Durrrr Challenge II Resumes With $122k Jungleman12 Victory

After a two months absence, the Durrrr Challenge 2 resumed once again Monday night and by the time the 348 hand session was over Daniel “jungleman12” Cates had added another $122,000 to his ongoing tally against Tom “durrrr” Dwan.
The duo are now a third of the way through their 50,000 hand challenge which started in August 2010, with “jungleman12” currently showing a $941,263 profit.
As Monday night’s $200/$400 no-limit hold’em game got underway, Dwan dominated the first 238 hand session and was soon up $21,000 before he took a short break.
However, the respite did him no favours and after he returned the final 110 hand session played saw Dwan losing $143,704 to eventually close out their game a loser to the tune of $122,000.
The biggest pot of their final 110 hand session was worth $80,799 and occurred after Cates was dealt Kd-Jd to Dwan’s 7d-7c.
From the button Dwan then raised to $1,200 before calling Cates’ three-bet to $4,000. The 9h-8d-6d flop was guaranteed to produce action and Cates then check-raised Dwan’s $4,800 to $10,800 before Dwan re-popped and Cates called all-in for  $36,400.
The players then decided to run the hand twice, both times of which Cates won, first with 8h-9s falling on the turn and river, and then with Qh-Kh.
The second biggest pot of the night worth $66,398 then also went Daniel “jungleman12” Cates way when he was dealt 9s-8d to Dwan’s Ah-10c. With the flop falling 9h-8h-6h both players soon had all their money in the centre of the table and once again decided to run it twice. Dwan came away empty-handed once again, though, after no hearts or 7’s were dealt.
After this their 17th session, Dwan has a lot of work to do if he is to overcome a nearly $1 million deficit to jungleman12. What’s more worrying for Dwan is that he hasn’t been ahead in their match since around the 3,000th hand of their challenge.
In other news, the original Durrrr Challenge 1 between Dwan and Patrik Antonius turned two years old last month with their last session taking place in August 2010. Dwan is currently lying $2,059,719 ahead of his Finnish opponent after 39,436 hands played.

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