $77. So my cash out was 125 while leaving the rest as my bankroll to work with.

Spent the rest of the week being sucked out on by two outters three outters. If I was not getting sucked out on I was catching an inside set full house vs another inside set higher full house.

I lost the entire buy in. Proceeded to make another buy in. Then I started winning again but never could overcome enough winnings to cover my losses. Everytime I came close to crossing a profit margin I would get destroyed by a low % river. I attributed this to variance and bought in one more time. Again I started to win until I got close to a point where I would be profitable should I cash out. Then all the bad beats just continued. I even tested out my theory by playing like a donk in situations that would gaurentee me a loser in live play. I would win quite often.

I am convinced its rigged.

6th October 2013

RIGGED!!!! you bet it is. I have won twice while holding pocket aces out of about 30 hands, if I get a third ace someone has 4 of a kind way to often.

9th October 2013

Yeah, it’s rigged. Ask yourself this: When Black Friday and the rest of the regulation problems hit, did you ever receive any email communication from any of the poker sites you have an account with requesting you to contact your local politician about that matter?


Everyone and their dog is trying to get poker legal, legislated and regulated so that the bans are lifted and poker can be played freely everywhere. 2+2 and the rest of the big poker forums are on nonstop crusades regarding it with petitions, calls to contact your local politician, representative, priest. Poker pros are on the bandwagon… But you never hear a fucking thing from the poker sites themselves regarding regulation, do you?

Funny that, huh?

Why would the actual poker sites themselves, who you would think would be at the forefront of the regulation fight, be the only stakeholders in this battle who are completely and utterly silent on the matter? Simple. They don’t want it regulated. They’re happy with online poker being an unregulated wild west in which they can move with impunity and tweak their bullshit software to their hearts’ content. They’re quite content with the status quo. Legalizing and regulating online poker would mean putting their piece of shit, gamed software algorithms in the hands of competent appointed authorities instead of corrupt cunts in some Indian reserve or Mediterranean tax haven. Can you imagine the PokerStars directors’ faces if online poker gets legalized and they have to show how their software is tweaked to knock all-in short stacks back into the lobby, for another buyin? Ha ha.

Nothing’s going to change until legalization comes, and even if it does come, these cunts, I’m sure, would rather shut down — with their bank accounts filled with our fast bucks — than submit their gamed algos to appointed authorities and deal with the fallout of that.

And yet the nonrigged retards keep trying to delude themselves and us that the whole thing is on the up-and-up, that these poker sites receive their software from their vendor and then it sits in a server room gathering dust, untouched from that day to this, untweaked, ungamed, a virgin RNG just sitting there churning out random cards without anyone of the cunts at the top getting it into their head to tweak up a higher bottom line for the company. Please.

When you get a fucking email from PokerStars asking you to contact your local politician because they care so much about the poker community, then come talk to me. But when a company like PokerStars is willing to just dump the entire United States without a word, without any pushback, without any calls by them to us to mobilize on the issue… they just silently accept it without making any waves instead of pushing for regulation and openness, then you know what’s really up in the online poker world.

The world’s round. These motherfuckers will get what’s coming to them.

17th October 2013

And I especially love how everyone knows Zynga Poker is rigged, the world knows it, the world’s dog knows it, your mother knows it, the shills know it and admit it, the shills’ mothers know it, but you put it out there at 2+2 and the rest of the shitholes that the traditional name poker sites might also be rigged, and what do you get? “Hurrrr, no, not them, not our precious PS, FTP and PP, never. Yes, okay, Zynga is confirmed rigged, I’ll give you that, AP and UB are a clusterfuck of epic proportions, noted, FTP is AIDS, gamed algo scandals pop up every five minutes at the non-poker casino sites, but hurrrr the name poker sites draw the line at rigging, guys. They’ve got too much to loooose, guys. Come on, how can they be rigged? Besides the little annoyances I’ve outlined above, the poker sites are totally legit, amirite, guys? Guys? So with that out of the way, I’m going to just grab my knees over here so you can all take turns reaming my ass because you know how much I like taking it in my stupid ass. Thanks, guys!”

Eventually it will come out with PS, FTP and PP and the rest of the name poker sites, like it did with Zynga. Eventually someone will crack, and I’m pretty sure it’s the growing tolerance towards regulation in some U.S. states that will bring it out. I bet the pricks at the name poker sites are in a flat fucking spin as to what to do about their rigged software when it comes time to apply for licenses in the U.S., and someone will fuck up and spill the beans… and we’ll all be back at square one regulation-wise, with all of us who know it’s rigged and all of the anti-poker brigade worldwide saying, “Told you so. Didn’t we tell you so?”

5th December 2013

ITS 100 percent “rigged ” unless I suck out a 2 or one outer on the river in a cash game or tournament .

26th December 2013

Worst room of all – Will Hill. Total BS. Bots, superusers, RNG rigged to hell.

