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Online Poker Caused Osama Bin Laden’s Destruction?

May 3rd, 2011 Author:

 Online Poker Caused Osama Bin Laden's Destruction?According to rumours circulating in the poker community, the recent assassination of Osama Bin Laden by American Special Forces may have direct links to ‘Black Friday’ and the clamp-down on the US online poker industry.

For 10 years the US government has been after the al-Qaeda founder Osama Bin Laden, 54, who was believed largely responsible for the September 11 attacks in New York.

However, the elusive FBI wanted terrorist managed to remain hidden until 15th April when PokerStars, Full Tilt and Absolute Poker were investigated and indicted by the FBI.

As the story/conspiracy theory goes, a few years back the CIA captured senior al-Qaeda operatives Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who then disclosed the name of Bin Laden’s closest aide after a ‘session’ with top Romanian interrogator known only as ‘Radu’

In addition, the CIA apparently discovered Bin Laden’s most trusted aide was also a keen online poker player, with both pieces of information then being confirmed after the capture of Khalid’s replacement, Faraj al-Libi.

In August 2010, the CIA then learnt that Bin Laden was living within a mansion compound in Pakistan, although they did not know which one or where it was located.

However, on April 15, 2011 the ‘Big Three’ poker sites had their domain names seized by US authorities and allegedly a deal was struck whereby the CIA received information on all online poker transactions in Pakistan and Afghanistan in exchange for the return of their domains and the unfreezing of bank accounts to facilitate the return of players’ deposits.

Finally, within three days the US military were then quickly able to trace the location of Bin Laden’s poker playing aide culminating in the May 1st Chinook helicopters assault on Bin Laden’s compound and subsequent assassination at the hands of Navy SEAL ‘Team Six.’

Whether the conspiracy theory has any merit to it or not hasn’t stopped the online poker community jumping all over the story. There may also be further online related bad news for the deceased al-Qaeda leader.

As one poster put it: “Remember how they are promised 72 virgins when they die? Turns out that it’s only a bunch of geeks sitting on their computers playing Magic: The Gathering.”

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3rd May 2011


3rd May 2011

Also….Fresh from Washington……Online poker was THE lone, single-handed cause of the Economic Meltdown. Homes which housed online poker players devalued at a 55% clip over the past 5 years, which has caused the rest of the US Housing market to follow.

Also…..the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami was caused by a spike in internet useage due to online poker…..which caused a vibration in the Electrical Lines housing access to the internet.

Thirdly… has been theorized for years that Hitler actually lives, and heads up the big three poker sites, with Kim Jong Il as a silent partner.

4th May 2011

The mafia in the US are the ones who brought these websites down. Now they’re using the Bin Laden story to prevent them from re-opening on their shores again. Americans, open your eyes to who really wields power in your banana republic.

4th May 2011

Online poker causes global warming too !

4th May 2011

Seriously, people will believe anything. Just think about it, would FT/PS/UB/AP deny the CIA that info if they requested it prior to black friday? They would be like, jumping to hand it on a silver platter trying not to upset the US so they could keep that market

5th May 2011

There were no internet connections, not even telephone lines, at the compound. Makes online poker difficult…

6th May 2011
defender of the geeks

no fair. magic: the gathering players are usually 20+ years and therefore more likely too have had sex. now. try put in a pokémon and you’ll find your virgins 😛

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