"Megapot" Jackpot Win Sets Friends At Each Others Throats

A dream come true soon turned into a nightmare after two friends hit the 2.2 million euros ($3.6 million) jackpot at the Palavas-les-Flots Casino, near Montpellier, south-western France and then tried to claim the prize each for their own.
The incident, which originally took place on March 6th, is currently being heard by a French judge and is yet another case study in human nature where a large win can invariably lead to an overload of greed setting the involved parties at eachothers throats.
Marie-Helene Jarguel enjoyed playing the slots and often brought her friend Francis Sune, 57, along as she considered him her lucky mascot. On the day in question they headed off to the casino with the intention of lining up three sevens on the casino’s slot machine to win the “Megapot” of 2.2 million euros. Jarguel put 50 euros in the machine while Sune pressed the buttons 12 times without success only for the pair to strike gold on the 13th attempt. 
Following the congratulatory champagne only one person was handed the machine jackpot cheque for 2.2 million euros according to casino rules. i.e. Marie-Helene Jarguel. That’s when the trouble started as one week later Mr Sune tried to sue his “friend” for half the money.
“I’m the winner,” said Mr Sune. “She could have bet 1000 euros if she’d liked but without me she would have won nothing. On the Monday she phoned to tell me she’d give me something, but on the Friday she no longer knew me. I was her four-leaf clover, now she’s treating me like a sheep to be fleeced.”
Ms Jarguel, however, had a different take on the matter and said : “He is a crook. I wanted to give him something out of solidarity. But now as he has taken me to court, he’ll get nothing.”
In the end one would hope some sense of propriety will prevail between the two parties but no matter what the judge decides, what should have been a joyous life changing event will always be marred by the negative consequences winning a large amount of money can have on a person and their relationship with others.

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