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Ohio Man Wins $100k Slots Jackpot At Scioto Downs Casino

June 17th, 2013 Author:

Ohio Man Wins $100k Slots Jackpot At Scioto Downs CasinoA 71 year old man from Circleville in Ohio is celebrating his good fortune after scooping a progressive jackpot on a Double Diamond slot machine worth an incredible $99,999.99.

Danny Binkley had been playing the slots at the Scioto Downs Casino & Racetrack and after winning $50 was already considering calling it a night.”That was plenty for me. Anytime you can go home even, you’re a winner,” explained the Circleville resident.

That’s when his daughter, Corinna Swoyer, noticed that a nearby Double Diamond slot machines was displaying $99,999.99, and said to her father; “That’s as high as they go. Maybe we should play it.”

Not long after sitting down at the progressive slot machines, bells and whistles started sounding leading to a bustle of activity as gamblers and casino officials alike rushed over to see what had caused all the commotion. As Mr Binkley explains: “On my second spin, three diamonds came up. Corinna started hollering. I thought I only won $4,000, but she said I hit the whole jackpot, and then my knees started getting weak..and I could feel my blood pressure going up.”

Danny Binkley says he, like many other gamblers, is a little on the superstitious side, and was wearing his lucky hunting cap when he ended up releasing the huge progressive jackpot. The septuagenarian, however, said he is also a conservative gambler, and explaining his approach to gambling, said:

“I take a set amount with me. That way, even if you lose a hundred or two hundred, you won’t feel so bad, like the people who lose two or three thousand.”

The approach seems to have served Mr Binkley well, and he said the impressive score is already safe and secure in his bank account, minus, of course, a share of the jackpot he gave his daughter for being his “lucky charm.”

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5th January 2015

They will not let out money I played 10 years and never won a jackpot

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