Las Vegas Type Project Coming To Ireland

A Las Vegas-style leisure complex has finally been given the go-ahead by the Irish planning authority to be built in County Tipperary.
The three year project will aim to transform an 800-acre site located in fields opposite the village of Two-Mile-Borris into a sports and leisure centre with the potential of even being a venue for the Breeders’ Cup, usually held in the US.
Once completed, the 460 million euros project will see the creation of the biggest hotel in Ireland with 500 bedroom, an 18-hole golf course, a racecourse, a greyhound track and a 6,000 square meter casino. In addition, the centre will also boast a full-size replica of the US White House to be used for functions and banqueting.
The concept for the multi-million euro complex is driven by Dublin’s Dr Quirkey’s amusement arcade owner Richard Quirke, who sees huge potential for job creation, as well as revenue production.
It is estimated that during the construction phase of the operation up to 1,000 jobs will be created, with up to 2,000 full-time positions available at the complex once the project is completed. As Richard Quirke explains:
“In the context of stated Government policy to encourage creativity and job creation, this is a timely opportunity to progress an original plan which will generate enormous economic activity and create thousands of sustainable jobs.”
“A combination of a broad range of interactive projects on the one site will transform the economic, cultural and social life of Tipperary and the entire region.”
This should all come as welcome news to a country currently suffering from a deepening financial crisis and an unemployment rate running at 15%.
However, many skeptics are questioning whether the venue will prove a sufficient draw for punters, particularly as Ireland is already inundated with hotels and entertainment centres struggling to survive.
Also, at present casinos are illegal in the Republic of Ireland and so a change in law will be required before the 6,000 sqm gambling palace could be realised.

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