German Player Wins $479,101 After Quads Beaten By Royal Flush

Online poker player PRAETORIANER has been celebrating his incredible fortune after winning the lion’s share of an online poker Bad Beat Jackpot worth around $1 million.
According to his pokertableratings statistics, PRAETORIANER had earned around $1,763 playing 38,768 hands of cash games at PartyPoker before hitting the life changing jackpot for $479,101.
The fateful hand occurred at the week-end while the German member was at PartyPoker’s $2/$4 cash tables. During the hand PRAETORIANER was sitting on a $400 stack and raised to $12 UTG+2 after being dealt pocket tens.
Seven other players at the table then folded with only ‘rol007’ calling the bet holding As-Qs in mid-position and $303 in front of him. In position, ‘rol007’ then called PRAETORIANER’s $16 bet on a 10s-Ks-10h flop and the 4c turn then saw PRAETORIANER checked-raising rol007’s $32 bet to $80.
Finally, the Js on the river guaranteed the action and after PRAETORIANER led out for $248, rol007 moved all-in for his remaining $195.50 holding the premier hand in poker.
In addition to taking down the $609.50 pot, rol007 also received $239,550 as his share of the Bad Beat Jackpot while PRAETORIANER won $479,101 and seven other players each collected $34,221 for just being there.
Commenting on the moment he won the staggering jackpot, PRAETORIANER said:
“Before I saw the river card (jack of spades) I didn’t even realise that I might be playing for the jackpot here. When I went all-in and he insta-called, my pulse went up. Everything went really fast from here. I got a notification at the table that I had won the BBJ and immediately received the money in my account – my heart almost stopped. I was yelling and running around the room like a madman.”
PRAETORIANER now says he intends to spend some of the money buying an iPad, expensive whisky, a massive leather couch and 5 PC mice and keyboards which, he says get broken ever so often after he throws them against the wall after a bad beat.
However, after his incredible win PRAETORIANER commented; “I will probably stay more relaxed when I get one-outered and just think back to my BBJ!”

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