30th January 2014

for all you who say online poker is not rigged …heres something to think about besides the usual AA KK hands that get smashed 80% of the time. anybody else notice also when you get these sort of cards which we all fold unless we get to see a free flop on the BB 72 46 93 you seem to hit full houses straights 2 pairs even?….my logic for this is that these poker sites can justify you losing as they could in a court of law provide the hand history that wining hands WERE dealt to you. WE (WERE JUST TOO STUPID AS PLAYERS NOT TO WIN WITH THEM) although we all know this is bollocks. how many times have you ever won 2 hands in a row? ive even tried to ouplay the RGN say for example it gives me a lucky in a previous hand on button and i flop say 2 pair, then very next hand i get like AA KK. this is when i find these hands vulnerable to the bad beats and 80-90% of time your going out with them. And then there is the opposite to this scenario when you do get busted on the AA KK with magiCal runner runner cards and left with a decimated chip stack when you had a monumentous stack only for the very next hand to triple your last 20 chips you had left with a magical winning hand only to piss you off even more. pokerstars have to occasionally allow one or two lucky players the opportunity of a satelite win for a big event its good advertisement and endorses them to all the wannabe pro poker players

8th February 2014

It’s just too crazy, i lost years and years to this crap… i moved up again to more expensive sit and goes… yeah great another month of work gone… my aces got cracked 7 times or something… somebody hit a oneouter… i lost a lot of 90 to 10 percent hands… and i was saying to my girlfriend… great this guys play like shit… were finally gonna make some money… FUCK U RNG

10th March 2014
dru down

I really hope these owners and so called pro s get whats different from what the ceo of bitcoin got

18th March 2014

Ive just wasted another month on carbon what a rigged joke .I have a pending cashout im done . Hope it comes in a month LOL a month am I fkin crazy or what playing on this site ?

18th March 2014
dru down

sites know in a year they should be its no mercy time.a few million dollars for a couple months in jail that’s if they get caught and most likely they wont cause the people who should care are to happy to get there cut.texas holdem is a game of mostly skill but these hidden thieves have taken that part out.when regulated these people are poss. going move business here and we will see how that works out when there not hidden away robbing everyone.there needs to be info on people who have been a part of this since the gov. is cool with its people getting jacked and could care less.

18th March 2014
dru down

every poker site is the same with different graphics.they are using in house players who control the outcome and can see your cards.they pay the so called pros to back there scam and say itslegit.but a real pro doesn’t need to cheat or back a cheating would think this is not possible but over time if your not mentally handicapped or retarded its pretty simple. they don’t hide it cause theres no one to hide it from that they cant pay off or hide overseas from.

18th March 2014
dru down

there cant be this many stupid weak people who allow this and don’t care.its time to put the skill part of the game back into online texas holdem and stop letting these sickos overseas with no morals that seem to always have a little boys foundation get away with this.these people are as low and as sick as it gets.

21st May 2014

Sites like Pokerstars came very close in coding the perfect ripp off and I believe they are all the same.

It’s designed to take players money by raking pots over and over. Leveling the players skills is achieved using variance (e.g. draw variance) and focusing on potsizes you are able to win and loose. Basically playing online is a matter of luck, not skill.

Remeber what they advertise…every player has a fair chance to win, no matter what their skill level is.

If you take a closer look at the game, you will find the same patterns over and over again. But don’t be fooled, the distribution of cards (preflop and board) will show no evidence of manipulation. What you should focus on are the preflop cards in the game and the board cards combined. Of course this is only possible if you audit the whole system.

Preflop dealing is random, Flop Turn and River are calculated with any player at the table that has placed a bet. Ever noticed that glitch right before the flop? It’s the same as if a dealer says ” Wait, I have to order the deck for the board”. By that I mean your preflop hand strength has no value vs your opponents hands unless you go allin preflop every single time. They want you to believe that skill will succeed. Actually it’s more like a lottery and the best you can hope for is to be able to play break even. Up to this point I have not met a single player with constant winnings, besides affiliates that work with e.g. Pokerstars. I met some really good players, who made quiet some money and all of a sudden they can’t win no more.

One example:
Let’s assume when being ahead allin your expected equity is at 88% with 5000 hands. You actually win 4350 hands and no splits (= 87%). Believe it or not, but +-1% makes a big difference and +-2% would be far out of line. So if you have 100 allin hands, variance can and will level your winnings no matter how good you play?

27th May 2014
Mark “Mistaflush” F

Yes it’s rigged. The percentages don’t play out anywhere near consistently. I’ll be a 80% + favorite and still loose 90% of those hands. Explain that goddam shit.

2nd June 2014

there is no doubt it is rigged…u are going to loose your money your faith in yourself and the game its a great game but online you are not playing poker u are just getting robbed ..and..whoever is robbing u and me cant even b sued or prosecuted….I wonder why after all these complaints …nothing happens …who is really behind this …

7th June 2014

Well i was on carbon since PS went down ,I amnot a pro,but ive played poker for over 40 yrs .holdem for around 10. I put 20 dollars on carbom and playedthat for 2 yrs,couldnt win more than 80 but also could never lose.I got so frustrated I put the rest of my money on a slot machine. set it for auto matic it ran for over 2 hours without losing.ITS all a joke

17th June 2014

I am poor, but smart and good at poker. I tried online poker a long time ago, already a skeptic since i am a programmer and sure enough i found the first site i played on to be rigged for high pots. Now i recently tried pokerstars just for fun, i bought ONE TIME for 1k in play chips, started on the low tables and steadily and quickly worked my way up to 200k. now i bounce between 150k – 250k and have for a while now despite the linear progress i had before that. i worked my way up to the 50/100 table (10k max buy in) which is what i’ve been stuck on. once i go over 200k my winning %’s get cut by 60+% and it’s like everyone seems to river the most ridiculous cards to take big pots. The most recent time I caught 2 pair on the flop 3 hands in a row, having opponent hit their exact card on turn and river. Statistics dont lie.

