Texas Woman Loses $1.5 Million Playing Slots

A 61 year-old woman is now in all sorts of trouble after losing $1.5 million of her boss’s money playing the slots at Klein Food Mart in Spring, Texas.
Patricia Mancuso Janowski worked eight years at Cape Software Inc., where she received $3,800 a month as a bookkeeper and secretary. However, unbeknownst to the company Pat Janowski had been helping herself to an extra $14,000 per month since joining the company in 2002.
Over the period of her employment, Pat Janowski was in charge of payroll and had managed to transfer around $1.5 million into her own account disguised as ‘payments to vendors.’ However, despite the large amount of money involved her former employer is going to have a hard time retrieving any of the cash as she allegedly spent most of it on the slots.
Apparently, most nights after work Janowski would head to the Klein Food Mart where she would play marathon sessions on the shop’s video poker machines. As Cape Software attorney Brad Beers explains:
“Family members have said she would stop there on her way home from work and stay there until it closed. They (store employees) would give her cigarettes. She was just there constantly.”
Evidently Janowski certainly enjoyed no luck playing the slots and her embezzling antics also finally caught up with her after an internal audit was authorised by Cape Software Inc, following discrepancies in its accounts being discovered in November 2010.
Soon after, Janowski was arrested before then being taken to Montgomery County Jail. Currently on a $50,000 bond, she now faces charges of criminal theft by Montgomery County police, in addition to being sued by her former employer for $1.5 million.

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