Durrrr Challenge II: Wild Swings As Dwan Wins $68k

Thursday night Tom Dwan and Dan “jungleman12” Cates continued their challenge once more, this time putting in 1,214 hands of $200/$400 NL Hold’em with Dwan finishing in profit by $63,362.
During the most action packed session of their challenge so far, Dwan was actually up around $354k and behind in the challenge a mere $200k before things turned about for him. Despite now narrowing the one time gap of $800k to around $500K Dwan will surely feel a little disappointed about losing all that money back towards the end of the night.
The largest pot of the session was worth $210k and was won by Dan “jungleman12” Cates after being dealt 8h-7h on the big blind to Dwan’s 9h-5h. Dwan then escalated the betting pre-flop first to $1,200 and then to $14,500 after Cates reraised to $5,200. Cates then check-called Dwan’s $17,800 bet on a 9s-3d-6s flop and after hitting a straight with a 5d turn card check-called once more Dwan’s all-in bet of $166,776 with his remaining $72,891. Holding two pair, Dwan found no help on the river and so lost the monster pot.
However, Dwan took the second biggest pot worth $189,953 after flopping a set of fours and then another two worth $146k and $142k before things turned around and his profits began to dive.
Adding to his disastrous last half hour, Dwan suffered a rare internet connection glitch resulting in him being unable to put a $34,000 value bet with his nut flush on the river, which Cates would certainly have called with his two pair.
Dan “jungleman12” Cates then couldn’t resist winding Dwan up a little and their conversation went:
jungleman12: i thought it was pretty cool
durrrr: nice douchebag comment ty
jungleman12: joking obv
durrrr: pretty off timing
durrrr: to joke
durrrr: after running pretty sick for 20min and then my 1st internet messup in days it checks behind nut flush vs ur 2p which obv autocalls
durrrr: but w/e enjoy the needle play later
jungleman12: gg
Despite admitting to feeling tilted on Twitter later, Dwan will still take away a good deal of positives from the session after almost managing to even out the Durrrr Challenge II tally in one foul swoop.

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