24th June 2014

25th June 2014

Please, whatever you do,DO NOT PLAY at 888poker. This so called site degrades poker in the worst way. Suckout after suckout is just incredible. Their RNG is suspicious. I will never go back to this site. Be warned; stay away from this site.

29th June 2014

Online poker is a scam. 888 is especially bad. In SnG’s you’ll often be on the bubble and short-stack will shove and get called by a bigger starting hand and get saved by a “miracle” river to keep them in the game and make you the new short-stack.

When you eventually have to shove with say A-Q you’ll get called by K-10 and a 10 will flop….ALWAYS!! THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS!

The suckouts are so predictable because most of the table are bots and they just want your cash. If you cash-out then expect to lose at least that amount after you do.

I have played thousands of hours of live and online poker and these days you simply cannot build a bankroll online. If you consistently win the software will stop you in your tracks and payoff bots and donks at your expense.

3rd July 2014
Lol shut up already

If you’re saying it’s rigged you’re most likely just bad. Use a poker odds calculator you dipshits.

17th July 2014

I have read all the arguements. I believe only part of it is rigged. I have had plenty of experience online, and from what ive seen/suffered has come mostly in the guarenteed money tournements. It seems that an unusually high percentage of time, especially when the guarentee is not yet met that the person at risk of being eliminated always loses. Countless 2 outters, runner runners, you name it. It is a normal part of poker to be sucked out on, it happens. But not at this high of a rate. Its as if they want them out so they can rebuy again to make the guarenteed money. Ive seen people get it in with AA and get called by big stacks w k3, they even give the AA a set, then proceed to run out a A8245 board. And it happens every day. Like i said, it happens. But not at this rate.

19th July 2014

I have 345,672 hands played on 888. My pre-flop win with aces against one player : 36,25%. Last week I lost 20 times in a row with aces. Of course it is not rigged. :)))

25th July 2014

I admit i am barely Novice at Poker..but i like the game and won already two/three hands in my life…
I played lately on my smartphone on ; PokerKing, DH poker even WSOP apps…rigged ?
Is it a normal occurrence at Poker tables to see same player get Deuce ALL THE TIME (deuce and 6 are the cards i get Always, repetitively at every table on ANY of the Poker mobile apps i have on my phone, 8 or 9 times on 20/30 hands) or even got deuce, five times, 5, FIVE TIMES IN A ROW !!!
Is it normal or my bad playing, to get; same hand, different suit three times in a row (received on PokerKing 2/8, 2/8,2/8 … ONE AFTER THE OTHER !!!) or that jumping from one table to the next; the first hand I get on three different table is DEUCE/…. , AND the RARE times a figure pop up, or pocket hand …like; Aces …well they are CONSTANTLY beaten ….i mean they NEVER win ???? !!
Is it something that sounds familiar with what can be seen at Poker tables ?

25th July 2014

I played WSOP, PoKerKing, DH Poker, Zynga, on each and everyone of them i get; DEUCE All The Time, on average 10 hands, i’ll receive deuce 4/5 times, deuce and 6 are my personal prefered cards or more exactly the cards i receive an unbelievable number of times.
On PokerKing i even received, THREE TIMES IN A ROW; 2/8, 2/8, 2/8 , i don’t know the math but how could this be random ?!
I do win some hands but my percentage of winning hands is way low !
Also the very rare times i get a hand or pocket hand (like AA (Ultra Ultra rare) RR (Very rare) …well they, most of the time, will be beaten by 3/4 or likes !
Even WSOP gives me odds out of this world, i do not buy any chip so maybe there’s here an explanation to my Fantastic losing streaks ?

25th July 2014
happy i dont suck

Lol. This is funny to read. All you shitty players going on and on about how it is rigged. Oh my, a no-name pro that hardly anyone has eber heard of is loosing money and saying it is rigged? My guess is he will be bust in a few years. Live or online.

Nut up or shut up people. Get some fucking proof that it is rigged. Also, all you morons playing on play money and micro stakes saying it is rigged? GTFO of here, why the hell would any of these sites waste time rigging bullshit. Also, i think it is funny how you all think it is rigged. Rigged for who? It isnt like these sites are getting your money. Your virtually shipping your money to another player. Yea these sites get rake but thats about it. Would be dumb for them to rig it. Also, to any schmuck that wants to say they do it for more rake? Why would thet have to with idiots like you rigtards. Also, would be dumb to rig for rake, 1) no rake in tournies, the buy-in is a part of their rake. 2) everywhere usually has a cap on rake at cash tables, and with so many tables going on with rake…why would they rig it?

Just face it. You lost. You either gad a bad run, played bad, got unlucky, or you just plain suck. Later rigtarda.

27th July 2014
ps rig

so f**king rigged

27th July 2014

I was wondering if you know you are beat and you fold,you actually don’t have proof you were beat…I mean couldn’t the sites just act as if you got bluffed.

