Limit Hold’em Challenge: Negreanu Loses To RUaBot

Limit Hold’em Challenge: Negreanu Loses To RUaBot This week, PokerStars announced the start of a new competition series called ‘The Limit Hold’em Challenge,’ in which selected pros would play each other for high stakes in the once popular poker variant.
The first challenge then presented a fascinating contest between a young German limit hold’em genius called RUaBot, and Canadian pro Daniel Negreanu, who has 4 WSOP bracelets to his name, two of which are in limit events.
Both players started with $75,000 and were due to play 1,250 hands across two tables at stakes of $200/$400 to determine the winner. Fans expecting to see a close contest would have enjoyed the back and forth of the first 167 hands which saw the players fairly even in chips, after which RUaBot went into over drive.
Through a combination of impressive skill and running well, RUaBot was able to steadily whittle away at Negreanu, who regularly vented his frustration in the chat box with such comments as; “OMG dude this is too much!!! haha” and “That is starting to get really annoying LOL,” after losing yet again to a river beat.
Subsequently, RUaBot was $5,400 in profit after 185 hands, $17,900 after 353 hands, $44,200 after 407 hands, before taking the whole of Negreanu’s $75,000 stack to close the match out after just 937 hands.
At the end of the four hour plus challenge, RUaBot was quick to acknowledge his good fortune to a still clearly frustrated Daniel Negreanu, with the conversation going as follows:
KidPoker: gg
rUaBot: gg
rUaBot: sorry for the sick run
KidPoker: its ok just glad its over!
KidPoker: have never in my life played 2 tables HU LH and I never will again
rUaBot: big thanks for playing here
rUaBot: oh
KidPoker: good night
That chat might not necessarily bode well for the future of ‘The Limit Hold’em Challenge,’ which was originally launched to help stimulate interest and introduce a new generation of players to Limit Hold’em.

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03 May 2012
At the end of 2010, PokerStars started its SuperStar Showdown challenge in which contenders would pit their skills against no-limit heads-up specialist Viktor “Isildur1” Blom. Now the world’s largest online poker room has announced another absorbing competition aptly called The Limit Hold’em Challenge, in which specially invited players will compete for high stakes. Getting underway