Durrrr Challenge II: Jungleman12 Extends Lead By $110k

Monday night saw Tom Dwan and Dan “jungleman12” Cates continue their Durrrr Challenge II at Full Tilt Poker’s virtual felts.
Despite playing just 346 hands of $200/$400 NL Hold’em over the space of 45 minutes, Cates still managed to take an impressive $110k off Dwan during the brief but action packed session.
The duo have now completed 10,129 hands of their 50,000 hand challenge, with “jungleman12” currently sitting on a $755K lead over Dwan.
The biggest pot on the night was worth $80,399 and went to jungleman12 after he was dealt Kh-Qh and completed a nut flush on a Kd-Ah-4h-3h-10s board.
Cates also scooped another big pot worth $80,398 when he again made the nut flush holding Ah-Kh. Cates on the big blind 3-bet Dwan’s pre-flop raise to $4k and then proceeded to lead out with roughly third pot sized bet on a 8c-10h-6h-9s board. When a 2h fell on the river, Dwan then called Cate’s $23,599 bet into the $59,199 pot only to discover his opponent had made his flush.
Dwan managed to exact some revenge after trapping Cates with Ad-8d on a 3-Q-3-5-A board, with Dwan holding A-Q. Dwan check-called Cates bluffs on each street to take the $75,195 pot but still ended the session down $110,000.
Poker forums have noted recently that Tom Dwan seems to have adapted his strategy during ‘Durrrr Challenge II’ with many commenters noting that Dwan is currently more inclined to just call Cates’ bets rather than putting in raises himself. Although this approach doesn’t seem to have paid off yet for Dwan, it does show that he is having to try out various techniques in order to counter his prodigious opponent’s tricky play.
So far the duo have been playing for four months and are about one fifth the way through their challenge. They have currently logged 16 hours of game time over 9 sessions, with jungleman12 ahead by $755K and hoping to take a further $1.5 million bonus off Dwan if he succeeds in beating him.

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