5th August 2014
the Believer

WSOP is so rigged it is sad. I’ve never seen so many low percentage shots win. Over and over and over. I’ve never received so many cards so bad for so long. Bad run? It’s more that that.

WSOP has less and less people on it for that reason. I give it another year and it will be done. I no longer deposit, but only play the free tourneys now and have notice I an getting even crapier cards for months. LOL

15th August 2014

It doesn’t matter how good you play when you play online poker. All it matters is “sitting on the right seat”. You can just see a person “sitting on the right seat” keeps winning over and over again, and most the other players keep losing. It’s just so freaking obvious that’s hard to not notice. (When I “sit on the right seat”, i can barely lose even if i want to because I’m feeling earning too many chips and people starting to get upset.) Online poker games are RIGGED as hell. Totally wasting time and total bs.

24th August 2014

I play for several years now @ and i have seen insane things.. a few days ago after a losing streak,. i got WAY too many good hands,. i had over 20 AA and more then 20 times KK in one day of poker… it was just unbelievable how all the hands i played gave me the nuts on the flop or the turn…

now today its the exact opposite., im being dealt terrible hands again and again.. and the very few good hands i got ended in a bad beat..

it seems to be rigged in a way to give even the worst players a lucky win just to keep everybody believing they can be succesful,. so that people keep playing while the house collects (rake)

The more people that play,. the more income the sites get on rakes… im done with this shit 🙁

26th August 2014

I agree its rigged. I have been playin the app for a couple of months now. I can’t tell you how many times I won a tournament within 5 or 10 hands because I was getting all the cards. Same on the other end, final 2 at the table and getting no cards for almost the entire game while we checked back and forth.

My favorite, just today, the player to my right had the same had as me three times in a row.

Here is another theroy why I think its rigged to get you to by more chips::
I was trying to work towards my 5th ring in the Atlantic City room and am one game away from the ring. So I start out and keep working my through the playes and loosing on almost all AA and also 3 of a kinds to full houses which happens but 8/ out if 10 really! Haha. I think they want me to get in and buy more chips but I refuse.

Best bet to leave an wait for the free chips amd play another app in the meantime.

2nd September 2014

I am really annoyed by the morons that definitely KNOW that online poker is legit. Their arguments are usually one of thge following:

“You are just a bad player”.

Well maybe they are, maybe they’re not. You sure as hell don’t know them so how can you know? However Jason Young, the guy in this story, is a professional live player with a WSOP bracelet and he says it feels rigged. How about that?

“It’s variance, deal with it”

Maybe it is maybe it isn’t. Clearly people who complain on one particular hand have no case, one hand means nothing. But if there are complaints about the games feeling different than live. Bad beats happening way to often etc.

“Things are on the up and up, players these days use lots of software and would immediately smell a rat.”

Well there are a couple of things that are wrong with this argument. First of all it’s very hard to spot a good cheat. Let me give you a simple example of the top of my head. If I wanted to cheat I would devise a algorithm that would distribute you hands exactly as randomly expected percentage wise but i would hand you winners when you or your opponent (my bot/favored player) have a small stack (under average/buy in) and coolers/suckouts when you are big stack against big stack. Voila, all your statistics look right yet I am fleecing you. Your AA wins exactly 84% of the time as it should, only thing is it looses more when the pot is huge. Try looking for those kind of tweaks, I dare you.

On the other hand the Absolute Poker/Ultimate Bet cheating scandal revealed a interesting thing. The super user account that cheated was doing it so blatantly it was a joke. He was never, and I mean never, paying off a made hand and always reraised bluffs. Always. The goddamn monkey called a turn allin bluff with 10 high on a 4KK7 board (bluffer had 9 high and a hearts draw), talk about obviously knowing your opponents cards . Yet despite his outrageous plays there were just speculations and people were dismissing the accusations on 2+2 saying it’s just variance (surprise surprise) favoring a fish. The site denied any foul play and things could have very well ended there if the software had not glitched. You see, one of the players who had been cleaned out by the cheater had requested a hand history and because the cheat had a super user account the spreadsheet the software generated and was sent to the player was also showing all the players hands at the table not just those that normally would be shown. That was the proof that exposed the cheat and had the software sent just a normal hand history I don’t think anything would have happened. Now imagine how hard it would be to expose a cheating scheme perpetrated at low stakes (where people don’t even have tracking software and hand databases because they play for fun) and is tweaked and subtle.

I can say one thing: cheating may very well be going on and no one would be the wiser.

“Poker sites have no incentive to cheat, they make millions from rake and would lose it all if they were exposed”

That might be the only argument that’s half right. But then again ENRON was a profitable company and that did not stop them from turning it into a gigantic scam because they wanted MORE. People do stupid thing out of greed all the time.

