Shooting Craps: What's In A Name?

Shootin Craps: What's In A Name?What’s in a name? Quite a bit when it comes to the game of Craps, apparently, as the Hippodrome Casino in London has now decided to rename the game “Dice”.
As the joke goes: “Did you hear about the muttonhead who was shootin craps? He blew a hole in the toilet.”
Or to give the joke a real life example, Hippodrome Casino owner Simon Thomas said he decided to rebrand the game as “Dice” to avoid confusing and embarrassing customers with situations like the following. As Mr Thomas explains:
“There’s a lot of sniggering and smirking going on and it can cause confusion. The other night an American came in an asked the way to ‘the Craps’ and one of our East European waitresses pointed him to the gents. So we’re going to be British and politically correct about it.”
The Hippodrome Casino is now hoping that the change will help encourage more British gamblers to give the game a go, as it is considered one of the most enjoyable casino games to play, while also offering some of the best odds in the house. Consequently, the “Craps” sign outside the Hippodrome casino in Leicester Square has already been replaced with a new board reading “Dice”.
Interestingly, the rude-sounding name for the popular game originated in the streets of France, where the players crouching down to roll the dice against the curb were said to resemble a “crapaud” – the French word for toad.