Jungleman12 Wins $40k From Dwan In Latest Durrrr Challenge 2

Just a few days after Daniel “jungleman12” Cates took $270,453 from Tom Dwan as part of their Durrrr challenge 2, the young pros were at it again last night, with Dwan this time hoping  to gain some traction on his increasingly frustrating heads-up challenge.
In their latest session, the duo played 1,099 hands of $200/$400 NL at the end of which Dwan fell a further $39,797 behind to his 21 year-old millionaire opponent.
Tom Dwan started well enough and early on dragged a $108k pot to help gain a $111,000 lead over Cates. In the hand, Cates was dealt Qc-5c to Dwan’s 10s-7s and after the pre-flop betting reached $4,800 both players settled down to see the 7c-Jh-Kd flop.
Cates then lead out $4,800 into the $9,600 pot, and then on the 9s turn lead out $14,400 into the $19,200 pot only to be called by Dwan on both occasions. Finally, when a 6h fell on the river Cates bluffed his remaining stack into the $48,000 pot and was called by Dwan with his remaining $30,287 to win the $108,574 pot with just a pair of sevens.
However, soon after “jungleman12” evened up the scores after winning a $101k pot in which both players hit trip eights on the board but with Dwan’s 8-6 out-kicked by Cates’ J-8.
Back on an even keel, Jungleman12 then managed to plough ahead to eventually close out the session a winner by $39,797.
In total, the pros have now played 19,335 of their 50K challenge with Dan “jungleman12” Cates currently ahead of Dwan by an impressive $1,251,059. Worringly, Dwan also hasn’t been ahead in their heads-up encounter since the 3,000 hand was played last year.
Away from their challenge, Jungleman12 is currently showing a profit of $1,959,267 at Full Tilt in 2011. By contrast, after winning $3,5 million in 2010 Dwan has been  experiencing a lot more turbulence over the first few months of this year and is stuck $1,841,421 so far.

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