But what really gets on my nerves is this argument:

“The big poker sites are legit, they audit their software independently and are controlled by gaming commissions. Also they are corporations for Christ sake, big respectable billion dollar businesses. You should trust them…

I really hate it when I am being taken for a fool. These pathetic arguments are a slap in the face of my intelligence quotient. These sites and the companies that are behind them are as shady and unregulated as it gets being deliberately set up in offshore heavens. Come on, I am to believe the “Maltese Gaming Authority” regulates Pokerstars? Their so called “independent” auditors are a joke and just as shady as the sites themselves. The fact that they so obviously elude any reasonable supervision while trying to fool the gullible into believing they are in fact makes them look like they have something to hide. And it would not be difficult at all. They should go to Harvard or MIT, not some auditing company that no one has heard of, and commission their statistics and computer analysis departments to make a review of the RNG software. But they should give access to it on the server as it runs not provide a copy because who is to say that software is actually running. If they did that and MIT says they are legit all this suspicion would go away makes you wonder why they don’t…

To sum things up I am not sold on the belief that online poker is rigged but I am certain it could be. And who ever says it can’t be is full of it.

8th September 2014

Poopoostars you can be sure to lose your chips to the higher betting robots with multiple stars.Do not even try to win a hand against them.That site frustrates the turd out of my crack.If 23 cards are dealt what are the chances of 4 aces/flush draw etc being dealt constantly….if you have played there you will know what I am saying.The set ups are constant.
Elimination of players with lower stacks is also ridiculous and happens 95% of the time.Their satellites to the higher games also has a player as the “collector” who will win every hand while the others have to rebuy.The software is ridiculous and I would rather watch my fart blow in the wind.

21st September 2014
Manuel Martinez

LOL… Where to start… Oh yeah Bovada and Carbon…

This is gonna be short and sweet.

Every time I make a deposit I become God no one can beat me I get the best flops the best hands I start racking up money like butter….. Then your time will come were its like you hit a brick wall and they start to take your money slowly, they call it Variance, but bullshit! not even in live games you have Variance for so long…..

The best part getting rivered over and over… LOL…. Not to mention on a 9 table how there is one person with 99, QQ, KK, AA in one round LOLL…….. Not to mention that KK, AA always and I mean always get cracked LOL….

Last part… This is Hilarious I promise! I been playing every single hand and to my surprise I been winning LOL… Thats right every single hand! You would not believe how many straight and flush draws Ive been getting LOL….

Plain and simple poker online is a joke, its designed to take your money in the long run…

Thats my story

22nd September 2014

Everyday there is another blog or post about poker stars being rigged. Is it all conspiracy ? Or is it simply bad players looking to blame something other than themselves and their playing skills?
Yawn yawn yawn !

Either way its a debate that will always divide opinion, i just read a very interesting topic on a poker community website and watch some of the videos posted by players, and a video released by Poker stars HQ who try and put their side across and i am still non the wiser lol, both arguments seem to have some credibility.
A few people who have contributed to the debate are putting together something to present to the poker stars board with a view to getting them to release vital information and data to put and end to all the speculation.

Have your say and lets see if they ( Pokerstars ) can finally end the controversy once and for all. The more voices the better chance we have of being heard !

22nd September 2014

Pokerstars is to 1000% manipulated, I play poker regularly since 6 years now.
And I never had as many bad beats like on pokerstars.

One example from a multi table tournament: When there are two players going all-in, most of the time the higher stack wins! I’ve played a few tournaments till I realized that and it happened to me again, again and again. And most of the time I had the better hand. I don’t know why it is like that. One possibility is that they earn more money, when the player rebuys again or buys-in on another tournament.

My advise, don’t Play online! If you like to play poker go to your nearest Casino and play there. It is safer! Also, for your Money!

23rd September 2014

There’s no debate about online poker being rigged. If you are an experienced player, you know that it is rigged, end of story. So if you say it isn’t rigged, either you haven’t played enough, or you are a fool – or a troll. Experienced players know how it is rigged – some of them can use this to their advantage.

28th September 2014

If Poker is a “sport”, then online Poker is “sports entertainment”, like WWE. Been playing since 2005 and have thousands in winnings at live tables from Commerce casino to Tunica MS. to Foxwoods. Can’t win a dime online. There are bots playing at every online table that know all the cards and cripple your ability to bluff, you will get called EVERY time you are bluffing by even ace high on flop when you move in, yet when you have a monster made hand, NO ACTION. There’s no money in online poker for the average Joe/Jane, I’ve read about these people that say they’ve made big money from it, never met anybody in real life that says they’ve ever won a dime…

2nd October 2014
say it ain’t so

The question should not be whether or not online poker sites are rigged, instead the question should be:
Are there any online poker sites that can be trusted to deliver an honest game 100% of the time?

A brief history of my poker background: been playing online poker since 2005, I do not consider myself by any stretch of the imagination anything more than a fairly competent player 9 years later.
Note: have more than two million hands played since 2005.

I started off playing micro-stacks in both, sit & goes, heads-Up, and multi tournaments for the first few months, until I got more accustom to the game.
I Then moved up to more challenging stakes of $20 to $100, after a couple of years (2007-2008) under my belt having played at those stakes and gaining confidence in my abilities, I then ventured into playing in site & goes as large as $200 and heads up as large as $1000.

So you can see, I was not nickel and dime wana-be player, I played in stakes that the average none professional would consider extremely challenging on a financial basis.

I had noticed a definite change in online poker by the middle of 2008, yes there were issues before that period, but they were not as blatant to see before that point, on average.
I stopped depositing money to online sites by the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010, due to what I categorize as mathematical improbabilities.

