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Karma Of Casino Robbery Victim Now Charged With Theft

September 26th, 2013 Author:

Karma Of Casino Robbery Victim Now Charged With TheftFollowers of the Buddhist faith believe that whatever you do comes back to you, good or bad. One unfortunate man who may have experienced Karma recently and brought upon himself the inevitable results of his actions is David A. Hayes, 29, who on October 21st, 2012, was robbed of the $35,800 he had just won playing blackjack at the Hollywood Casino Columbus.

Apparently, Mr Hayes had to endure the harrowing ordeal of being robbed
at gunpoint of his casino winnings after being followed back to his home last fall. Two criminals involved, Ronald L. Jones and Ryan C. Bundy, have since been caught and sentenced to 10 years behind bars. Nevertheless, it now appears David A. Hayes may not have been wholly innocent in the whole affair.

You see, from September to December last year Hayes worked at the Diamond Cellar, a jeweler shop located in Columbus, Ohio, and during his employment there allegedly stole scrap metal used to make or repair jewelry before selling it on to Gold Buyers at Polaris Fashion Place.

It has since come to light that Gold Buyers bought around $107,000 worth of precious metals from Hayes, who subsequently bought $99,000 worth of gambling chips at Hollywood Casino Columbus in December.

After later being robbed of his casino winnings, in May Hayes decided to file a lawsuit against the casino, whose negligence he said had led to the robbery. In a bizarre case of karma, however, Hayes’ indiscretion at the jewellery shop have since come to light and if he is found guilty of the crime faces 18 months in prison.

Any time he may then spend in prison will afford Hayes the opportunity to contemplate the nature of karma, and how nature works to restore equilibrium whenever it is disturbed by man.

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