Lock Poker Chip Values Plunge

Lock Poker Chip Values PlungeThe troubles at Lock Poker continue to grow in light of its incredibly restrictive cashout speeds of between 2-4 months. Seeking different ways to being reunited with their funds, disgruntled customers have been making Lock Poker chip trades and offloading their Lock Poker chips for just 50 cents on the dollar.
However, this practice carries risks of its own and doesn’t guarantee a player his funds. For instance, one online player, known as Thejuggernaut, had to wait a month just to be told his $10K Skrill cashout request had been rejected because he had apparently been buying chip without actual play and trying to then turn them into cash against their policy.
This story has been repeated several times and one Two Plus Two member by the name of kilowatt claims to know what the problem seems to be at the online poker room. Stated quite simply at the beginning of his recent Two Plus Two post, he said; “Lock Poker is broke.  Player funds are gone.”
According to the Two Plus Two member, Lock Poker lost a significant amount of money in the Cyprus banking crisis and compounding its problems further was the fact Lock Poker was suffering cash troubles even before the crisis struck.
Calvinayre.com has taken an equally extreme opinion of what is going on at Lock Poker, and recently wrote on its blog: “Lock could be working an extremely long con, in which the grifters abandon any pretense of ever paying their players, causing the value of Lock deposits to plummet to near-zero, after which they themselves use sock-puppet accounts to repurchase most of their unfunded liabilities for 5 cents on the dollar, wipe the slates clean and start the con anew.”
So far there have been no hard facts to support either theories, but as cashout problems and plunging  chip values continue at Lock Poker, , then more and more of its customers are feeling nervous about their money and the entire network could come to suffer as a result.

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