I had contacted pokerstars to complain on the extraordinary amount of suck outs all my opponents were getting to put me out of tournaments when having the odds on favorite hands to win each showdown. Well the response I received was which I believe is a companywide standard statement is that according to their analysis were those variances on the amount of suck-outs fell within the normal range of hands.
This of course was nothing but lip service, mathematically speaking , having the best hand preflop, turn and pre-river should win x% of the time, but with my hands the win ration was less than 2% which is not mathematically possible for extended periods of time, meaning six straight years and tens of thousands of hands.

The two main sites in question were pokerstars and party poker, but had also played at more than 8 or 9 other main online poker sites during that timeframe before deciding to stop rewarding this current online culture that online poker had morphed into.

So now let’s move to 2014, I have been playing at FullTilt, only in their freerolls now a day, I managed to acquire and win over 225 tickets to my current account, so you can see that my ability to win at poker is not in my head lol.
Now let’s look at party poker, this site I consider if not more corrupt then pokerstars then it is a mirror image, but from my personal experience, they are definitely more corrupt when it comes to my user profile.
I have been trying for three years to win a freeroll in their multi table tournaments, but 100% of the time when there is an all-in, my hands are guaranteed to lose; no matter how great a hand I may hold.

A zero % chance of winning is mathematically impossible, so this leaves very little room for one to speculate on other possibilities.

Yes from my own personal experience, I have no doubt that corruption and collusion is a factor of online poker.

6th October 2014
Unrealistic hands

I have just closed my pokerstars account. The reason for this is the amount of unrealistic hands I have been involved in. I play low stakes cash games and the money I played with I won it on freerolls in the pokerschool.
My latest ridiculous hand was: I had JJ and the flop came AAJ giving me a full house – I started betting on the flop and an opponent started betting back, I put him on AK – we both ended up going all in – he turned over his cards AJ. Now since I had two Jacks and there was one on the flop I thought that the possibility of him having the other was very low – but not with pokerstars.
Yesterday I had AA and I raised preflop, I got raised, and a third opponent reraised all-in. I went all-in and the other one opponents went all in too. When we turned over our cards I had AA, the second opponent had AA, and the third had KK. Our aces held up so we split the pot – with the rake taking a big chunk of the winnings. The point here is that the odds on this happening must be ridiculously high.
And yesterday I had pocket 6’s – the flop came 456 – I bet the flop and two other players raised and reraised – it turned out that the three of us had hit a set on the flop – I had pocket 6’s, my opponents had pocket fives and pocket fours.
This is just a tiny sample of the “bingo” poker happening on Pokerstars – and I like to play poker not bingo.
By the way I have taken screen shots of the above three hands and more besides if there is anyway I can show them.

26th October 2014

I to have suffered more bad beats than any reasonable person would expect so it could just be that I am the unluckiest person on the planet. The PokerStars explanation was I should be playing higher stakes. When you feel being cheated that’s a great idea. Recently started playing WSOP on Facebook for play money. Same crap and the software comes from their real money site.
But here is the absolute proof that the game is rigged.
Odds of a Royal Flush 649,739 : 1
Players are awarded levels so the amount of hands can be estimated.
Check players Bio’s for their best hand
Royal Flushes are not rare, in fact they are quite common.

To put this in perspective

National Lightning Safety Institute
Odds of being struck by lightning 280,000 : 1

27th October 2014

Couldn’t agree more about “hot IP addresses” and the insane amount of times it’s possible to lose consecutively with a healthy margin (say 4-1 or better in your favour).

Today I’m on pokerstars and I’m in the middle of the biggest downswing of my career. Prior to this downswing I’ve had maybe 7-8 one month stretches of KILLER cards, impossible to win, over 4-5 years. Each one has been preceded by a large withdrawal and each downswing has ended after sufficient deposits have been made. It literally is like a switch, after a certain deposit threshold you can’t lose but before that, play like a genius, ya still won’t win.

I have some of the best stats in the entire world for sngs at all stakes. My ROI at high stakes ($60 +) sngs is 27%. People have said these sort of numbers aren’t possible. Well they are if you study every opponent and understand how pokerstars operates.

Back to today. I am playing a Russian in PLO mtts ($33 buyin) and I have lost virtually every hand to Russia for 2 months, mostly in sick fashion. First hand we play I have aces, he has jacks, we both hit set on flop. He makes perfect perfect for straight flush. Next hand he plays A 8 T Q and hits quads vs my K K Q Q, next hand he makes quads again and I’m out. Straight flush, quads, quads, 3 hands in a row. The odds aren’t even worth computing but the odds mean nothing on pokerstars. I already knew I would lose because it was Russia and he was a donkey, I’m on a huge downswing and have massively better stats than him. Not even in question Russia wins every hand. I got in ahead with margin at least 100 times today (I multi up to 10 tables) and lost every single one. Same for 2 months, the only 2 month period I have ever lost pre-rakeback (I’m down $2K pre rakebake).

Simply it doesn’t matter how good you are or how bad you crush the villains when the chips go in, sometimes starting hands have zero value on pokerstars and the majority of all hands I’ve played lately (tens of thousands) have been decided on the river.

