Bill Perkins's Latest Prop Bets Involve Dieting and Swimming

Bill Perkins's Latest Prop Bets Involve Dieting and Swimming Bill Perkins is well-known on the poker circuit for his wild prop bets. Over the years, these have included Dan Bilzerian cycling from Las Vegas to Los Angeles in 48 hours for $600,000, Jeff Gross getting a gay rainbow tattoo for $550,000, and Antonio Esfandiari lunging everywhere over a 48 hour period for $50,000.
More recently, the billionaire hedge fund manager and amateur poker player with $2,603,491 in live cashes, has agreed another couple of prop bets with three high-profile people associated with the poker industry, namely Twitch-streamers Jaime and Matt Staples, and Poker Life Podcast host Joe Ingram.
In the first of the challenges, Jaime Staples and his brother Matt were laid odds of 50 to 1 on a $3,000 bet that they could not get within 1 pound bodyweight of each other inside of one year. Considering Jaime Staples currently weighs 140kg (315lbs) and his brother weighs just 60 kg (135lbs), many pundits believe the chances of the brothers succeeding in their endeavor and winning $150,000 from Perkins is slim at best.
According to those people claiming that the bet is impossible, Jaime could expect to healthily lose 5kg of weight per month, while Matt could only reasonably be expected to gain around 25 pounds (12 kg) of muscle over one year, meaning he will also need to add an additional 20 kg of fat if their wager is to be successful.
Meanwhile, Joe Ingram has accepted a swimming prop bet from Perkins after agreeing to put $5,000 of his own money on the line. As Ingram tweeted recently:
“I booked a swimming prop bet w/ @bp22, my 5k to win 15k, must swim 1 mile by end of Sept down in St. Thomas. I’ve never swam in my life.”
Perkins apparently feels confident in his wager, too, as Ingram is not allowed to use any assistive equipment, with the same journey in open waters taking even an experienced swimmer around 20-25 minutes to complete. As Ingram will be carrying out his swim at Christmas Cove in St. Thomas, he will also have currents and waves to contend with, which should prove a test for his lung capacity. Commenting on the bet, Perkins stated:
“I don’t think I made a horrible bet because I’m going to be entertained no matter what.”

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