It MIGHT change in November when the UK gov takes over regulation from the Isle of Man. I honestly believe that in the mean time, the powers that be at pokerstars are donating as much as they can possibly get away with to Russia. The correlation between < 10% outs and winning outcomes is skewed so heavily in Russia's favour as to make me believe Putin is actually running pokerstars these days.

Definitely 100% pokerstars is artificially tampered with. What happens there ranges from modes of absolute bull shit, normal running and up to god mode. Where you are on your cash out cycle determines what sort of mode you get. Also for sure some players are hugely + EV on a daily and lifetime basis, so much so that they are playing a different game from the rest of the field. Literally any playable hand they will win and they play on it – shove from position all day long because they know pokerstars is rigged to protect them. Some seriously deficient players have walked away with huge scores on pokerstars lately and some of the worlds' finest can't win a hand at a table full of donks.

30th October 2014

I’ve played years of live poker (winning live player) but for the past few months I’ve played is online. I’ve had to change up my game completely.

When I suspected something was up this removed all doubt. I was in a cash game and had KK so I 3b, the SB flats and BB shoves, I re shove and the SB calls too. The SB has AA the BB has KK as well. In tens of thousands of offline hands I’ve never seen such a ridiculous hand. Sure you may think that that was just bad luck, yet I see big pocket pairs up against each other way more often online than offline, at LEAST 4-5x more often.

I’m not here complaining because of bad beats, I’ve been on the beneficiary side too. I have been enticed to stay in on hands with juicy flops and sucked out on way more 4-8 outters than what mathematically makes sense (although I was getting decent pot odds).

I feel that’s how you win online, you must play with your implied odds (suited connectors, suited one gappers), play multi player pots to build your pot odds because suck outs happen more than they should. A 4:1 favorite doesn’t hold up 80% of the time online, it just doesn’t it’s always a crap chute until the river. So if you have 8 outs with the turn and river to come (about 32-34%) and are getting 2-1 odds you may as well shove cause even if you get the call the mysterious online ‘suck out factor’ boosts you mathematical odds.

That’s how I’ve been playing online, it’s the only profitable way to play with such action induced rigged boards.

7th November 2014
jonny bravo

all the inbreds on here saying its not rigged are either site reps, or in complete denial.. id like to see their poker stats on shark scope.. seeing as how some people have won alot of money have really shady stats to say the least.. it must have something to do with their rotten israeli owners.. all your money goes to tel aviv, and then into some israeli soldiers rifle, so it makes it easier for him to rape and torture little children. what a shame. it was such a great game until all these rotten jews fucked it up. kind like they fucked up everything else.

9th November 2014
Horace Cope

Let me pose a theoretical question: how difficult would it be from a technological standpoint to have employees multi-tabling, and then also allow the ENTIRE HAND to play out, so they can see it, before they have to act preflop? This seems like something that would have been possible 15 years ago from a technological standpoint. It also happens to be what is most likely going on, in my opinion. If there is money to be made from something, and it can be done, then guaranteed somebody is doing it.

7th December 2014

Its very sad that it must be rigged, some day it will all come out that everyone has been taken for a ride. Spending 6-7 hours playing tourneys when you go card dead and cant compete??? Really strange how big stack always has a hand????? Someone please expose what is happening online!! We All Need Justice

9th December 2014
LoL @ u idiots

You guys are all ridiculous cry-babies. I never deposited at WPN yet am able to take down the freeroll leaderboard at will. I then used the cash earned from those freerolls to satellite into a 12,500 GTD and take 5th($722). My QQ lost to AA by the way, NOT a bad beat. There goes your bigstack always wins theory. I don’t care how improbable it is statistically, if it can happen, then it will happen.This is poker folks. You can’t expect the best hand to always hold up. AND don’t tell me you never came from behind and sucked out on a monster. Stop crying and blaming online poker for your bad luck. It’s happened to all of us at one time or another. Get over it or don’t, I don’t care. But you all are fools to think any pokersite would risk their golden goose of raked cash by rigging the software and potentially getting sued and/or jail. Everyone can’t win, someone has to lose. When I win, great! When I lose, I accept it. Like you should do. Quick! Someone call the WHAAAAmbulance.

22nd December 2014

I can understand the rigged theorists, but I think it goes much deeper. Without question, some sites have house players that do see your cards, but are forced to lose a certain percentage of the time so they don’t raise too much suspicion. They can easily falsify their location ( country) behind servers and are paid to do so.
Another point I’d like to make, the digital cards dealt are not static, nor do I believe the RNG’s that are used, burn cards in Texas Holdem games; therfore more live cards, more action, more rake. I don’t believe the deck itself is rigged, just rigged for more action. These gambling sites want your money, need your money, and will get it however they can, as fast as they can. You have the choice, play online or in a real casino.

22nd December 2014
James Williams

I agree, just too many juicy flops and one out hits, etc. U.S. has chosen to force it’s citizens to play with offshore sites by not regulating the industry. These people are unregulated and there is nothing at all to keep them from robbing us blind with robots and fixed cards.

30th December 2014
Steve Craddock

PKR Pokerstars Full Tilt 888 Ive played all these sites. I think all the software is the same. When you first start playing them you cant lose. Then all of a sudden you cant win a hand.I cant believe reading these posts how many people say the same thing.Something is wrong for sure.

2nd January 2015

no one wins at online poker anymore, only the poker site.
they might let you win a couple of hands here and there with AK hit an ace on the river and take out the pot.
when you hve AK and flop AAK, you see a massive raise, so you go allin or reraise, he has 22, hits a 2 on the turn and a 2 on the river, you lose the lot, rigged cards all the way and been playing online for 10 years, so no newbie.

9th January 2015

I’ve just had KK 5 times in a session of zoom on pokerstars. 3 times I was stacked by AA. This all after I transfered my bankroll from full tilt because the suckouts were absolutely disgusting and as usual, all too frequent. You know a site is rigged when you go back to pokerstars hoping for something that’s at least going to cheat you in a slower and possibly less obvious fashion. Or so I thought.. Prior to my transfer, I’d had my KK beaten by AA twice in the session. So in one day, I’ve had KK 9 times ( checked my HH) . 5 of those I was up against AA, once I actually won vs QQ, bet he was happy. I’d love to know the odds of being up against bullets 5/9 times I’ve held Kings and all in one day. (it also happens way too often anyway, not just today and like me, most online players cringe when we get KK. you have a fucking orgasm when you get them in a live game, but all you feel online is bye bye stack and you’re absolutely stunned if they ever actually fucking win.)

During this time, I went on a little bit of tilt. I started 3betting, 4betting, even 5 betting 2-5 off suit and hitting trips, going all in with a gut shot on the turn and hitting it, playing 10-2 suited and bluffing with air only to crack aces with runner runner flush. It was absolutely horrible. I was playing like a complete and utter fuckwit and it was not just the only time I was winning, it was the only time I wasn’t being continuously well, in my view, stolen from. This isn’t some hard luck story, an amateur not knowing what ev, implied odds etc are.. I’ve played over a million hands online and up until a few years ago, I was a winning player. It doesn’t matter what I do now, I simply cannot win.

One thing I can say I’ve noticed also, something I’ve read in these comments and quite often elsewhere. Deposits. When I’ve deposited, the first 2-3 days are absolute gold. I cannot lose. Then they fuck me up the arse and I cannot win anything, it doesn’t matter who I play or what I hold, I simply cannot win after those guaranteed 2-3 days of bullshit good fortune that’s almost as amazing as the suckouts only it never lasts as long. This has happened all 4 times I have deposited. Very short run of luck followed by long spell of absolute bullshit.

There really doesn’t seem to be any real poker online anymore. It’s always suckout after suckout, some for me, just enough to keep me playing, then it goes from one extreme to the other, only to stay at the bullshit end for far too long. Without any proof I’m not going to speculate on HOW they fuck us over, only stating observations on my behalf, but only a blind moron would believe it is in anyway legit.

If nothing else, keep track of how often you get kings only to be up against aa or be sure to take note of your up and down swings straight after a deposit.

I know I’ll never be depositing again, it’s just too ridiculous. I love gambling because I love the maths + skill. Those qualities hinder you if you want to win it seems. I originally deposited over 10 years ago because I loved poker, but play chips were too easy, no challenge and just like bingo. But at least back then it’s because the players were stupid and easy to beat. NOT because they beat me, but because it was simply too easy to win. Playing for cash offered the challenge I desired. But now it’s not the odd suckout from a donk that pisses you off for two seconds before you pick up JJ and he goes all in with 35os, it’s the fact it happens all the time. It’s like the odds are literally reversed online, it’s completely fucked up and I’m sick of it.

Anyone want to fund a new site regulated in a REAL country? Get in now promoting fairness and proof of fairness and you’ll not only become rich but put a lot of thieving bastards out of the poker business.

28th January 2015
asim mima


28th January 2015

IF you want to win- Delete your account, start a new one, and ONLY play crap hands and go all in either preflop or on the flop- Poker sites have algorithms that are designed to convince bad players that they are pretty good players so that they will deposit either more money OR move from play chips to real money. You will no doubt be very tempted to play good poker, but resist, because as soon as you do start playing good poker, you will be flagged as a good player, and the bad beats will start piling up

3rd February 2015
wha-aat a whine

Poker sites possibly have a slight bias toward making money.. It is a business but I do not think these sites go to all the elaborate programming and clandestine “super accounts” to enhance their bottomline.
It is gambling. Gambling always ends up favoring the casino or the online site. Never gamble what you cannot lose. If you gamble planning to make money you are pitifully naive.
In all the stories and the statistics Oh no Wait there were no statistics supporting the rigged train of thought were there? I wonder if people consider that the variances and bad beats happen more often online than in live poker because online poker plays about 40x more hands per hour.
I do not know if all online poker is rigged or not. After reading most of the comments I will say that if yall are wanting to convince others of the inherently unfair nature of online poker you are not going about it correctly. Far too much emotionalism and paranoia and personal loss and wah wah wah..

5th February 2015

Think about is not in any poker sites interest for any player to withdraw money. There is a reason nearly all online poker sites are registered in Gibraltar and it’s not just about tax. The gambling and gaming commission and regulators take a much more relaxed stance over there. Same thing with roulette and blackjack. If you play in an actual casino you have a much higher chance of winning.. But then you couldn’t play in your underwear while getting high

6th February 2015

total scam, beware

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